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on 31 July 2017
An amazing book for true collectors!
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on 31 July 2001
This book is a must need for Gran Turismo 3 owners with its fantastic Strategies and secrets that will surely make you a gran turismo 3 freak, the book also gives you a breakdown of the cars and the tracks and what cars to race in certain tracks like i say a must have!
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on 19 October 2001
...It's simply not THAT good. Here's why: first...If you haven't seen this book in the flesh, then, like me, you're going to be a tad shocked. It's not a book so much as a magazine - A4 format and all. Secondly, the content is far from comprehensive - it doesn't, for instance, list which cars are eligible to enter which championship series (and there are nearly one hundred different series' in five leagues). Less important perhaps but true anyway, there are places where the text has been translated literally from a foreign language - which reads very clumsily. Also, the index at the back of the book - all one page of it - is so thin it's nearly useless. The cover boasts, 'this book reveals all the game's secrets'. In reality, this offers a page and a half listing just four 'secrets' in a five page section. There are also some 'special' cars that, "are so secret that you won't even find them listed"! What's the point of a 'secrets' section then?!
But I have bought this title and I like it. Even with the short comings the book is virtually indispensable for GT3. It doesn't really offer good VFM as it stands (computer magzines frequently offer similar amounts of information for much less money)
...The book does score well in its lists. Each of the 48 license tests are detailed, and (nearly!) all the cars are listed, pictured and speced, as are the tracks. The section on car tuning and running settings is very helpful and well laid out - important because tuning and settings are very complicated. One of the most interesting features is a list of the top cars for various values - up to 30 000cr., 100 000cr. etc.
THE BOTTOM LINE: this title's insights really boost the 'fun factor'of GT3 - but it does not deserve a perfect score. Never the less, I love my copy and couldn't do without it now.
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on 7 January 2002
The 'book' would be about 10 pages if you removed all the colorful images for a start (although they are very nice and probably make the book end up in the 10£ category). It says it has extensive coverage of every track in GT3, but it really has 3 or 4 hints on each track. The hints are more or less the same as the texts in the licence tests. Half the book is a listing of all available cars in the game. Most of those car stats can already be viewed in the game. They mention the F1 cars, but no stats are listed for the, neither which F1 car can won in the endurance races.
What I used the book for was really only to see what cars can be won in the different championships. This information can be obtained for free from the Internet, so it really makes the book pretty useless.
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on 27 October 2001
Having played all 3 Gran Tourismo games I felt this guide was a bit childish. Anyone with any understanding of real sports cars would know how cars react to engine,suspension,modifications etc and about racing tactics. As a result I flicked through most of the book.
Another waste of time was the glossary of terms as alot of them don't apply to the game eg. safety car, flags, octane etc.
Also why bother summarising the game controls when the instructions come with the game?
On the plus side however, the car listings and how to win them were good but this information is available in nearly all playstation2 magazines.
This book is clearly a cash in on a exceptional game.
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on 1 October 2001
In the (good?) old days when you bought a computer game you got a manual describing how the game worked in exacting detail. This was partly because the games were simpler (Manic Miner wasn't exactly difficult to get your head round) but also because software houses hadn't cottoned on to the idea that you can make an awful lot more money if you sell a game with only the basic instructions at first, then later on sell a much more expensive manual explaining exactly how the product works as a separate item. In the games market it helps if the expensive manual is glossy, contains lots of pictures and reiterates material already covered in the instructions shipped with the game.
The GT3 manual doesn't quite fit into this category as it contains plenty of info not in the game instructions: details on cars, courses, tactics and how to really drive a car. However the fact remains that you're still paying... for the manual even after you've spent ...on the game and I feel slightly aggrieved at being held to ransom in this way.
One final thing. It may be big and it may be glossy and it may tell you almost everything you need to know but it doesn't mean that it's the final word on GT3. These books always leave some areas unexplored so there's plenty left to do even once you've read the lot. I also wonder exactly how accurate some of the information in the book is, seeing as after all the spell-checking, proof reading, sanity-checking and heaven knows what else, the opposite of "Accelerate" is consistently spelled "Break" (instead of "Brake") throughout.
And for such a basic mistake this books loses 2 stars.
Happy driving.
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on 1 August 2001
This book is not a must have, but a very prized possesion for any Gran Turismo 3 fan. It is very thurough and extensive.
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on 1 October 2001
I brought like many others Gran Turismo 3 A-spec for the PS2. I the heared that they were selling a guide for it, i tought long and hard to spend my money for it and let me tell you it was worth it.
The book is very coulorfull and bright (it catches you'r eye very quickly) but thats the first part of it. This book is split up into 10 parts. The first page is the contents, enough said. The next few pages is all about how to play (contols, screens, menus, arcade mode, gran turismo mode, mode menu, replay options and the data logger)Then we get into all into to tricks all about how to control your car the best possible way. Then its the license test, this is all about the 48 license test all told in detail. The traks are next theres are good but the tracks are the same as the ones shown in the games (they could of made them more detailed, well, better than nothing), it shows all 20 tracks. Now the cars, it has a pic of EVERY 179 cars and info for it (such as, name of manufacturer, name of car, drive type, price in Cr, icons, Max power, max torque....let me just say it has 21 pieces of info just FOR 1 car, very good indeed). Now the tuning section, a bit hard to understand first but you'll get the hang of it after an hour or so, this section is very detailed, it has every part of tuning parts. Yes there are secrets in this game and this guide tells us All of them. Next is the glossary, it tells us the info needed for the cars and this guide. Last is the index.
I hope you injoy this guide, i did.
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