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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 1998
The book is well written and puts you right in the middle of what was going on. I spent five tours in Nam and the stories shared in the book are correct. How do I know ? I was there. The book was easy reading and flowed from one story to the next. For the reader from Seattle if you do not wish to hear about the trials and tribulations of the VietNam war why did you read the book? Who cares about these Navy SEAL's? Anyone who fought side by side with them and a lot of other warriors who would have ended up as POW's if not for the actions of SEAL's, Marine Recon and Army Green Barets. From your comments it's easy to see how you feel about VETERANS Of Foreign WARS. There is only three reasons a persons such as yourself makes commits such as you have. 1. You are a wanna-be who never had the sand to do anything. 2. A SEAL took your wife or girlfriend away from you,or 3. Somewhere, someplace a SEAL adjusted your attitude.
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on 27 July 2016
The way this book is written is awful and the way the author tries to glorify stabbing the enemy is not something that operators would brag about in this way. I have had to stop reading this rubbish after a few chapters. I have read some books by Gary Linderer about his experiences in Vietnam in Ranger Units which were far better written and realistic from a military point of view.
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on 29 August 1997
I enjoyed this book. It was action packed to the hilt but also interesting from a human perspective. I also liked the absence of unnecessary bad language making the book more suitable reading for younger folks (as well as containing some "lessons in life" for them). The author was very frank and straightforward and unlike one of the other reviews I read, I didn't feel that the author was either in love with himself and glorified himself. He simply presented the facts ... period. I also liked the fact that he wasn't afraid to mention the politically incorrect G word. In summary, a good action read that also included some valuable, if understated lessons.
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on 17 October 2003
In a war that latterly received such venomous criticism from the very shores of the the sons sent to fight, to the indignant population it was meant to assist, this is a wonderful book demonstrating how the war in Vietnam could have and should have been conducted.
The sheer professionalism, devotion and ability of these Navy SEAL Soldiers comes across powerfully. The techniques they use are fascinating, but it is the manner in which the 'job of work' is carried out that really impresses. There is none of the narcotic-enhanced, peacenik, Apocalypse Now style behaviour most people like to believe went on in Vietnam. An obviously professional soldier (Harry Constance) and his determination to be the best when a whole host of circumstances, military and personal, conspired to the contrary.
I have read a number of books about the Vietnam war and have enjoyed this one immensely. Unlike some that are a great read, full of thrills and spills, you actually take something away from this one. A deep respect for those like Harry Constance who fought honourably and ably in what became a dirty war, a better understanding of the physical reality of intense, specialist operations and a thorough liking for Harry and his friends. He can look back and know that he is a 'good man'. There is no better accolade.
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on 27 August 2014
A really good read,warts and all in a worriers life. Also demonstrates the effect women's influence,s men,s hormones have on serving men,s carrears. Let face it we men don't come out of childhood until our 50' if at all.
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on 14 September 1997
I had the opportunity years ago to work with
Harry Constance and several of the men he mentioned in this book while I served in a riverine unit. They were absolute professionals in their business and instilled in me the motivation to continue what turned out to be a twenty-two year Naval career. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to work with these men, and I thank God that our country has fine people like them who were/are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe and secure from the others in the world who plot our demise.

I thought this book was excellent, especially from two standpoints. First, it shows us that the folks who comprise SEAL team are human, have feelings and are vulnerable just like the rest of us and not just trained killers who disregard all other humans who don't see things their way. Secondly, as the old adage goes, and something I can only hope younger readers of this book will take with them, is that you can achieve great things in life if you are willing to put forth the amounts of REAL effort required to achieve your goals.

To the reader from Oceanside, CA, who seemed to think that Chief Constance was in love with himself because he was a SEAL, you couldn't have missed the mark more. When you go through the type of training required to become a Navy SEAL and actually make it, you don't need to prove yourself to anyone other than your comrades in SEAL team. He already knows what his accomplishments have meant to his life and isn't asking you to accept anything other than the fact he has a story to sell just like any other author who writes a book. All of us have tales to tell. The difference is that yours and mine probably wouldn't sell.

You also said you were looking for "substance and depth" in the book. Tell ya what, go to his office and look into his eyes and tell him you need to find those things. I'm sure Chief Constance will enlighten you.

BMCM(SW) Dave Rigney, USN (Ret.)
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on 31 March 2015
Really enjoyed this book. Can honestly say one of the best I've read on this subject. What a guy & what a story to tell, I couldn't read this fast enough, thanks to Randall for persuading the author to tell it & moreover thanks to Harry, would be happy being half the man me.
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on 23 December 1997
I thought the subject matter would make for interesting reading. It could have. The book seemed to have very little cohesion from chapter to chapter. Instead, the chapters seemed to jump from one story outline to another. It was as if Mr. Constance was reciting a war story, took a break, and told another, and so on. I would have preferred a thread running throughout the entire book, not just disjointed stories (even though most of them were interesting).
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on 29 August 1997
Good to Go is an outstanding story of a man who only wanted to be the best Navy Seal. This book tells what life was like living on the edge, often times over and beyond the abyss. Constance was dam good and equipped with Seal luck in the mangrove swamps and jungles of Vietnam and yet his personal life was less than good. His candor at detailing both side of his life is eye opening and good to hear for all of us who too often believe what we see on television. Constance is able to detail in cold reality how he killed countless numbers of the enemy without the colorful embellishments too often present in these "What did you do in the war" type stories. His straight forward way of describing his killing experiences are superb. "My knife embedded just above the kidney and his ribs...I wrenched the knife from his body and thrust it deep inside of him several more times. That was it." No overly descriptive details nor extraneous information, just the bar reality of war. Very difficult to put down once you started reading it. Great book!

Harry, if you read this I have a few questions: What happened to Gallagher and will you sign my copy of your book?
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on 19 September 1997
I have been fascinated with this type of reading for many years. In this book I can see the pleasure and the pain of reliving these experiences,its great reading. I believe that Dave Rigney hit the nail on the head when he stated that the reader from Oceanside was off the mark. I have met many people with this type off experience and have never had them toot their own horn, on the contrary, they have to be pryed to tell their stories. I believe that most of them keep to themselves for the fear of being looked down upon or misunderstood,this book allows him to exspress himself freely. It must have been very hard to relive those memories, sure some of it brings pleasure but most must bring painful memories. He shows that he has feelings in several chapters of this book(Thomas Fraley). I hope he writes again and that he can find Internal Peace.
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