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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 24 June 2017
This series is turning out to be as good as the numbers trlogy. Well worth reading especially in order as written
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on 3 December 2013
Alright, it might be just me, but this was only nice. Sarah MacLean is a lovely author, and I find her first couple of books awesome, however, the last few were just nice for me.

I don't know why I'm not enjoying her writing more. Both Temple and Mara were extremely interesting characters, and I admired this couple. But... I couldn't connect to them. All the good stuff was just touched up - the orphanage, Mara's mysterious medicinal skills, Temple's life beside the one in the ring.

Oh yes, they were mentioned, but don't expect any juicy details - there were none. There were also no descriptions of Mara's past, and how Temple ended up on the streets. Was there an investigation? Did his dad throw him out? What happened?

That's what made this book just nice and not great. The ending though... It really made me curious of Chase's story. I'm quite looking forward to the forth rule of scoundrels, peeps! Recommended with slight reservations.
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on 27 December 2013
I will start with I am a big fan of Sarah Maclean's novels and have all her books,read everyone but this series of books has something lacking!
I read the first one 'A rouge by any other name' and found that slow and wanting then read the second 'One good earl deserves a lover' hoping for better and I put that book down 4 times as I found it really hard to commit as it was unconvincing skipped most of the pages and I have never done that before!!!
Moving onto 'No good duke goes unpunished' was hoping for so much more and still nothing, found each scene repeating the last scenes words again and again! I came to the conclusion that there is no real detail of place or character and I mean in the sense of setting a scene or picture in your head it can feel rather 2D where you yourself are writing in the details and as an avid book reader all my life that is the one thing that never needs to happen when reading a good book!
I really don't want to give this book a negative review but I somehow feel cheated! It feels rushed, onto the next one which does happen when there is a series. I wish authors would take their time writing and produce great fiction rather then forgettable novels. I will purchase the final one in the series as I personally need a conclusion with all the time and money invested but as for any future novels from this author I am still on the fence about that?
I will let you be judge and read for yourself maybe I wanted something more surround then tunnel vision!
If you want everything of a novel read Lisa Kleypas no one does it better it almost feels like you've watched a visual of the story, SUPERB!!!

The best novel from this author Sarah Maclean has got to be 'ELEVEN SCANDALS TO START TO WIN A DUKES HEART' loved it so much read it more times than I can count and will read again and again! You fall in love with both characters and beautifully written, please Sarah more like that!!!!!!!!
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on 15 December 2013
4 piglets!

Hotness Factor: I believe they said something about the body of Greek God...

I've always enjoyed the premises of historical romance novels. The women are always trying to escape a bad family situation, a possible bad nuptial or just want to be left to her own device (silly creatures, freedom is for men). The men... ah the men, former/ notorious rake, former/notorious "bandit", widower and the old favorite redemption seeker...
Miss Mara Lowe in the Book 3 Rule Of Scoundrels is pretty much all of the above but with a twist. She accidentally faked her death (very avant-guarde of her) to be left alone, away from a bad family situation and possible bad nuptial. but in the process she got a duke to be banished for a murder he didn't commit. I loved it! Faking your own death by mistake (smile)
12 years later, her past catches up with her and she had to reach out to the man rumored (they never found the body) to have killed her for help. Now you have my attention!
I really enjoyed Mara and Temple/William's relationship. He's angry which is very understandable and she is as sassy as a woman can be. Then you have a cute little piglet pet, the children in the orphanage and Temple's companions. It's a fun cast and you will laugh as it keeps you awake late at night... you just had to finish that chapter! I highly recommend, but beware... this is a long novel :)
Oh and... you want to stick around for the fourth book. I guessed the premise of this one.

I received an ARC in exchange of an honest review
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on 18 December 2013
This was a truly wonderful story of revenge and redemption, the darkest of the three books that have as yet appeared in this series. In Temple, Ms MacLean has created possibly her most engaging, heart-breakingly gorgeous hero so far, which is really saying something given how much I adored Cross in the previous book! But there's something about Temple that's so intensely loveable; a joie de vivre which - amazingly, given the ills that have befallen him - still shines forth, that is immediately and devastatingly captivating.

Named "The Killer Duke" because of the suspicion of murder hanging over his head, William Harrow, Duke of Lamont is one of the partners in "The Fallen Angel", the most successful gaming club in London. One evening, completely out of the blue, he is accosted by a young woman whom he almost immediately recognizes as the same woman he had met and taken to bed on the eve of his father's (fourth) wedding, twelve years before. Miss Mara Lowe has come to propose a bargain. If Temple will arrange for her brother's gambling debts to be written off, she will show herself to be unharmed and thus proclaim that Temple never murdered anybody. His name will be cleared, his title expunged of the taint of murder and he will be restored to his rightful place in society, able to find himself a proper wife, raise proper children and leave behind him a proper legacy.

But after twelve years - twelve years in which even Temple himself has never been completely sure of his innocence - that isn't enough. He has no memory of the events of the night that changed his life forever, and he wants more from Mara than proof that he is no murderer. He wants more than justice. He wants retribution.

Big, brawny, and beautiful, Temple is a truly wonderful character. He had a charmed life mapped out before him until it was all taken away, and it's no wonder that he wants revenge for the years he feels were stolen from him.

I found Mara a harder heroine to like than either of her predecessors. She is, after all the guilty party and is therefore in need of the hero's forgiveness. She did a stupid thing out of desperation which led to the ruin of a young man's life; and while the reasons behind those actions make some sort of sense and do elicit the reader's sympathy, their impact on an innocent man nonetheless makes them hard to justify.

Yet incredibly, Ms Maclean has somehow made Mara into a character with whom the reader can empathize. Even when I disliked her intensely, I understood her - and I take my hat off to the author for pulling off such an amazing feat. When I first heard the storyline of this book, I confess I was worried that it might be one of those stories from which I came away thinking that the heroine remained undeserving of the hero's love by the end. There were times throughout the book when I retained that opinion, but somehow, I ended up rooting for Mara just as much as for Temple who is, by any standards, an extremely sympathetic hero.

If you've enjoyed the other books in this series, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one - and if you haven't read the others, you can read this without needing to know too much about what has gone before. I was pleased to meet Bourne and Cross again, and particularly enjoyed the relationships and banter between the Angel's four owners, which felt very much in character. No Good Duke Goes Unpunished is well-written, funny, tender and heart-breaking; and in Temple and Mara, Ms MacLean has created a compelling central couple who, despite an inauspicious beginning, thoroughly deserve their hard-won HEA - and each other.

You can read a more detailed version of this review at All About Romance: [...]
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on 29 November 2013
Okay, if you like your historicals true to life, this is not for you, its a bit farfetched which is the reason that I loved it, its escapism pure and simple, and I cant wait for Chase/Annas story with her journalist.
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on 2 December 2013
Follows the previous 2 novels and we meet friends from previous books, if you are a fan of the scoundrels you need no introduction, if this is your 1st scoundrel book I would suggest you start with number 1 "A rogue by any other name, then number 2, One good earl deserves a lover" The books follow 4 friends who were for various reasons cast aside from society and run their own gamboling club, each of the first 3 are bought down by the ladies who enter their lives. At times the writing reminded me of Loretta Chase with the added humorous moments, I love the series and wait impatiently for the 4th book and what a shock that is going to be according to the ending of this one.
To give to many details will spoil the anticipation trust me if you like humour and strong alfa men you will love these books.
Also try her previous series of 3 books starting with "Nine rules to break when romancing a rake".
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on 30 November 2013
I would never have expected that? Sarah MacLean has captured the lives of these fallen angels and given such warmth and power; I feel I'm in this notorious club. I will be waiting so patiently for her next instalment and to see the history behind Chase. Captivating thank you.
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on 18 October 2015
I have a soft spot for big, fierce softies like Temple. This book should have been wonderful. It wasn't. Not all the author's fault although the muddled sentences are. The missing words and typos are down to sloppy editing and really irritated me. Mara I only liked towards the end.
First two books I didn't have a problem with . Hope the next book is better but if the editing is as sloppy I would advise ms Maclean to change editor/publisher as they are not helping you. Nowhere near the standard of the "Nine Rules to break when romancing a rake" trio.
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on 10 January 2014
It was a fun read no doubt! I love her books and always look forward to a new one because they are so much fun and keep me entertained every time. This book is no different so if you need a pick me up or something to make you smile - go for it :)
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