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on 5 May 2017
I bought these after much careful review reading on many different sites and was swayed to these because many of those reviews compared favourably with the (much more expensive) BOSE headphones. Since I don't spend a huge amount of time listening to music or movies through headphones and only wanted them to get some peace on long haul flights a couple of times a year, the price of these ones appealed to me.
They're quite comfortable to wear with a reasonably long cable and a double pronged adapter for using in-flight. The battery life seems quite long (I put a battery in the first time I used them, for 24-48 hours and the same battery showed no signs of slowing down when I next used them six months later for 12-24 hours).
They come in a good, sturdy case for storage and there's a little pouch velcro'd inside for storing the cable - I put some other cables I was travelling with in there too and they fit nicely. I also put a sleep mask in there so it's handy for my travels. The case is a little bulky to be travelling around with long term, as I found when I was backpacking, but it does keep the headphones nice and safe.
I used these headphones with and without the noise-cancelling switched on and the difference was remarkable. The clarity of sound on a noisy aircraft meant I could enjoy watching the movie without pressing the earphones to my head as I'd had to do before I bought these.
I'd definitely recommend these if you're planning a long-haul trip.
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on 11 March 2014
OK, first things first - The noise cancellation isn't as good as the Bose QC15... but for about a third of the price, what do you expect? They do work well, and are effective at cutting out a large amount of background noise (through a combination of passive isolation and active noise cancelling). They are good enough to allow enjoyment of classical music on trains and planes, and work well at cutting out background hum (e.g. air conditioning) in an office environment. Like all noise cancelling headphones, they are pretty ineffective against human voices - so no good for cutting out annoying office mates! Whereas with the Bose QC15 you feel like you are inside a silent bubble, with these there is still some background noise audible. But for the price they are a very good buy. The sound quality is very good, and about what you'd expect for any headphones around this price point - i.e. not as detailed as a pair of high-end hifi headphones, but perfectly enjoyable for any kind of listening including rock or classical. They are not bass-heavy, so they are give a good, honest sound.

As long as you have reasonable expectations of the capabilities of noise cancellation (and don't compare them with the much more expensive Bose), you won't be disappointed.

UPDATE (June 2015): Well, after a year of occasional use, the headband has cracked on both sides, rendering the headphones useless. Poor design and choice of materials to blame. I would have expected better even at this price point. Hence I have deducted 1 star from my original 4* review.
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on 15 March 2017
The first pair snapped where the headband joined one of the earphones. This was replaced and the second pair broke in the same place. The sound quality is good as is the noise cancelling feature but don't buy them if you want a product that lasts.
review image
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on 19 March 2017
Bought these just over two years ago, and whilst the sound is OK, the construction and materials used are quite poor. The plastic in the headband becomes brittle and snaps, rendering them useless.
review image
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on 30 January 2016
Bought these in anticipation of a couple of long haul flights and happy to say that they have already paid for themselves in terms of making the journey more pleasant. The noise cancellation is pretty impressive for the price, drowning out a huge amount of aircraft noise on one flight where I sat next to the exit door just behind the wing for ten hours (and honestly, it was almost unbearable without them - take heed those paying £35 for extra leg room on Delta).

Sound quality isn't that amazing, its certainly passable and engaging, but lacks a zing. But given their purpose and price, it's understandable.

The one AA battery is still going after 25+ hours of use, and the case plus accessories are a nice addition. One massive plus is you can turn on the cancellation without having to plug in the cord, so you can use them independently of any input just to soak away a huge percentage of background noise. They work as audio headphones with or without noise cancellation engaged too, unlike some, although the sound is markedly different, so if the battery does run out you are not left with just massive black plastic earmuffs.

Styling, is slightly cyberman, but quite restrained and a little more subtle than some. Just a subtly Goldring and "G" logo's. The blue LED to indicate "ON" is piercingly bright on a night flight however, we're taking laser pointer bright, so you might want to relax that a little with a dab of nail polish or a little bit of frogtape before embarking.

All in all, I'd buy another pair tomorrow if these were snatched from my little paws! Nice job Goldring.
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on 19 October 2017
I bought these headphones new from Amazon on April 2017. The Seller's name is Superfi. I only used the headphones when I travelled because I found the noise-cancellation feature to be working OK for me. It is now October 2017 and they no longer work. A friend of mine has the same headphones and hasn't had any issues with them - he uses them every day. I also have a pair of cheap earphones that I bought 3 years ago from a supermarket and they still work absolutely fine. I would therefore advise everyone not to buy from Superfi. After paying £55.00, I wasn't expecting the best quality but then again 6-months of life is not normal for this product.
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on 6 February 2014
I've always wanted a pair of noise cancelling headphone but felt they were too expensive. My normal Bose headphones sound great but the equivalent with noise cancelling were just too much.

Having read the reviews and with a flight to India coming up I took the plunge.
I tried them at work first and found the noise cancelling worked well and allowed me to concentrate. They do not cancel all outside noise but certainly there is a tremendous difference. Voices can still be heard if I was using them on noise cancelling mode without playing any music but the background 'hum' disappeared. The voices were muted though. This I thought was to be expected as they would be at their optimum when cancelling aircraft and background noise. Playing music at the same time worked well as I could only hear the music.

Reproduction quality is decent, it hasn't get the clarity and deep base of my Bose phones but then they are less than half the price. I'd rate the quality of sound as better than expected for the money.

So to the acid test, having loaded up my tablet with TV programs and films could I actually hear them on a plane? This had been a struggle on the non noise cancelling Bose phones and I usually gave up watching anything and read a book instead.

I started a film and switched on. The effect in an aircraft is dramatic, the background noise is greatly reduced and I could clearly hear the speech and music of the film. For the first time I was able to 'get into' a film and spent a happy two hours watching.
So a great success. I went onto watch some recorded TV. I guess than in the 11 hour flight I wore them for a total of about 8 hours. The overall effect was seeming to make the flight shorter. As the two prong adaptor is also supplied I could even watch the in flight entertainment film if I wanted to.

Down sides? Only small ones really. The phones fold flat to go into the carrying case so it makes for quite a large case compared to my Bose fold flat and then inwards phones. They also clamp your head harder than the Bose. I guess this is to help the cancelling, however I didn't find it too hard and not a problem.

My overall view is that for the money they can't be beaten and I would certainly recommend. I hope this helps your decision.
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on 16 November 2017
Headphones provide nice clear sound and come with a hard case and internal pocket to store leads etc. Noise cancelling works fine and the over-ear cushions do a good job at cutting sound out. Comes with rechargeable batteries. The headphones pinch my ears a bit after a while and the lead has already had to be replaced as it started to only play through one ear unless held at a certain angle. Thankfully as it's removable it didn't cost much to replace with a higher quality version. Overall great for the price.
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on 21 February 2017
Now, here's an example of something that works, does what it states, and doesn't cost the earth - a blessing on those long flights, the crowded train, anywhere you'd appreciate a little bit of piece. Recommended by a travel correspondent as good value for money, they are just that - the sound quality is great, the noise cancelling works, your sanity remains! My one criticism was the lead - altogether too flimsy, as I found to my cost one dark period on a crowded long haul flight when asked to move, and omitted to unplug the lead from the seat socket - no more sound and external noise cancelling for the rest of the flight as I'd ripped the lead out of the plug. So, Wi-Fi would be nice, but cost ... and I can get that with more expensive headphones too. These, though, a treat, very cost effective.
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on 2 December 2014
So got these for a present a while back and... well just read for yourself.
And if you want to know why I have a problem with them, skip the first couple of paragraphs.

Audio-wise these headphones are fantastic. Whilst my past experience with headphones is limited to some old (and broken) Skull Candy 'phones', and various ear buds, honestly these performed really well with whatever music I threw at it.
The headphones were also very comfortable over long periods, thanks to their over-ear design. Maybe not the most portable design, especially when in their sturdy case, but if you're travelling I'm sure you'll find the space.
The cable was a little on the long side though, and I kept snagging it when sat at my desk. It's replaceable though which is a big plus point for any headphones. There's also an aeroplane adapter and an audio jack bundled in, though in the former case, airlines are starting to do away with that strange duel plug system.

In terms of noise cancelling they performed very well. Without the feature turned on they were effective when listening to audio (so much so that I missed the doorbell on occasion... whoops), and I could hear the audio fairly well in the car (and over the radio) or with a vacuum cleaner whirring in the house.
The noise cancelling feature is deceptive, in a good way. If you're not channelling music through them then you'll not notice much, but they do do a good job of drowning out outside noise, even next to a vacuum cleaner you don't need to raise the volume much with this on. The battery life of this is dependant on what you stick in of course, being powered by a single AA, but that means you don't need to faff around recharging it before use.
I'd also point out here that they function without the battery in, so don't worry if it runs dry.

So why the three stars?
Well... frankly the materials they're made out of are just crap. This was a present so I hadn't seen the price, but now I've seen it I'm actually shocked given it's more than I was expecting (£70? I expected £30); it seems the money went mostly for the innards, and not the casing.
So yes all was fine, and then one of the cups snapped off on the rather flimsy hinge that they swivel on. I would point out here that at this point I had never dropped them, and hadn't needed to 'flatten' the headphones very often as they mostly sat on my laptop. So okay, we glued it back on; it wouldn't fit in the case any more of course, but that was fine.
Give it another few weeks and well, lo and behold the other one came off. More glue needed.
That, above was all through standard use. The rest of the damage mine incurred was from falling about 3 feet onto a hard floor (a few times, I was pretty careless I'll admit), which as you can imagine did wonders for the flimsy plastic holding them together. Sure no tech is going to like being dropped, but to shatter in such a way is pretty irritating (for lack of better term).
The ironic part of it all was the glue held better than the plastic in these cases; whilst it did break on the (glued) hinges, the plastic was will what gave way.

So in summery... they're great headphones with fantastic noise cancelling, and I would almost recommend them (structural integrity aside). In reality though, for this price, you can do better. Much better. But if you still want a pair, for God's sake treat them like glass... and have a tube of glue ready.
I'll go ahead and admit I can be a little... rough with some of my gadgets, but these broke after pretty normal (and gentle) usage; which for the price, is pretty poor show, especially when you consider that the moving parts are made entirely out of plastic. They really would have done better to spend a little extra to use stronger and more robust materials, because it really doesn't take a lot to crack the plastic they chose for these.
Mine now rest in many pieces after being glued together several times, in nearly a dozen places. This has left me entirely reliant on the (terrible) ear buds that came with my iPod but... frankly I can't be asked to bother fixing them any more; why repair something you know will end up in pieces within the month?
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