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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Colour: Giraffe|Change
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on 10 May 2015
This harness has been a fantastic buy for my 16 month old son. He was not a fan of the conventional reins and I found they were not really for me as he could not move more than a few steps away from me.

The monkey is approx. 32cm long. The adjustable straps are easy to use and do not slide/move when adjusted. The monkey's tail is the rein and clips onto the money for easy removal. The tail is approx. 92cm and has a wrist loop at the end. I find the tail gives my son room to explore whilst keeping him safe and in reach. There is a pocket as advertised located on the monkey's back. I have found this isn't too useful as it's quite small and narrow. To give you a idea of size, it holds my iPhone 5 with a tiny bit of space remaining.

It goes without saying, these reins have the cute factor! I am always stopped to be told how adorable they look. I would recommend they are purchased for children who are confident on their feet. If the child does have a trip, you cannot stop them from falling like 'conventional' reins.

I absolutely love them as does my son, a well deserved 5 stars!!

I hope this review was helpful.
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on 13 October 2015
This product was purchased as a present for my great-grandaughter(I know I don't look old enough )I was impressed with the sale details but the real thing was a pure joy. It is absolutely delightful.The process of the order matched the quality of the product:Faultless and the reaction of my little great grandaughter was a joy to witness.She wears it all the time now! On a more practical level, the little bear is very well made of what appears to be high grade materials.The straps are reassuringly strong, just as one would expect and the quality shows itself again in the actual rein which is formed into a loop to fit over the wrist,rather than just held in your hand. The rein is covered in the same material that the bear is made of and is very tactile and comfortable to use. Delivery was first class and communication excellant.All in all, a very satisfactory ordering experience. Highly recommended.
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on 13 July 2016
I am reviewing the lion harness, as I know sometimes Amazon links the different styles of items to one product. The item arrived very quickly and was packaged great.
My little one couldn't wait to get it out of the packaging and as soon as he did he started to play with it. The lion is a good size and can be used as a standalone toy. It is made of soft material and has a zipper on the back, behind the lions head, which your child or you, can put small items in. The pouch isn't too big but big enough for say a packet of crisps and a few smaller toys- maybe an action figure or two. Which is enough to put into a little harness lion which your little one is going to carry on their back anyway.
The two harnesses are very adjustable and there is a central clip by the lions legs, which clips around your child's midsection. Again this is adjustable so it is doesn't dig into them.
Behind the lions head, by the zipper there is a small metal clip which is detachable, which is fastened to a length of nylon about 1.5m long. This has a small handle stiched into it which you can hold.
When our and about it is surprisingly easy to use. It keeps your child around a metre from you at the most and the metal clip is very secure so you don't need to worry about them running off or the clip breaking.
Overall this is a very handy piece of kit when out shopping for example, to stop your little one running riot in the store. It certainly meant I could enjoy shopping a bit more as before this I was constantly running after my toddler!
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on 17 November 2016
Love this product, we bought the lion for our little boy for days we're out and about in either busy crowds or when we need to have the reassurance of him being safe/close. The great thing is, he absolutely loves the lion, fondly nick named by our lb as 'rah rah' in the same way he'd love a cuddly toy so we have absolutely no problem getting him to wear it (he shows it off to people) ... Instead we have tears trying to get it off him!! The pocket is only big enough for a very small item, at a push we've managed to get his bottle of water in it but mostly used for him to stuff a toy car in, or the lead/tail when not in use by us. But not a problem for us as it wasn't purchased as a bag.
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on 5 August 2015
This is such a lovely set, so much better than the traditional reins. I bought it for our two year old who once sprang completely unexpectedly from my side in the supermarket to play hide and seek when getting some ice-cream and almost made me cry when I couldn't find him tucked in between two basket barrels .... a minute can feel like an eternity when that happens, so this was a must! However, he doesn't like being restrained and he has got wise to monkey's tail, so it hasn't worked for us in that sense. However, my son loves the monkey itself. Since owning it we pop it into his change bag and say you can walk and hold Mummy's hand, or wear monkey. He always says walk (and then sits the monkey in his pushchair) and doesn't leave my side, so it has worked in a sense!
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on 24 July 2013
received this this morning and though we are yet to actually use outside we have tried it on our 15 mth old, really is a very cute set of reins practical and stylish, brought after seeing a little girl wearing the monkey set at a theme park, had been looking for a short while for a perfect set of reins for our little miss independent we didn't just want a set of standard reins so we are really pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend. only slight downside is the actual harness is a little big (as tight as they will go) on our girl however she is a little smaller than average but she will grow into them and have lots of room for growth so they will last a while.
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on 29 October 2016
These harnesses are excellent! My daughter received one as a gift for her first birthday. She is now three and won't part with it! Because they are cute she always liked wearing it and even now if we are in a crowded place she is still happy to wear it. I bought this one for my son as soon as he started toddling and he also loves it! It allows them a little freedom to walk without having to hold your hand but stops them from wandering too far. I always take one wherever we go.
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on 24 November 2016
I get so many comments on how sweet this is with my 18 month old toddling along with it on. They are light and comfortable for him and there's a nice long 'lead' ha ha He loves running about and I can keep him safe from roads etc while he is wearing these.
He's a big chunk of a boy and they fit him well.
review image
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on 4 July 2014
I LOVE IT!! For 6 weeks my 21month old daughter has refused to walk her siblings to school holding my hand. She has also refused to sit in the pushchair. I have been bribing her to get in - apples, favourite toy etc, but as the novelty wears off she makes a leap out of the moving pushchair! Once out she will happily walk....if I don't hold her hand, but as soon as I even make the suggestion of holding hands, she's on the floor. If I pick her up she kicks out and screams. If I try and put her in the pushchair she screams.. You see where im going with this - it has been a nightmare!! However all this has changed with the arrival of Liiionnnn - after a quick briefing session - you wear the lion, mummy holds the tail - we have it sussed! This is brilliant and has made my days so much easier and brighter - this may well be the best money I have ever spent!!! The bag itself is small - but im not really fussed. The strap is secure and she loves it - what else matters.
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on 5 December 2016
looks loverly but the support isnt even, meaning when my toddler trips i cannot catch her with slack, its to uneven and she falls to the side. would not of brought if i had known. maybe best for todders that are walking very well.
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