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on 9 August 2017
DVD Menu is a bit hard to navigate on the Laptop.
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Godzilla Vs Megalon should really be called Jet Jaguar Vs. Megalon, since Godzilla racks up barely one minute's screentime in the first hour. In fact, that was the originally intention: robot giant robot Jet Jaguar was the winning entry in a fan competition to create a new character and Godzilla and Gigan were drafted in at the last minute to add some star power after a worried Toho halted production. It may have helped the box-office - this pulled in just under a million admissions in Japan - but it's not enough to save this from being by common consent the worst of Godzilla's films.

When nuclear tests cause massive earthquakes that destroy part of their undersea kingdom, the toga-clad Seatopians send Megalon, a giant hopping beetle to give the surface dwellers a taste of their own medicine but for some reason need to use newly invented robot Jet Jaguar to control it. The Seatopians also summon Gigan, not because of his unimpressive track record in the last outing but because Toho have still got the suit and they can use lots of stock footage from the previous film that way (including the shot of Gigan drawing blood as he slices Godzilla's shoulder in a flyby). Luckily, Jet's inventor regains control and even more luckily Jet turns out to have the ability to increase his size to take on the monsters while waiting for the big feller to arrive - which takes an eternity. When Godzilla finally turns up with not much more than 17 minutes of the film to go, it's hard not to think "Well you took your bleeding time," especially since he only hangs around for 12 minutes or so. It's very noticeably a new man in the suit, Shinji Takagi, with a completely different body language - mostly drunken Glaswegian asking if you spilled his pint with a bit of little kid in bunny suit when running thrown in for bad measure (unsurprisingly this was Takagi's only outing as Godzilla). There's one good moment when Godzilla and Jet are trapped in a ring of fire, but for the most part this is pretty slim pickings even in its uncut Japanese version (some extremely mild moments of child endangerment were cut to get the film a G rating in the US). Still, Jet Jaguar's untranslated theme song at the end ("Punch! Punch!") is fun.

Tokyo Shock's oft-announced US Region 1 DVd and Blu-ray release ran into various legal problems that delayed its release for a couple of years, supposedly waiting for Toho to approve an extras package, before finally emerging as a disappointing Region A-locked version with no extras at all - not even the trailer they'd included on other titles - and with average picture quality, though it did included both subtitled Japanese and dubbed English soundtrack options. The best bet if you have to fill in that gap in your Godzilla collection is Madman's Australian Region 4 PAL DVD, which offers a fine widescreen transfer with Japanese soundtrack and English subtitles.
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on 24 October 2014
This movie is yet another that brings back incredible feelings of nostalgia. This was my favourite Godzilla film as a child, it is filled with action, comedy and has a decent plot line to match. Godzilla VS Megalon is thoroughly entertaining, easy to watch and will leave you thirsting for more.

The Kingdom of Seatopia unleash Megalon to destroy Earth, meanwhile a Japanese-built human-sized robot takes it upon himself to help save the earth and teams up with the king of monsters to defeat Megalon and Gigan as they try to destroy the planet.

Filled with action, comedy and great entertainment this is a must-see for all Godzilla fans or anyone looking for something so amazing yet so ridiculous you will be laughing your big rubber suit off. I can't understand the poor reviews, if you are looking for insanely overdone special effects, extreme violence, space ships and romance, this isn't going to be for you.
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The concluding fight scene of this movie is truly not to be missed. It is hilarious, wallowing in its own campiness. The story itself is typical Godzilla fare. Yet another nuclear test in the South Pacific bothers not only the inhabitants on Monster Island but convinces an underground kingdom called Seatopia to attack the earth by sending their monster Megalon to the surface. Meanwhile, a scientist-type guy with an annoying little kid finds himself attacked by special envoys from Seatopia who are after his newly created robot Jet Jaguar. They gain control of Jet Jaguar and use him to lead the otherwise ignorant Megalon to Japan. Why Japan is singled out for attack is unclear since they certainly aren't responsible for the earth's continued nuclear tests. The scientist, kid, and a brave buddy fight to regain control of Jet Jaguar and are naturally incorporated into the Japanese military action. They succeed and send Jet Jaguar to fetch Godzilla; meanwhile, Seatopia sends a cosmos-gram requesting the help of Gigan. In the end, you have Jet Jaguar and Godzilla teaming up against Megalon and Gigan. Did I mention that Jet Jaguar somehow transforms himself into a gigantic monster-size robot? The battle is hilarious. The bad guys communicate in some kind of sign language, while Jet Jaguar and Godzilla shake hands and work together. Godzilla even resorts to some dirty tactics, introducing a foreign object (a tree) into the melee at one point and later double-teaming Megalon--while Jet Jaguar holds the monster up, Godzilla pulls off the infamous flying-through-the-air-on-his-back-double-drop kick not once but twice. This is better than watching professional wrestling. I think Godzilla looks pretty good in this particular movie, as does Gigan. Megalon is just silly-looking and is positively the dumbest monster Godzilla ever faced, and Jet Jaguar looks pretty much like a big robot, although his miraculous ability to giganticize himself is a concept only a Godzilla movie fan can accept.
As a movie in general, Godzilla vs Megalon is pretty bad. As a Godzilla movie, it is rather campy yet highly entertaining and downright hilarious at times.
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on 23 January 2012
i bought this off amazon a while ago after searching for this movie for some time, at last a dvd instead of the copy i had on video (recorded off t.v. a long time ago) so as i waited for the post to arrive. IT CAME,..YIPPEEE and in reasonable time too, could not wait to put it on..what's this NO ENGLISH AUDIO AT ALL.!!!!! plus no english subs either, the whole thing is in italian, not a happy chappie, so the search continues to find a decent copy..
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on 23 September 2014
Some of the early Godzilla movies were very good in their own way, this one I'm affraid sent me to sleep. I will watch it again just to see the bits I missed. Only buy if you are an ardent fan.
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on 21 October 2014
Delivered promptly and as described!
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on 16 September 2013
very good and colourful production for this entry in the original Godzilla series it was his thirteenth film in total.
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on 15 March 2015
Classic Godzilla!
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