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on 24 September 2016
Unlike previous seasons, this season dropped its ball, mainly in the second half of the season. Although many consider the second half t be great as there are no longer two separate arcs but only the New York one only, I feel like it just emitted the cast they initially introduced at the start of season 4 which felt a lil crappy(If you find my review on season 6, this is also a problem).

One other thing that nagged me too is the fact they introduced Dani, a new love interest for Santana. Although she was someone on the outskirts, it got to a point where her character just stopped appearing and her character was never fully resolved, we just assumed Santana ended it with her. Another character from season 4 (Adam) who had a thing with Kurt was introduced as a love interest yet once again he stopped appearing and then was not resolved. It annoyed me how characters who were introduced just stopped existing really. If I really want to get into a rant Elliot or 'Starchild' who became a recurring character and friend of Kurt and Rachael was also completely wiped from the show. I hated this because they spent some time developing his character and his relationships with other characters on the show and then he disappeared!!!. The cast from season 4 i.e Marley, Jake & Ryder etc. were completely absent from the second half which I could deal with as Lima wasn't really the main focus and had hoped to see them in season 6. Although they give a half-baked reason for their departures I felt like all their development was thrown away and they never came full circle.

Overall another enjoyable season with great characters, just unfortunate that most of them you'll never see again. Also R.I.P Finn <3
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on 6 November 2017
I'm a big Glee fan but Season5 was really hard work... I wished i'd skipped straight to S6 (which - thankfully - is excellent, and a worthy way to finish things off)

An element of the successful dynamic of Glee over previous seasons was that - although it regularly referenced 'Broadway' (songs, shows, stars, history and Rachel's relentless journey there) the producers were not stupid, and we were rarely forced to have to actually sit through any of that. Overall, Glee had watchable storylines, and brilliant singers & dancers, performing cleverly produced versions of contemporary and classic hits.

Part of the Glee magic is that - what should have been pretty naff - geeky teenagers warbling to show tunes - was, thanks to their looks, talent & personalities (not to mention the slickness of the routines and overall musicality of the production) actually, to all but the most pompous and stiff viewer, extremely good fun and undeniably cool.

In truth, Glee had been slowly nosediving since S3, and never really recovered from the sad loss of Cory Monteith who played Finn Hudson (basically the heart & soul of Glee), but S3 and even S4 were a managed decline, S5 however is the Nadir.

S5 somehow managed to turn a successful formula on its head, and the joke is very much on the viewer.
We had (on more than one occasion) to suffer the bizarre spectacle of someone as talented as Blaine (Darren Criss) doing tired & tawdry showtunes at Society events alongside some 'former Broadway star' in her 80s. If you've ever seen Blaine at his best (see Warblers version of Raise Your Glass for starters) this was utterly bizarre, and had my wife and I looking at each other in bemusement, wondering if this was part of a bigger joke. Where was the fun? where was the controversy? where was the world class re-working of great songs?

S6 is Glee almost back to its best (replacing Cory Monteith was literally impossible) and I recmd you steer clear of S5 and just enjoy it all coming together again for 1 grand finale.
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on 24 August 2017
Bought this due to not being able to watch the series on the TV. This is a good season, I enjoyed the majority of the episodes and it's nice to see storylines that change. Overall a good watch.
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on 11 June 2017
Really enjoyed this.
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on 16 September 2017
Wife loved it, need to buy the rest now...
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on 13 February 2015
Not actually watched it yet but gotta love glee
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 27 April 2015
Emotions run high in this Fifth Season. Those who graduated from McKinley have a bumpy ride as they strive to succeed in the world beyond. Those about to graduate are nervous about what may lie ahead. The Glee Club (as ever) is under threat. The show also has to pay a fitting tribute to much missed Cory Monteith. This it does movingly in Episode 3 and later on, the team dedicating its performance in the Nationals to Finn's memory.

Strengths remain very much with Will's continuing attempts to give the school's misfits opportunities to blossom, they able to express themselves in song and dance. Weaknesses, sadly, are when the show transfers completely to New York - those final episodes seeming cobbled together, storylines often tacky and embarrassing. Some may find Rachel insufferable, she even more self-centred than usual.

Highlights are the occasional inspired lunacy - ludicrous but entertaining. Sue is Principal, her predecessor disgraced and now janitor (she having planted in his office pornographic magazines and an autographed copy of "Mein Kampf"). For her Genghis Khan was a Civil Rights leader. She stalks the corridors accompanied by "Omen"-style music, her one-liners, as always, devastating. It is as though the creators have gathered together criticisms pinpointing the show's many absurdities and given them to her to say. The result is very funny indeed. (Savour also her two dances with Will, in one of them they doing an Astaire and Rogers. Great.)

20 episodes, including the first airing of a Christmas special previously shelved. As always, energetic song and dance numbers are inventively staged (admittedly often linked with the flimsiest of storylines). Jukebox bonuses allow instant replay of favourites. Specials highlight the 100th episode, plus being out and about in New York.

A mixture of five star episodes and some barely deserving two, overall this season more in the region of three and a half. The show carries with it a warmth which allows fans to forgive occasional blatant floundering. Hopefully the final season will represent a return to the very best, "Glee" to end on an acclaimed high.
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on 22 July 2014
I've been watching Glee for a couple of years and without a doubt it is one of my favourite shows on television. The first three seasons where pure gold - the best entertainment I could have possibly asked for. Lea Michele's Rachel is one of the best characters in TV history. However, after graduation occurred in season 3, I was a little apprehensive at the thought of the cast 'moving on'. My worries were put aside when I heard about the introduction of the New York storyline as I would get to follow my favourite characters after graduation. However season 4 quickly went downhill. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad and there are quite a few stand out episodes, but the main problem was that the actual cast hardly got any screentime and the new characters who aren't even in the same league were getting about 70% of each episode. I felt like fast forwarding through the high school parts so that I could watch the New York storyline. I was hoping season 5 would improve the many mistakes that season 4 had created. I was devastated to hear of Cory Monteith's passing and was sure that the show couldn't move forward, but that actually was not the case, season five is head and shoulders better than season 4.

Season five starts really well with a double Beatles tribute and it's immediately clear that the writers have shifted the focus back to the characters we actually care about. The Cory Monteith tribute episode is heartbreaking but beautifully done. There are a few fillers here and there, not to mention probably the worst ever episode that Glee has done (Puppet Master), but the storylines are much better than the previous season's. From Episode 9 onwards is where the show really picks up. 'Frenemies' is one of the best ever episodes which leads into some even better episodes. As usual with a shows fifth season, this season of Glee features the 100th episode, which to put mildly is fantastic and feels like a return to the shows roots. From episode 14, the show (finally, and rightfully) shifts to New York full time, which provides a higher quality show. No more pointless episodes about Marley or Jake - but proper storylines such as Rachel's Broadway career. The episodes from here are the best produced episodes since the shows third season. It all comes together really well, which has left me eager to see the next season!

All in all, season 5 is a much better season than season 4. I have heard that next season will be the final season, which I can fully understand, but I will find it hard when the time comes around to live in a world where Glee is not on TV. Here's to another great season!

Season 5 Hightlights: "The Quarterback", "Movin' Out", "Frenemies", "100", "New Directions", "New New York", "Bash", "Opening Night".
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on 29 June 2017
A show to watch
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on 19 March 2015
This series seemed to really split fans and unfortunately for me it is my least favourite series. Sadly it suffered from the death of Cory and it's evident the storylines were undeveloped and rushed. The whole season arc seems to fall a few episodes short and for me the latter part really dragged once the focus is abruptly shifted exclusively to New York. There were too many blatant filler episodes. Storyline were started then just abandoned...what did happen to Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert? I also can't understand why the original cast all returned for the utterly contrived 'end of the glee club' episode but not for the episode dedicated to Cory. The High School characters including Sue, Mr Shue and Emma just get dumped. Rachel's Broadway career started to get tedious and although Glee is all fantasy it just started to jarr how conveniently everything happened to each of the characters. This was the first serious I didn't eagerly watch through and actually stopped watching it for a few weeks as I lost interest. I will watch the final series but definitely feel that the show has run out of steam. I hope it ends on a great note.
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