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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2014
Suspend reality and dive into this series... Milton is a flawed hero seeking redemption and some peace. I purchased number 1 a couple of weeks ago and was hooked. Since Vince flynn's demise I have been looking for a hero that you can empathise with but is more than the two dimensional 'super hero'

Do we have men and women like this working for 'us' who knows, the important thing is that if you want to dive in and enjoy a thoroughly good read then I would strongly recommend this series... I was particulalry pleased to get an e mail from the author , thanking me for my feedback... Wow , humility from a published writer...whatever next.

mr Dawson advised that there will be a Beatrix Rose trilogy coming up soon...(dive in to find out more about this character)

can't wait !!!!!!
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on 18 March 2014
What on earth have you been doing??? - get started today!
I guarantee you will not be disappointed, in the slightest....
Get hold of '1000 Yards', the first in this particular series. I cannot praise that book enough - it will set you on the road that will meander across the globe, leaving you desperate for the next installment.

Book #5, Ghosts, ensures continued success for Mark Dawson in the John Milton series.
The introduction of erstwhile mentor, Beatrix Rose, provides another rich vein to open and expand upon. That alone will be enthralling-aside from 'Control' having gone on the missing list - bound to provide Milton with plenty with which to contend.
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on 21 February 2014
Having read all of the Milton series so far, this is without doubt the most action packed one to date. I don't know if it was because lots of the story was set in Russia and the Far East - but it definitely felt like a Jason Bourne movie.

From the start of this book, the plot provides the reader with lots to think about and is paced well - not too quick that the reader feels they are speed reading and missing details but equally not to slow that it becomes a chore to read.

Initially I was confused a little by the opening of the book, but the author, with his wonderful writing style, comes through in the end. It is important to continue reading as everything is revealed later in the book. Character development during this stage of the book is key as the story works it's way cleverly into the final crescendo of action.

For readers that start with this book - it's a great read, but for those readers that are familiar with the Milton series, the way that the author skilfully weaves Milton's previous experiences into the storyline is amazing.

I really enjoyed this book and hope that Mark Dawson carries on with this character he has developed.
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on 11 November 2015
This was the first John Milton I had read and I am now going back to the beginning to read the rest in order. I noticed a few flaws pointed out by others but find it a most enjoyable and fast moving read. I was very much in "I cannot put it down" mode but was somewhat disappointed, after the overview of Beatrix Rose earlier in the book, to find her mysteriously appearing in freezing Russia armed with some throwing knives capable of piercing very thick thermal wear. That one section spoilt an otherwise excellent story as it was a little more than 'writer's licence'. However, ordered the others and look forward to a winter's read.
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on 3 November 2015
Book number #4 and the best so far, with action in London, America, Hong Kong and Russia this was truly an international thriller with a kind of James Bond feeling about it. Milton brings Jason Bourne's intensity mixed with Jack Reacher's sense of self reliance to the table, but adds in vulnerability and a burning desire to atone for past deeds.
fast paced, with great action sequences MD still manages to pack in enough detail to keep the book feeling real (especially liked the Halo jump scene ) We see Milton properly tested this time as he goes up against people as equally trained as himself, including a great fight scene with a large member of Spetsnaz, complete with a Russian femme fatale Milton has his hands full, but could the true danger and maybe salvation come from closer to home?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 January 2015
The story follows a man called Milton.
He used to be the number one of an assassins group
run by the English Government.
Now he is the number one fugitive wanted by the government.
He wanted to leave the group but no one gets to leave.
You only leave group fifteen one way.
He is arrested in Texas after a bar fight but he is
released by a Russian agent who wants him to work for them.
He now has to play everyone against themselves so that
he can save his friend.
His friend is being held by the Russian's and if he
doesn't save him soon he is likely to die.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns in the story.
The characters are well written and have
a deep meaning to them and there personalities.
I would highly recommend this book.
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on 3 October 2014
Yet again Mark Dawson has thrilled me with the latest John Milton book. Have followed the series from the beginning and am now onto the next one. This book follows the story very well with the bonus of introducing a new character in the form of Johns mentor and former No1, Betrix Rose who I must add goes on to have a series of her own. The story takes you to the UK, Hong Kong and Russia and even has John working for Group 15 again, although not all that willingly. With twists and turns and thrills as it goes to a thrilling climax.. Once again rate the book highly and once you get into John Milton I am sure you will not be able to put them down.
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on 23 February 2015
As usual, plenty of action with a good story line and a central character in John Milton who will keep the pages turning and will encourage the reader to continue following his encounters in subsequent books. I only discovered Mark Dawson fairly recently, but have enjoyed the first three novels in the Milton saga and will no doubt purchase more of them.

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on 2 November 2014
A fast paced, exciting yarn filled with enough tension and action to leave the reader breathless. John Milton and Beatrix Rose are formidable agents who face down dangerous situations with courage and resourcefulness. This is a terrific tale with well constructed characters and a well crafted storyline. I give it five stars and recommend it wholeheartedly.
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on 5 December 2015
Very good read but as with all of these stories - our hero is ex SAS and the UK's most expert ex assassin but always seems to be taken by surprise by his enemies and is only able to recover due to unexpected luck. I am enjoying the series and recommend it but this is not Jack Reacher ??
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