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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: VHS Tape|Change
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on 9 March 2005
the first time i saw GiTS was when i was sixteen and i have to admit, save the stunning action which on its own is absolutely a reason to watch this film, it was a bit lost on me. However I came across it once more two years ago, bought it, watched it without the stupid half-arsed American dubbing that had confused me originally, and now it is most probably the most watched film in my collection...
I'm sure you have read the Amazon review/ synopsis so I will try not to repeat, but it is all true. The pace and action style reminds me a lot of the film HEAT (Al Pacino, Robert De Niro) with long, reflective stretches cut up by hard faced, military style action. GiTS has enough to fill three films, weaving though a world of science fiction- terrorisim, political games, and an investigation that unpicks the two is on the surface of this story, underpinning this is a facinating love triangle where actions and vocal tones, not words, speak the volumes of need, desire and jealousy. Mamoru Oshii uses Motoko, and the film finally to spell out his own philosophical fears of the future, contemplating life, reality, existence and memory, but despite this i still find the puppet-master the most interesting character, although highly intellegent, commanding and controlling, under the surface he is jealous lonely and insecure.
Unless you are lucky enough to speak Japanese, using the DVD's English subtitle option is the only way to get the most from this film's heavy dialogue as using the American dubbing is futile, whoever arranged it must of either been very dumb, or not cared at all about preserving the subtleties of the voice acting or dialogue which has been altered to make the film more culturably watchable, but misses huge amounts of humour, character building and story telling in the process.
this film is great, buy it love it tell everyone else... After two years i still pick up on new things, its just great
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on 18 March 2009
This box set does not include the complete series (first & second GIG), it actually includes a cut down 150 minute edit of each series. What you get is a compilation of the 'complex' episodes distilled down to a feature that is one quarter of the original series length, with the 'stand alone' content missing.

So, you have both series abridged plus th Solid State Society film. If you are looking for the complete collection, look elsewhere. This probably isn't the experience that you are hoping for.
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on 5 May 2005
This anime is one of the most unique films around. Not only is the animation realistic, it is mindblowing. You can tell that the producers,sound directors,artists and anyone else involved in the project really took great care to make the film properly. Not rushed and well planned the way that everyone likes. The plot is gripping, especially when you yourself is trying to figure out who the hell this 'Puppet Master'is (revealed near the end of the film). That is why the film is so brilliant. It involves the audience to participate a bit. The story involves Section 9 Public security in an investigation to find the Super hacker and nail him for ghost hacking and all other sorts of crimes. But there is a twist which I will leave for you to enjoy. After watching the film you are tempted to watch it again and again and again, not because of the story but the action sequences portrayed at every 10 minutes, living up to its name of action-packed sci-fi anime.
However you will be thrown into a fog of confusion if you do not read the glossary in the special features. Having knowledge of the terms used in the film really does simplify the story a lot.e.g what'ghost'refers to etc. Once this is out of the way though start bracing yourself for non-stop,action packed scenes and phenomenal dialogue in English or Japanese. A true master piece,Mamoru Oshii has done Ghost in the Shell justice of which it rightly deserves.
The DVD, features some previews of other Manga films and an in-sight to the charactors,(charactor profile).The 'making of' Ghost in the shell is interesting but optional to understand the story. If you are into special features then I suggest getting the special edition instead but be warned you need a region 1 DVD player or Multi-regional player wtih an NTSC tv to see it. Nevertheless the special feature is sufficient to feed your hunger for the knowledge and wisdom concerning G.I.T.S.
If you were blown away like me by its powers then I suggest you get the series aswell(G.I.T.S: Stand alone complex). Check out G.I.T.S 2: Innocence too if you really want to own everything that belongs to G.I.T.S. Enjoy!
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on 23 August 2005
For lovers of Japanese animation there are two titles that seem to be well known Akira and Ghost in the shell. Both carry a strong support of fans and with this film you may find yourself joining them.
Ghost in the shell is set in the future where cybernetics has led to a new evolution in mankind, allowing humans to become enhanced or completly immersed in prosthetic bodies. The further advancements in computer technology also allows these advancments to change the quality of life for the people of this time, and also allow for new waves of crime and terrorism.
We are introduced to the public security section 9 a group led by chief Aramaki who are hot on the tail of a cyber terrorist known as the puppet master.
Ghost in the shell features the same style of dialoge that the books from Shirow Masamune wrote. As such the science aspects are complex but interesting, however the true beauty of this film lies in the philisophical concept of the title. The ghost refering to the equivelent of a soul, and the importance of individuality amoungst those who are now encased in almost identical prosthetic bodies. The main charecter Major Motoko Kusinage is a full cyborg, who dispalys thoughts and feelings on her own individuality through the films amazing visuals or conversations with her own team members.
The film follows this theme to its conclusion while giving plenty of action and visuals along the way. Some may be quick to dismiss this film as an arthouse kind of film, but in my opinion it is a fantastic film that rewads the patient viewer. The soundtrack by Kenji Kwai is a beautiful and haunting score featuring traditional japanese instruments and music styles mixed with fantastic singing and ambient sounds.
In short this film is an amazing experience that truly feels like a good movie should, leaving you with something to think about. If your a fan of adult cinema but want to steer clear of overloads of sex and violence then this should be your first stop. Enjoy.
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on 19 September 2014
This review is for the 2014 Blu Ray Steelbook version of the film.

I won't go into the plot of iconic anime film of the 90s since you probably already know about it. Instead I will talk about the Steelbook and features.

The steelbook itself is quite nice. A matte finish with a nice shine to it. The front is different from what other previous releases have had, but it works. Nothing much to say about the back, but the inside art looks fabulous, This was the artwork for the first DVD release which I remember buying as a birthday gift for myself many years ago and so it is an iconic image that has stay with me whenever I think about this film. I am happy Manga Entertainment were able to put this image somewhere on this release and is of very good quality.

Now onto the disc. I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the technical stuff, but as far as I can tell, the picture does look very good. Also to note that this is the original version of the film, presented in 1080p for the first time on a UK Blu Ray (Unlike the original on the 2.0 release which is not 1080p). The 2.0 version of the film is nowhere to be seen, so no George Lucas style CGI changes which I did not care for. Sound for the English Dub is 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio but sadly the Japanese audio is only 2.0.

Now for the reason for only 4 stars, the Extras. There are none. I was quite surprised as the 2 previous DVD releases all had extras and could not understand why even in SD they could not port those over. Even Manga's previous Steelbook animes all had extras and even a DVD copy of their films too, which this also lacks. Your only "extra" to say the least is a booklet which a decent read.

If you're after a steelbook and/or a proper Blu Ray of the original, then by all means pick it up. If you do not care about picture, versions, or Steelbooks, you might want to settle with the cheaper 2.0 Blu Ray or a DVD copy.
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on 25 January 2015
This review is for the blu-ray steelbook version and specifically its english audio track (without subtitles). I was really impressed by the quality of this release and i am not talking about the art on the steelcase or the booklet, these were just nice extras. I have watched all previous Uk dvd and blu-ray vesions of this film a couple of times, so when the disc started playing it was obvious that this copy is from different source/masters. The video and audio quality is SUPERIOR to any other Uk transfer of this movie. The original ghost in the shell or even the 2.0 version do not stand a chance if compared. The image is much much cleaner and the audio is suberb, if you watch it with your headphones you will be blown to pieces like i did. In a nutshell this is the ULTIMATE release of Ghost in the Shell, one copy is not enough! :)
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 16 July 2003
The artistic flair, dedication and extreme level of perfection that has gone into creating this film is breathtaking. Forget that it is anime, this beauty takes on the hollywood machine and comes out of it more than standing proud. If you like the Matrix or any film that has an interesting, mature, thought provoking plot, then this is definately a film you MUST experience!
The spine tingling changes of pace, the breathtaking, meaningful visuals and the hauntingly hypnotic soundtrack will leave you simply stunned!
As regards the special edition, believe me THIS IS THE VERSION TO BUY. The original DVD release has an audio sync problem which totally ruins the whole experience.
One more thing, this film is over 7 years old, and now the plot, whilst still one of the best Sci-Fi plots in any film, is not as original as it once was.
Never forget... Ghost in the Shell is the inspiration behind
The Matrix!
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on 14 January 2004
very clever...
definately very very clever..
A bit of Blade Runner and Matrix. A science fiction thriller, which is certainly thought provoking with many scenes in the film that are awesome and hit you like a wet plank up side the head. One of these movies I will certainly be watching a few times and taking more from each time, I think. Definately an adult animation visually and technically, the images of a futuristic world are burned into my brain like the phosphor on a cathode ray tube. I found the ending a bit sudden, but on reflection it was maybe because I was enjoying it so much. Just goes to show you that movie making dosen't have to lie in the arms of the Hollywood moguls. As with the Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki animations, and now, for me, this MANGA thriller lets me know that the art of great movie making is safe - you just got to look around for it
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on 10 November 2001
This is one of the key anime films around (or at least one of the key ones released in the west), it's a classic sci-fi anime with lots of great action backed up with a complex but solid plot. It's very nice to see a film which is both intelligent and exciting. It is however, quite short for a full length film, which is understandable, this is often the case with animated films because of the amount of work which goes into them (and the work that went into this shows), but the pacing seems a bit odd to me whenever I watch it, for example, it seems to reach a climax too soon. This also leaves little room for characterisation, but then that isn't the real point of the story. What there is is a very complicated but incredibly intruiging plot which leaves you thinking long after you've seen it. I really wish there were more films like this but unfortunately they're a rarity.
The film, I would say, is a must-watch, and most probably one you will want to watch again. But there is the problem, as mentioned before, of the DVD's sound being out of sync with the picture. I did notice this a lot through the film and I found it distracting, some people might not be bothered, you'll have to decide for yourself wether to get it on DVD or not. It didn't totally ruin the film for me, although I had seen it before on VHS. The extras are ok, it gives you the option of the sub or dub, I always prefer subs since the translation is usually more accurate but it's interesting to compare, which you can only really do on DVD. The making-of documentary is perhaps becoming out of date as far as the technological info but there's some interesting facts about the film. The ROM content isn't that interesting.
I do hope a DVD without the sound syncing problem is available sometime, but I doubt that'll happen. If that won't get to you then I'd reccomend this.
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on 21 October 2001
For me Ghost in the Shell is one of the best movies which I saw in my lifetime! It has incredible cyberpunk plot, great story with really strong characters such as beautiful Motoko Kusanagi - asking about sense of human being. This movie, superb directed by Mamoru Oshii, raise true and adult problems. What makes me human? What is life? It also shows a world where feelings are replaced by information and it's collected ... really perfect picture, and great sound. Maybe there is this 0.5 second delay between the sound and visuals, but I've heard it just once or twice maybe. That doesn't annoy so much...i really recomend Ghost in the Shell to all sci-fi fans...You will be not disappointed!
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