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on 10 July 2017
The book is ok.

Its abit jumpy. For example is seems to make a point, then briefly brush over that point without further explanation. Then moves onto another point.

Its an ok read, but i think there is better out there.
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on 10 May 2017
Great insight for beginners. Simple and effective. Has provided me with the plans to get my pipeline filled with leads. Highly recommended.
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on 15 May 2014
This is a great guide for anyone who k nows they neglect the marketing angle in their business. AS a writer, speaker and coach, I need to be on to my pipeline at all times and this is filled with practical tools to help me do that.
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on 27 May 1999
C.J. Hayden provides an efficient, user-friendly, step-by-step program that anyone can customize and follow. It leaves postulating and theorizing to those who want to simply talk about self-promotion and marketing, and pragmatically zeros in on creating the action plan needed to materialize success. I know, because I tried the program to increase my own client base and it worked. I also introduced the program to a number of my small business clients, and we all want to thank C.J. for this significant contribution to courageous entrepreneurs everywhere!
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on 5 June 2013
I purchased the previous edition of Get Clients Now! years ago and I found it very valuable. It provides a clear path of what to do if you are selling services (not physical products). The book focuses on the 6 strategies that you should focus on (direct contact and follow up, networking, etc), the tactics and works like a recipe book (you choose the ingredients of your marketing plan according to the step of the marketing life cycle that requires more attention). It is easy to understand and if you stick with it is very effective. There are also free resources you can download (like the worksheet).

I did not give 5 stars to the latest edition as I was expecting more. It adds just a few info on social media, but it is very basic and not something that you cannot find by browsing the internet. If you do not have the previous edition this book is 5 stars and HIGHLY recommended, but if you have the previous edition this is 90% a photocopy of the old one with very few additions. In all honesty if you have the previous edition stick to it and save your money.
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on 29 April 1999
"Get Clients Now!" is a sure fire program to ensuring your marketing success. C.J. Hayden is a marketing genius and now we have access to her secret recipes in this book. She takes the mystery out of building a successful business. This book is a step by step "do it yourself" manual for the new business owner; and the perfect "brush up" for seasoned business owners. If you are stuck in a anyway around getting and keeping business, this book is one of the best investments you will ever make.
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on 24 May 2013
My consulting is pretty niche (investment bank and private equity acquisitions) but ALL the principles in this book apply to getting business in my area!! In the first week of only partially applying the very straightforward programme I generated 3 very strong leads totalling around £125k in consulting fees (I'm not cheap!).

With hindsight I was floundering and very haphazard in my marketing before I got this book but it really hammers home the basics which we all should know but don't really think about. In truth the templates are a bit clunky by today's digital standards.... but they WORK! In fact their very simplicity probably helped me focus more on the resulting actions than playing around with the technology which is a good thing.

Highly recommended - but make sure you get edition 3 just out - only an extra couple ££ but more up to date on references, links etc. Also Kindle version for me is best, read on an Ipad so can click direct on URL hotlinks.
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on 2 April 2017
I found this hard to read
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2007
In a very readable style CJ Hayden presents a well structured method for building up your marketing. The book is aimed at the self employed and small businesses and Ms Hayden shows a good understanding of the difficulties we face in marketing ourselves. This is a workbook with sheets to fill in and tasks to do, and it is well worth the effort. Stick at it and you will improve your market profile, the leads you generate, and the number of presentations you get. There are no magic pills here. The author guides you through what you need to do, but ultimately you need to make those calls !. This is the best small business marketing plan I have seen. There are no secrets to marketing a small business. It comes down to legwork and "Get Clients Now" provides a very good structure to guide your efforts.
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on 18 October 2002
One book which has made a big impact on both me and a number of clients over the summer has been C.J. Hayden's "Get Clients Now!". It won't win any awards for the subtlety of its title, but it does tell you what the book is about. There are a number of things that make Get Clients Now! Stand out from many other marketing books.
First of all it is aimed at people selling a service. So many marketing books are aimed at people selling the enormous variety of widgets that there are - physical things that you can pick up with your hands, turn around and look at, see what you're getting for your money. Marketing services is a different ball game.
Secondly, Get Clients Now offers a simple breakdown of the marketing process along with a quick diagnostic to help you identify what are the most effective marketing activities for you to use.
Thirdly, the enormous numbers of ideas she offers for marketing activities are not country specific (eg lots of U.S. based organisations that are of no use to anybody in Europe!).
Fourthly, she offers a simple step-by-step program that anybody can follow. If you don't, it's certainly not because it's not clear what to do next.
I've certainly found it to be useful, so have a number of my clients. If you're involved in a service business then you'll find a good approach that works in here - and if you know someone who works in or runs a service business, make sure they know about it too!
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