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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Size: Recon Task Light Torch|Change
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on 2 September 2007
There are no product dimensions with the gerber recon I think the 1st thing to mention is that this is a tiny little torch!. It runs on one AA battery (which is a good thing-easily replacable), however, the torch itself is not much bigger than the battery. This is not a critisism - its a handy, tough lttle torch of almost entirely metal construction. It feels pretty idestructable,and is easily pocket sized. Also, the advertised 100 hour battery life seems genuine. The white led is the brightest setting, and throws a moderately bright beam out to about 10ft - the other colours are more for discreet close up area lighting..handy for moving around with, when you dont want others to know you are there (should such a situation ever arise?). I imagine police officers, security guards or soldiers, might find these discreet light settings useful. ALL in all..a tough compact little torch, that gives out a moderate amount of light for a very long time. 4 stars.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 February 2012
The light offers about 4 lumens of light and runs on a single "AA" size battery. The flashlight is very small, not much larger than the AA battery that powers it. I have used it almost every day for over 6 months and the battery appears to last for about 40 hours. I tested this by turning it on and allowing the battery to run down, it took almost 2 days (based on a Duracell Extra AA). The white light is for general use, with a range of about 15 meters. The red light is quite dull and does not interfere with night vision, it's good for writing up notes in a car. The green light is for map reading. The blue light shows up fluids more easily. It's made from metal so it will survive bumps that would damage or crack a plastic light. The metal clip is a bit flimsy, but there is a hole in the tail cap that can be used to attach a cable-tie to, to strap it to body armor to hold it in place.
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on 13 May 2014
This is a tiny little wonder. It's not the brightest torch in the world, but it'll do - it's about as bright as most mobile phone torches. It's very small, taking a single AA battery. If you run it from an alkaline (boo environment) it'll last for a very long time.

I would recommend this for astronomy people because it's one of the few torches that comes in dual white/red modes. The only other torch I'm aware of is made by Energizer or perhaps Duracell and only in the US. The red beam is suitably dim for night work. It's not super bright like a bike light or a headtorch, it's obviously designed for covert operations. I had no problem reading charts and setting up equipment using only the red light.

As for blue and green, well supposedly these are useful for map reading (green) and fluid identification (blue). The idea is that blood (obviously red) will heavily absorb blue light and will appear black if you're using it to track something at night. I haven't tested either, but presumably it's useful if you're in the armed forces. Ideally you'd want UV for testing materials, but the torch uses transmission filters rather than separate LEDs and you can't magically generate UV light (in any meaningful quantity) from a white LED.

The housing is sturdy and the filter wheel has a reassuring click and won't budge unless you put some effort in. There is a notch to line up the red beam, not the white one, to preserve your night vision if using in the dark. The clip is sturdy, but not built into the torch so it could slip off conceivably. The filters are recessed and seem hard enough; if you drop the torch you're not going to break them unless you drop it on a spike.

My one gripe is the on/off mechanism. To turn the torch on you have to screw in the end cap which is fine, but I think for security it should be the other way around. Off should be fully tightened, on slightly loosened. I want to unconsciously tighten the torch when it's in my pocket which turns it on. Similarly if you don't have it loose enough, pressing the end cap will momentarily cause the torch to light; probably useful for signalling, but not great for battery consumption. It's not a major concern, the O-ring prevents the end from unscrewing itself by mistake, but it could be more robust.

Recommended - I bought a second after I lost the first one.
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on 21 January 2010
this torch is very good bought mine in iraq and survived tours in iraq and afghanistan in temputers of 60c perfect for hanging on your webbing highly recemended
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on 26 January 2014
I have had this torch for about 2-3 weeks now, and I been using it a fair amount each night. I would estimate I am on around about 20-30 hours usage time, on the first battery (which was included). The torch provides a sufficiently bright white beam which can illuminate approx 30 ft in front of you. My favourite feature on this torch is the Red filter. It is not at all bright but it is never intended to be.

The torch itself is just a bit longer than the one AA battery it requires. This isn't a bad thing as it is really handy! Whilst the clip that it comes with seems a bit cheap and springy, it holds really well. I use mine to fix to the peak of my cap (very useful during lambing).

The Red beam will just about illuminate the floor around your feet from about chest level (6ft). For those who don't know... The red filter is intended to be used in darkness without giving your position away to hostile's or when using the torch at night, the red filter is designed to prevent pupil constriction, as opposed to pupil dilation which allows more light in, thus you are able to see further.

The Blue and Green Filter are something I haven't had the need to use really, apart from when I flick through colours. The Blue filter is designed for identifying fluids and the Green filter is designed to aid in map reading at night.

I am really happy with this torch, and the price! Although I was originally looking for something a bit brighter, this has really impressed.

After having this, I purchased Lighting EVER CREE LED Torches, Super Bright, Adjustable Focus
Which is also another great torch!

The torch takes one AA battery and will last approx 40-50 hours before the brightness will get too low for functional use.

Highly Recommended

I hope this review helps, if so, don't forget to vote for it below.

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on 29 April 2009
This torch is compact but built to the highest standards and very easy to use. Another plus is the battery life as we haven't changed from the original AA even after daily use. The torch fits easily in a pocket and even with the single LED is easily capable of showing the way after dark. The different colours are useful and seem to give different light strengths or that may be more to do with the eyes sensitivity to light at different wavelengths. We were so impressed with this compact torch that we intend to buy another. It would be ideal for camping, keeping in the car or just reading in bed! The red light is very relaxing for reading or seeing although whether it improves night vision will probably depend on how dark it really is. If you are looking for a good, reliable and small torch this is highly recommended and the additional colour outputs prove surprisingly useful once you start to experiment and move away form the normal white light. If you are looking to really light up the darkness you'll need something bigger that goes through more batteries much faster but to see where your feet are going, this is fine.
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VINE VOICEon 1 June 2016
The "legendary lifetime guarantee" is only for Americans (see my photo).

This legendary guarantee is advertised PROMINENTLY on Amazon UK. This is an error or oversight.

Nice filter mechanism, since the mechanism plops in discrete valleys for each colour -- 'white', red, blue and green -- it doesn't turn continuously.

Also, two points:

1 -- The red light is NOT infrared

2 -- The blue light is NOT ultraviolet (how it aids identification of fluids is a mystery)

As another reviewer said, the power button is, for want of a better word, pants. Clockwise is on and vice versa. This just seems, and is, quite clumsy and inelegant. I realise Gerber's problem here: there's nothing worse than an easily pressed power button that means one day you take this torch out of your pocket or bag and it's dead. I get that. But there must be a better solution. An example that comes to mind is a spring-loaded power-button cap just like James Bond uses to operate the ejector seat in his Aston Martin when the conversation with his passenger becomes tiresome or when his passenger starts talking about cricket.

Or -- and I'm just a layman storming my brain -- what about a SLIDING power button cap/cover whereby one slides a little window back to uncover a recess in which the power button resides? I can think of one or two more and I'm just a layman with no design experience! Who thought unscrewing or screwing the battery compartment would be a handy way of turning the power on or off? Did Gerber think they could kill two birds with one stone here, namely a power button/mechanism could be made redundant if you just completed the circuit by increasing pressure on the AA battery?

Besides all this, I only learned how to turn on the thing by mistake after putting in the battery. This was confirmed by reading an Amazon review. It says nothing on the product's page here, nor anything on the packaging. Is it a puzzle and what do I win? However, having mastered the art of turning on the light ("steady on" light) I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER (a) how to change "steady on" to "momentary on" or (b) what exactly "momentary on" means. Is "momentary on" a bizarre description of a strobe light option?

And, continuing the mystery trend, there is no instruction regarding how to insert the AA battery, I mean polarity, either on Amazon or on the packaging. I needed to examine the electrodes and guess which way to insert the battery (included). I know this is a "military grade" torch and is very hush-hush, but are user instructions classified and only revealed on a need-to-know basis? Or must I present Gerber with a Freedom of Information request to discover how to operate this light?

I seems so.

Oh, and the patented "Dial Illumination Adjustable Lens" (DIAL) is simply HILARIOUS. Apart from creating a time-wasting 'backronym' (beginning with an acronym and only then working BACKWARDS to desperately try to squeeze in relevant or meaningful words rather than the traditional way of Christening something and then not caring what the acronym becomes), the highfalutin name for this so-called technology masks just.... well, just a light source beneath a rotating disk with four filters on it. That's it! Did it need an expensive patent? Or is the patent essential advertising spiel hiding nothing new?

And here's an example of something that seems to be a new marketing gimmick and always makes me giggle. On the packaging it proudly boasts: "Designed and engineered in Oregon, USA" and then a little further down the packaging with understandably less fanfare it grudgingly concedes that this torch was "Made in China". I love that. Braun does it, most do it, even educated bees do it. Let's do it, let's relocate the manufacturing to China.

The clip looks fragile and bends very easily. The torch (flashlight) is top-heavy.

The "lanyard-ready patented technology (LRPT)" (aka "a hole") sadly does not come with a lanyard included.

I've received better things in the post.
review image
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on 2 May 2013
Bought it for my fiancé in the army as they need different color lights. He says everyone is always trying to get their mits on this lovely little torch. Its solid and pocket friendly and after nearly a year in his possession (he doesn't keep things long as they don't survive) this torch is still working its magic.
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on 6 May 2010
Good little torch - and I emphasize the 'little'. The product dimensions given at the time of buying are completely wrong. The Torch measures 3.6" X 1.14". It weighs 2.6 oz in use.
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on 28 August 2012
I used this torch for a 26 hour exercise, it provided me with all the requirements it claimed. when it was dark the red filter dimmed the beam and maintained my night vision, the wight filter was much brighter than I expected and for such a small torch very impressive the green is equally bright which is not great at night when map reading but does insure adequate if excessive illumination. I have not used the blue filter for it's listed purpose so the most i can say is it looks pretty but iverall this is a brilliant product.
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