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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 9 April 2014
Majority (see below) of tools seem pretty good. Knife is solid and agreeably sharp, as is the package opener. Scissors do their job, though perhaps a little stiff to squeeze. The screwdrivers appear solid enough and seem to do their job too.
I thought the bottle opener being an external one would annoy me, but it grew on my rather quickly. It's solid, opens bottles and doubles as an extra secure way of attaching to keyrings or the likes.
Pliers are another good point here. Strong and sturdy with wire cutters built in. They also serve as excellent tweezers. Quite possibly better than the tweezers that you also get with this.

What is irking me right now however is just how hard it is to get the tools out. I've never been good at getting tools out with my nails and generally went to my teeth. That's not happening here. I pretty much need another tool (or keys in this case) just to pull the blighters out. Perhaps they will loosen over time.

Also, the file is kind of pathetic. less said about that, the better.

Brief summary-

- Majority of tools (great knife/package opener/bottle opener/pliers)
- Looks attractive
- Great size
- Feels solid

- Stiffness
- File
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 May 2014
Get ready to break all your nails trying to open the tools on it just to realize later that the nailfile is completely useless its like grinding my nails on polished steel, no effect.
-nice design of both the tool and the blade
-very good fiskars scissors, but need oiling too
-strong bottle opener
-Made in China, so half the price would be adequate
-Tweezers were missing! just an empty slot for them instead
-useless nailfile, its just a poorly stamped polished steel you can grind your nails on it all day and nothing happens
-All tools are very hard to open and it needs oiling straight from box and blade needed sharpening, i suggest using Victorinox multitool oil
-paint already chipped off on some places also aluminum handles bit chipped on the inside
-wire cutters mostly only bend the wire instead of cutting clean through due to too much play in the pliers joint

Doesn't seem to be used or refurbished item its just poor quality, Gerber is getting worse day by day
Waste of time and money better spend a little bit more and get a usa made leatherman squirt or swiss made victorinox tinker deluxe or mechanic
Returned it for a replacement, the 2nd one was the same hard to open tools, same substandard quality, but at least it had tweezers this time
NOT fit for purpose, NOT recommended at all, only gave 2/5 stars for the nice design and tool choice
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on 17 December 2016
What a quality little tool. I also have the 'Leatherman P4'. Excellent quality tool. Box opener is soooo handy. I would say a better quality blade than the Leatherman. Bottle opener is just great love it. Dissapointed with the file it is so small that I would say useless!. Sorry Gerber, but come on, did you try using it? The file on the P4 Leatherman is a full length file and is very workable indeed. Gerber comes with a lifetime guarantee so I am impressed. Love this tool so much that I had a real, quality case, made specially for it by Davidson Leather (davidsonleather.com). So if you are not bothered by the rubbish file you will be very pleased. Pliers are also great as tweezers. Mine is the green and black version, very eye catching indeed. 5 stars. Shame I can't give more.
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on 19 June 2014
I ordered this Gerber Dime tool after seeing and reading plenty of positive reviews, but I also saw the odd review complaining about the general quality of this made in China tool but ignored those initially and ordered one. The first one arrived, but was bent at the hinge (pics), and it looked like it was used or a reject but it came in a sealed package.. not sure, anyway it didn't feel like it was worth the £20 or that the "life time warranty" would hold up if the item is already a little dodgy when it arrives. It was promptly returned and amazons return service is excellent, and instead of getting a refund ordered a replacement. I thought I may have just received the odd bad product and was looking forward to the replacement dime. The second dime arrived, this was not bent at the hinge but the scissors were bent, so when you opened them, they were at a slight angle and when pushing back into the tool they would catch on something and would have to be bent slightly so the push back in. Gerber may be a decent company, but the dimes are seriously low quality products, someone has not been concentrating on quality control at the chinese factory. I have seen better £5 multi-tools in maplins which at least are aligned properly and also made in china. I have heard that the full size gerber tools are made in USA, I will just ordered one of those, at least the quality reflects the price, with the dime, gerber are relying on their US made tools reputation and trying to pull a fast one by selling this at this price.
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on 10 January 2013
Bulkier and heavier than many micro tools, but in return you get a robust-for-their-size set of pliers which are perfectly usable. All of the tools work well, but the real gem is the blade for opening tamper-proof clam shell packaging. Clam shells are pretty much impossible to open with your bare hands (I suppose that's the idea), but a snip with the hook shaped blade in this tool. For the money there is nothing to dislike about this tool.
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on 26 October 2016
I love this microtool, I carry it with me everywhere on my keyring and usually find a use for it daily. However, it isn't without fault, the anodized aluminium does scratch if you put it in a pocket with keys, giving it a weathered look - you might like that, or you might not. If I could make one change I would either add a toothpick (like a swiss army knife), or slightly change the box opener so it can also open cans.
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on 22 January 2014
Received mine very quickly but the pliers appear used, there are cracks on the tip of the inside nib and the teeth as it were are worn. Either that or the mould used to cast the pliers are bad.
Quality control has really failed here. Sending mine back. Construction wise, it is solid and the knife is sharp enough but not razor sharp. The scissors are stiff to use and you don't get to cut much with it (the amount you can cut with one stroke is short) compared to say a Swiss army HUNTSMAN which has a much better scissors.
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on 12 June 2014
...and it didn't pay off. Given that some people are happy with their Dimes, Gerber's quality control must be purely random, because the one I got was pure garbage.

- All tools were nail-chippingly stiff, and did not improve appreciably with repeated opening/closing.
- The "file", as another reviewer said, would struggle to smooth butter.
- The 2D-crosshead screwdriver was slightly bent, and its tip was very poorly finished. No chance using it for glasses screws, as one can with the 2D-crosshead on a Leatherman Squirt.
- Part of the body of the tool was bent, forcing one of the aluminium handle-scales away at one end, leaving gap big enough to pass a SIM-card through.
- The lubricant on the tool was copious and gritty, and looked and smelled like some strange mixture of petroleum jelly and sand.
- The tweezers were poorly finished and the tips did not meet properly.
- The scissors DO cut reasonably well, but do not close fully without pushing the tip of one's thumb down at a more upright angle, as the body of the tool gets in the way. This is, naturally, less comfortable.

Overall, the quality of the tool was shockingly poor for the price (about £20), especially when a Leatherman Squirt PS4, with excellent quality-control and far, FAR better-finished parts, can be had for only a tenner more. I might have bought this for £5, but no more. It's going straight back for a refund and I'll buy another Leatherman Squirt instead.

The one good thing was the package opener, which worked 100% as expected (once I'd lost the tips of both thumbnails trying to get it out).
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on 2 November 2016
Slightly expensive for what it is unless you catch it on sale. If you need something small and handy this is perfect and can't fault the quality of the materials used. It's taken a beating and everything still works without stiffening or becomming loose. Would be 5 star if starting price was just a little less.
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on 26 February 2014
Unfortunately it didn't last a not very demanding course. I noticed the package opener backspring had slipped off the package opener. One side of the tool had opened slightly. Very strange as the screws had not loosened. Gave up on the tool and decided on a tear-down. Discovered the Torx screws serve no purpose other than keeping the scales on. The tool is kept together by a splayed bush which had released slightly. Cheap and nasty. Actually not that cheap.

Original review:

I bought this to augment a legal EDC SAK with pliers (and scissors when I carry a scissorless legal carry knife). Clearly the pliers are better than anything on an SAK. The wire cutters cleanly cut 1.0sqmm solid conductor. Haven't tried 2.5sqmm yet but not hopeful. (Edit - 2.5sqmm cut - but the handles nipped my finger AGAIN. Not happy) Not good on flexible cable or cable ties, a characteristic of many by-pass cutter designs even on quality tools. Not for nothing are electrical cutters usually anvil. However the scissors are up to flexible conductor and cable ties.

A word about the scissors. The spring is quite stiff and full scissor travel is rather uncomfortable due to the spring stiffness and the end of the thumb pad disappearing into the handle. Compared with SAK scissors paper cutting is a bit of a struggle partly due to the stiff spring, a difficulty in keeping a straight line and a strange reluctance for the cut edges of the paper to separate and travel past the blades for which I haven't yet worked out the reason for.

The file is completely useless even as a nail-file, partly texture, partly size and partly co-location with the lanyard ring but the end of the file-tool will engage with a cross-point screw. The knife blade sharpens pencils as supplied. The cap-lifter and package opener are fantastic except I had to use another tool's package opener to attack the Gerber packaging!

Pricey for its performance but on balance (just) I'm keeping it for its overall appearance and a few saving graces. Accept its limitations and it can have a place on a keyring at least until it breaks. Or in a MT collection. Will I carry it much? Not sure. I doubt it will ever become a carry favourite. Currently keeping it by my desk.

Later edit: Was puzzled by the scissor performance compared with SAK. Think I have an explanation. The Dime moving arm is on the other side of the fixed arm compared with the SAK. Use right handed and the cutting edge is obscured. Left handed cutting is much better. So a tool for left-handers?
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