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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2007
My son, who has just turned 8, literally devoured this book from cover to cover in the space of about a week during his half term holiday. This might not be amazing to some people but he has never before read a story book himself, having the attention span of a gnat, he usually prefers information books and comics. So I was delighted when he chose this book for himself and every night he went to bed to read the next exciting chapter of this book. This book obviously ticked all the right boxes for him, enough of a story to keep the characters alive, with a great smattering of facts and figures about space, the universe, planets etc and lots of other things to capture the imagination of a fact-hungry 8 year old !
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on 27 September 2007
I really enjoyed this. It was a great introduction to the universe, though it focused more on the solar system than the universe as a whole. The fact boxes are really useful too.

The concept of Cosmos the computer being able to create doors to the universe is really cool. And it is a very gripping read! always be careful around black holes!

The name dropping of Hawking radiation was nicely done.

I shall be letting my younger brothers borrow this
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on 3 June 2008
George's secret key to the universe

By Alex aged 10

George's Secret Key to the Universe is a very interesting book with excellent descriptive text as it had good adjectives. The storyline was very gripping because of the trips into outer space I think that it was mostly Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking's daughter that wrote it. I think Stephen Hawking only wrote the educational bits that popped up inside the book, it would have been better if the educational bits had been related to the book. The bits when George travelled out into space through the computer were very exciting because travelling into space is a thing that you only dream about. The bits when he travelled into space taught you about planets, comets, stars and much more. George's Dad was a little strange thinking that having phones or computers or basically anything electrical was evil. You can tell that George is a very well planned out character because of his personality and virtues. Eric and Annie were also good characters with traits that are unseen at the beginning. Overall an extremely good read though I would say it was aimed at younger readers I would give it 7/10
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on 30 October 2007
I wish this book had been around when I was a kid devouring everything about stars and planets that I could lay my hands on. The story itself is nothing special, but it's full of fascinating and inspiring information, woven so neatly into the narrative that readers will hardly be aware that they are learning.

Illustrations are scattered liberally throughout the text, in the form of both amusing pen-and-ink sketches and breathtaking photographs of astronomical phenomena. The reach of the book is truly universal, going much further than the familiar tour of the Solar System and even taking in the latest developments in our understanding of black holes. To explain a black hole clearly and comprehensively to primary school children is quite an achievement.

There's no dumbing down of the science - children's curiosity and intellectual development are respected throughout. A brilliant gift for young fans of Doctor Who - there's more than a touch of Tennant geek chic about Eric, the bespectacled, gangly Professor with wild hair and an amazing computer who moves in next door to George and shows him there's more to life than his parents' eco-activism and his pet pig.
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on 23 September 2009
Bought this for my little boy who is four and a half. What a great book for any space mad child....and their mum!!! A great story, George lives with his mum and dad and pet pig next to an overgrown house with a secret. The book drew both myself and my son in and held us. An exciting story which would suit children of either gender having both strong male and female characters. Exciting descriptions of space travel, simplified enough for younger readers or in my sons case, listeners. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it to him.

Also has some fabulous colour pictures to look at and diagrams which older kids would appreciate.

Can't wait for the next one.
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on 4 October 2008
My 11 year old son had never really enjoyed a book since he outgrew Horrid Henry. He kept asking for George's Secret Key to the Universe, I think mainly because it has his name in the title. We were convinced he'd never get through it but finally caved in and bought it and he absolutely loved it. When we went to say good night to him he always had more exciting facts for us. We're now struggling to find another book he'll read as enthusiastically!
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on 5 October 2008
I picked this book up to read as part of a Book Chain I was doing as an illustration for pupils in a P4-7 Class(Scotland) and enjoyed this very much. The pace of the story is fast and there are wonderful fact boxes and photographs of space phenomena like comets, planets and all sorts of spacey things! There's also a great Poster of the Solar System. What a novel way to introduce learning about Space!
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on 9 December 2007
My 10 year old read this quicker and with more enthusiasm than most of his previous books. A great page turner and educational as well. What more could you want?
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on 7 March 2010
My 9 year old is very resistant to books - although a good reader he'd rather be on the computer! - but this book grabbed his attention right from the start. The story was simple but well constructed and full of interesting details with delightful characters that my son, who has mild ASD, could understand. The eponymous hero is bright and curious, constantly asking questions (just like my boy!) and all his questions are answered clearly, concisely and simply, without talking down to him.

Since reading the book, and it's follow on volume, my son now has enormous enthusiasm for information about the universe and our place in it and also seems to have begun to understand that the motivation of characters in books and people in real life should be deciphered not just from their exact words but also from their intonation, past behaviour and subsequent actions.

At the age of three he asked me "What is above the sky?" and now someone has been able to explain both the universe and the nature of friendship to him. I really can't praise this book enough!! Thank you, Lucy!
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on 12 June 2015
This book is entertaining as well as educational, it encourages kids to become interested in science and explores some of the wonders of the universe. Also, it is beautifully written and the language is easy to understand. It is about a boy whose parents are eco-friendly mad and won't go near any kind of technology. The boy is called George and he can't believe is luck when his pig escapes to next door and he meets Eric, a physicist who shows George the universe and all its mind blowing creations. However, Eric uses his knowledge of the Universe for good but there are some people who use it for bad. Unfortunately, George is faced with a difficult task, as the evil in our world try to use science against us and take over, George must save the earth, Eric and everyone else. Will he succeed?
Nail biting on every page, so an absolute must read!!πŸ˜ŠπŸŒŽπŸŒ˜πŸŒ›πŸ”¬πŸ”­πŸ”¬πŸŒŒ
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