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Not many people today remember George Formby (especially here) but he was a delight. Sort of a Lancashire Harold Lloyd. Ok, the films aren't Shakespeare but they're a welcome bit of fun. Formby always plays the same character but there's nothing wrong with that when it's this much fun. I have a friend near Blackpool who said that in retirement Formby was a kind man who appreciated his fans, unlike these arrogant ones today with only a fraction of his talent.
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on 27 June 2017
Bought as a present, they loved it.
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on 11 June 2017
George Formby, what not to like
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on 17 September 2013
good films but the picture quality not up to dvd standards i am sorry to say,although they are quite good they are very watchable,just
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on 1 February 2017
Delivered on time. Great DVDs to watch, if you like George Formby.
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on 26 April 2017
good quality films
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on 26 July 2017
Bought for my dad who was delighted with them.
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on 27 May 2007
This is a beautifully packaged box set of 4 DVDs containing 7 Formby films.

The only problem I had was that one of the films ("Turned Out Nice Again") in my box set had a problem in that the sound was not in sync with the pictures. I emailed the film distributors who said that there had been a problem with that disk on the first production run (which had now been corrected), they immediately sent me a replacement DVD of that film and I am a very happy bunny.

The formby films are so innocent and fun, great to relax in front of after the pressures and strains of daily life.
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on 6 January 2008
Be assured that the faults detailed by other contributors concerning one film being out of sync and another cutting off before the end HAVE been corrected. In fact they were corrected within a few days of the initial release of this set. We also have a pretty good print of 'No Limit', but alas the others do leave quite a bit to be desired.

I've longed for immaculate prints of these films to appear on DVD and was bitterly disappointed with much of what I found in this set. Scratches, blotches, pulsations, etc. are to be expected in pirated editions, but not in an official set from the likes of Optimum/CanalPlus, though I see that other DVD releases of vintage films on this label have come up for similar criticism.

I still believe its better to have these commercial issues than none at all, but these prints are largely terribly disappointing. That said, at this price they will still serve well as a great introduction to these films for many less discerning viewers (particularly, and hopefully, the kiddies) at a time when George's films get little TV coverage any more, and I can only hope more Formby DVDs will follow. There are another four George Formby Ealing films which Optimum could bring out, as well as seven Columbia films, some of which nearly came out on another label but sadly the label folded just months before these were released.

Of the films in this set, only 'No Limit' has been given an individual release, apparently to tie in with the TT centenary. Could it be that because of the individual release better attention was given to the remastering and restoration or is it just a coincidence that this happens to be the best print. If it's a coincidence then fair enough, but if not then shame on the label for a) not tracking down better prints (we know better prints are out there) and for b) not putting more effort into the restoration of the others. To tempt some buyers into buying the full set based on a nice print of the one film available to buy separately would be a little underhand.

These technicalities aside, the content of these films is a joy. For this reason I'm giving this set FIVE stars - these stars are for George, his songs, his uke-playing, his co-stars and his production team and NOT for Optimum who may deserve five stars for 'No Limit' but who deserve none for the quality of the others.

ADDENDUM. Now, two years on (writing in Jan 2010), I'm delighted by the progress that the remaining Formby films have made on DVD...

ALL of the seven Columbia films are now available on DVD from Sony, but unfortunately only really as direct mail orders from MovieMail, though these are appearing on Amazon from private sellers.

The initial single price of around 12 pounds per film was a little steep, though they have now just become available all boxed up (just the seven separate issues housed in a card slipcase and not a slimline box, so very bulky) for less than 40 pounds which is far more reasonable and more than halves the price.

Five of the prints are excellent, one is OK and one is OK but a bit scratchy, but these are still better than the worst of the Optimum box set - meaning that even if there are some scratches at least they are clear and the prints are not muddy. One of these films in particular has never, ever been seen in a decent copy even on TV and is to be treasured. To think this print has been lying in the archive for all these years...

I think only one of George's early Mancunian films was available on DVD when I wrote my original review and I didn't comment on it, but now the second is also available.

And of the four ATP/Ealing films that were omitted from the boxset, two have now been issued singly in Optimum's "Ealing" series and the prints are pretty good, while a third is due for release later in the year, but alas, there is no sign yet of a release of the last needed to complete the Formby film canon and that is "Feather Your Nest". This has always had problems, I'm led to believe with clearances, and yet at one time these problems were held jointly for this film and "Keep Your Seats Please" and they were overcome for this so it's a mystery why FYN remains problematic, especially when the BFI hold a copy.

So, that's nineteen down and just one to go. This is pretty fantastic given that only a few years ago no one would have believed that the independently made Mancunian films would ever see the light of day, badgering of the licensees of the Ealing films for DVD releases brought very negative responses and it had always been believed that Columbia were creating their own difficulties to prevent their seven films from even being seen let alone released.

Incidentally, some sources say that there are 22 Formby films, but the count is really 20. Those listing 22 are probably counting the "Formby Cavalcade" film which is merely a compilation from his two Mancunian films, so not actually another film he made, and "By the Shortest of Heads", a silent film made when he was a boy, which, even if it still existed could not be counted as being "a George Formby film" as we know them, but merely as a film that a lad who was to become George Formby appeared in. Mind you, if this film ever reappeared I'd be first in the queue to get a copy...
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VINE VOICEon 23 April 2008
If you are fans of old British comedies this George Formby box-set should be right up your street. Coming from "up north" I really love the little things like the Lancashire accents and phrases that have sadly gradually disappeared.
There are 7 classics on offer here with my personal favourites being Spare A Copper, Let George Do It, Turned Out Nice Again and No Limit. They all got the kids approval and I still found them as enjoyable as I remember when I was a child, which shows their timeless nature.
The only down-side is that there are no fancy menu activities and extras but we are talking about 1930s material here, so we should be grateful that the movies have been made available on DVD.
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