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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2015
Garmin GPSMAP 64s Handheld Navigator
As always, delivery from Amazon was very quick.
However, when taking the unit over the weekend, I discovered that the TOPO UK & Ireland Light maps which were supposed to be "pre-loaded" were missing from the device. The device only came with a rather useless basemap.

I've contacted Garmin as another reviewer suggested, but will see if they manage to resolve the issue.
Additionally, the unit will NOT charge your AA batteries for you. Only the proprietary battery pack can be charged, but is isn't included.

The good news is that getting a lock is very quick, and thanks to the Russian GLONASS satellites accuracy is much better than the 15 year old GPS unit this was supposed to be replacing.

I contacted Garmin. At first, their customer services representative acknowledged there was an issue (having handled a similar problem last week) He asked me to send them the Amazon invoice. Having done so, and not heard back for a few hours I called them to follow up.
A rather rude gentleman refused to deal with the issue saying that it was essentially Amazon's mis-selling of the product and refused to do anything about it. He claimed that the serial number of the device did not entitle me to the map.

Now, I have contacted Amazon and am waiting for a response. I just need my map!!
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on 2 May 2015
This is my 4th or 5th Garmin GPS, and while the hardware is constantly improving, the rest of the package is going the wrong way .. the firmware peaked, usability-wise, with the 60CSX. This one is almost identical to the 62S/SC/ST firmware, and has several problems.

First the good news - it pulls in many more satellites, much faster, than the 62SC I was previously using. It claims much better accuracy under difficult conditions (indoors for instance). Neither of them really need an external antenna, but the 64S at least has a place for one (my 62SC has the camera there instead). I guess Garmin decided the camera was a bad idea, since there is no 64SC model.

The 64 is also a BIT quicker at screen redraw, and searching .. whether that is a faster cpu, or faster flash memory, is impossible to decide. But don't get excited, the difference is mostly small, and you'd not notice unless you had one in each hand.

The 64 has provision for in-situ battery charging, but only if you use the Garmin battery pack (~£20), which pushes the micro-switch in the battery compartment, while holding two £2-a-piece NiMH cells. Since it tries to charge them in series (a very bad plan) they won't probably last long, and unless you are terminally forgetful, you are better off with the two £2-a-piece NiMH AA cells separately, and an external charger.

Now the bad stuff - the firmware and support. Well the fonts on the 64 are much improved over the 62 models, and almost back to 60CSX standards for readability. The 'current position' arrow is still huge and horrible. It is still impossible to 'go to, and continue from there' the middle of a route. It is =almost= impossible to field edit a route (route points are not editable .. all you can do it turn them into waypoints, which you can edit, put the waypoint back into the route, and delete the routepoint). GPX handling at its very worst.

You can't edit text either - type a twenty word waypoint note, and discover you have missed a space after word 1, you can only backspace and type it all again .. no insert function. You can =delete= just dandy, but not insert. Dumb dumb dumb.

You can use the 'page' key to 'enter' a waypoint name or text entry (rather than scrolling to 'done'), but if you push it too fast you'll lose what you typed (it'll LOOK like it went in, but it didn't). The quit key will lose you what you were doing every time, with no confirmation. Of course the use of the page key in this way is not covered in the manual. NOTHING much is covered in the 'manual' .. a stonking 12 pages-worth which you can download from the web (the 62 came with a much better/larger manual actually stored as a PDF on the device).Feb 2014 'printed in taiwan' it says on the front. Yeah, right. 8>. You do get a 'quick start manual' actually in the box (well, nearly a dozen of them, in various languages).

This GPS does enough things to warrant about 300 pages of manual .. but nobody bothered to write it yet. ('Profiles' .. hmm, what is a profile for?). Oh look, you can change the dashboard on the trip computer page!? Maybe there is a book Garmin is planning to sell us. Maybe you're just supposed to poke buttons and pray.

What else does it do wrong .. oh lots of things. One of the most annoying is that the trip calculator adds the distance the unit moves when it is powered off .. do a 1 mile walk in London, and then a one mile walk in Aberdeen, and you'll have walked hundreds of miles at blinding speed whether you turned it off or not. Sometimes even 'clearing' the trip data doesn't fix it, if you clear it before it has a fix on the new position (it still thinks it's at the old place, so it'll add the distance to the new place on, as soon as it figures out where the new place is). You can clean up the logged track when you get to a PC, but meantime the answer is nonsense.

The supplied maps are, as you would expect, rubbish. Garmin would like to sell you some .. ideally every year. The good news is that Open Streetmap (or even home-brew) maps work fine .. Garmin haven't quite managed to pull the plug on those yet.

You can add a memory card to the device, but with no Camera I'm not sure why you'd want to, unless you want to load OSM maps for the whole planet. The unit comes with pre-loaded geocaches .. throw them away and load some current one from the geocaching website, because the ones pre-loaded are always going to be out of date, and having recent comments (like 'this cache seems to be missing!) is kind of vital.
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on 1 December 2016
I bought this to replace a Garmin GPSmap 76CSx which I have used for more than 10 years. The only advantage the 64s has is that it seems better at finding satellites, even though the 76CSx has never had a problem even when walking in very wet woodland.
The unit was faulty. When used with freshly charged NiMH batteries it either refused to start or started but immediately showed 'Low battery'. In the latter case the battery life was less than an hour. In trying to solve this issue I spent some time looking at the manual, which is pretty poor. An example of the issues is that under Settings the manual shows Setup>System>AA Battery Type with choices Alkaline, Lithium, Traditional NiMH or Precharged NiMH. You can find that out simply by making the selections on the unit. It would make sense to explain the difference between Traditional and Precharged because the batteries I used are no different to those I have used ever since NiMH became available so they are Traditional and I charge them before I install them so they are Precharged. Some were purchased already charged and some not, but apart from that they behave identically in other devices. A google search fails to help.
It works apparently normally on alkaline batteries or external power.
I could go on but since I have returned the faulty unit there is little point.
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on 19 May 2017
Great device, rugged, functional, does what it is designed to do very well, no touch screen so usable with gloves in extremes.

Now to address the poor reviews from the lack of included maps.

Maps: firstly read the description and don't blame the device which is what should be reviewed here.

The maps for this device are the Garmin basemap (very basic and really aren't fit for walking the dog never mind heading off into the hills). They certainly are not the full 50k or 25k Premium versions or OS versions which ARE included as an option with the bundles of this device selling for additional funds elsewhere.

You can get a free perfectly functional map from talkytoaster or others or you could pay about 20 notes and get a premium map off that site too.

Garmin maps cost money and aren't transferable from older devices anymore like they used to be I'm led to believe as the firmware is restrictive on newer devices so garmin can continue to make money from the maps from their online delivery system. You can remove the restricted firmware and use 'unlocked' maps but this is at your own risk an requires some reading.
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on 29 March 2017
what a load of rubbish, in the title it says Garmin GPSMAP 64s Discovererâ"¢ Bundle (with GB 1:50K OS Map) what tosh it only comes with the useless world base maps its wrapped up and waiting to be posted back in the morning
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on 18 November 2015
Works like it should tells me my location. Didn't need to read anything to work out what buttons do what just pressed them and seen what happened then used my brain to work out what that button does. If the internet was around when you was in school then you should not have a problem using this. Battery life after the settings being edited is ok but not what it is says and varies a lot based on usage.
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on 2 August 2016
The hardware is excellent. The battery closure and operating firmware are not as good as on the older GPS 60 I used to use. Bluetooth does nothing useful with Android devices (ie the vast majority of smart phones in use!). The instruction manuals from Garmin deserve a minus 5 stars rating. Next time, I will try Suunto. Even if the instructions are in Finnish, they will be more intelligible than Garmin's effort.
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on 27 January 2017
Nice GPS very tactile. Screen display is ok at best not brill resolution when zoomed in on your maps. Satellite positioning is great very quick to find it's self. Not used much in anger yet just out in the local area. Base map is rubbish so you need to invest in an ordnance survey map sd card another £100 or so depending on where you buy it.
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on 12 August 2016
Bought as a replacement for an etrex 10. this was a reconditioned unit so was a bit nervous but it proved to be unfounded and it works great and very happy with it.
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on 14 February 2017
Excellent product - but has a confusing menu system and no instructions other than tedious online searches. Not even any explanation of the basic setup options!
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