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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 3 November 2012
I've been using the Garmin Edge 200 for over a year now and it's really good. I wanted to add a heart rate monitor though and the 200 doesn't support them so I went for the Edge 500. It's exactly the same size (and fits all the same brackets etc) as the 200 and provides so much more useful data. This data can be spread over 5 screens and you can have between 3 and 6 pieces of data on each of the screens (which can be a bit over kill!!).

It's all really simple to set up and the included heart rate monitor is really comfortable. There's so much more data to look at when you get back to once you've uploaded it to Garmin Connect.

All in all, this GPS unit is really good. There's every bit of data a cyclist could want really and more, all in a really nice small unit which also happens to look good (and the red and black match my bike perfectly!!)

Only gripe I had was that the buttons on the sides to change screens etc are a bit small and fiddly, especially in these winter months when you're always wearing gloves. Shouldn't be as much of an issue in summer, but with full finger gloves on it does get a bit annoying.

Other than that, I'm impressed and I love my Edge 500!
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on 10 February 2012
Ive had the EDGE 500 for almost a year now and I can't think of anything thats given me better value for money. At first I just used it for motivation on rides, just to see how much I was improving. I then started to program in alarms for cadence, speed and HR for specific goals. I then started using it in the gym and dissecting the workouts on Garmin connect and trainingpeaks. You can pull out all kinds of data to improve workouts. My last experience with the EDGE 500 came about a week ago when I forgot to take it out of my sweatshirt after a run and my wife washed the whole unit. Im not talking about the chest strap....the actual unit. That bad boy spent 90 minutes at 45 Celcius spining at 1600 RPM and came out laughing. So I am baffled when I read the reviews about people having issues with raindrops. This is a great device.
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on 15 November 2010
Cycle computers are essentially one of two types; the simple "how far, how fast, how long?" type, or the more complex, serious training aid. The Edge 500 is one of the latter and is consequently more expensive. It uses GPS to record actual position throughout your ride, as well as the other data displayed by the simpler devices, and stores all of the information in its internal memory. The stored data can be uploaded to a computer for analysis, and the route cycled can be shown as a map display (with Google maps an alternative). The rider may designate a stored route as a 'course'. The rider may then select a course. and race against a 'phantom competitor' over the course to improve his previous efforts. The computer detects when the rider is 'on course' and displays 'distance behind (ahead) and time behind (ahead). The information displayed can be selected by the rider. The bundle being reviewed also comes with a heart rate detector and a cadence (pedal rate) detector, so you can really push yourself to the limit! If want to enjoy your cycling and also want to use it to improve your fitness then this is a very useful gadget to have. I can recommnd it.
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on 3 March 2011
I ordered the Edge 500 on the strength of it's positive reviews and slimline profile - comparable to that of a 'normal' cycle computer.
I'm not a fitness guru, but more an enthusiastic cummuter / recreational cyclist. For me this device does everything I would ever need from a cycle computer + some great fitness monitoring.

Once you start the timer all data is recorded in the way of a .FIT file stored in the units 50mb memory.
It would seem that the .FIT is something quite exclusive to the Edge 500 and does cause some compatibility with certain websites that only read more traditional GPX, TCX files.

That said upon registering the Edge on Garmin's website you can get full access to every shred of info the .FIT file has to offer and is represented very nicely through charts and raw data. Very pretty to look at unlike some sites and above all free as a Garmin customer.

Also from the Garmin site you can export the data back to the unit for use as a course / route.

As I was thinking about buying the 705 rather than this it's worth mentioning that although you can't use the 500 for sat nav; You can plan a route on and then export it as a TCX, which you can then load into the Edge 500 and use it as a reference (As not to deviate off course). Turn by Turn instructions can also be implemented in the way of course points but this is quite a lengthy process.

Although the 705 would have fulfilled the sat nav requirement I had; I know it's size would have been a major drawback, Besides I never actually get 'lost' on my bike therefore using the routes with occasional course points works fine for me!

Overall I've only had it for a couple of days and I love it already!
No idea how the battery life compares to the claimed 18hours but time will tell.
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on 3 August 2012
I was able to use it right out of the box. The quick start guide makes it easy to link the HRM and cadence sensor to the device. The display is capable of displaying more information than you need while riding. I had to cut the display down to 4 readings, but all the information is available when you download it to the computer. It is very accurate and I have only lost tracking once or twice while under heavy tree cover and it came right back. Worthy every penny paid!
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on 17 October 2011
I have owned the Garmin 500 with HRM and speed/cadence sensor for 6 weeks and ridden a lot of miles through the UK, France, Italy and Switzerland. I bought this over the Polar because I run a Mac at home and I believe the Polar monitors don't work with Macs?? I don't think I have ever managed to get all the functions for this computer working at the same time. The biggest problem I have had is with the speed/cadence sensor. I have set it up as instructed on multiple occasions. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, there seems no rhyme or reason behind it. I have fiddled with the positions of the magnets and sensors, got it working perfectly and then when I go on a ride it fails to detect. This is quite irritating because the computer continuously stops and restarts until it is reset not to recognise the sensor again. When running solely on the GPS function the basics work well but sometimes the incline (and therefore ascent/descent) function goes crazy or is just simply obviously slightly wrong. It is definitely important not to turn the computer on until the bike is outside and stationary! On the plus side I agree with most of the other comments, it provides more information than you could ever want to know. The Garmin connect online function works well and it is sturdy, light and seems well built. It worked perfectly well in Europe. It has no route finding capacity, but if you know where you are going you should be OK. Alternatively take your smart phone and hope for a signal! With all these irritating niggles I am still contemplating sending it back if I can't get it to reliably work with all of its functions at the same time! Just one more go!!

UPDATED: Have now owned for 6 months and worked it out. It is essential to turn on the Garmin only once outside and wait for it to pick up the satellite signal before moving off. With that sorted works perfectly with HRM and speed/cadence sensor.
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on 15 July 2010
far better than its predecessors. much better battery life, easier to put on and remove from your bike, nice and small/compact and locating initial gps is much improved. the litte rubber thing at the back which allows for connection to usb cable is not perfect in that sometimes it is difficult to get it to stay in place which is something you want to protect the device from water etc. the ability to load your rides on the garmin web site is one of the great features...
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on 24 February 2013
what can you say about the garmin,easy to use,addictive on strava,cadence sensor and hrm is great but not a must have,love it!!
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on 24 April 2015
I love this little bike computer, brilliant garmin. not as fancy as the newer ones , but efficient.

i use it with a garmin HRM and a garmin cadence sensor and they work brilliantly , so much information from a ride, the screen is good as well, you can set various screens to display 1 ,2,3 ,4 bits of information for each screen or more, and toggle through them all.
review image
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on 21 May 2013
I bought this from Amazon with the HRM & cadence sensor for the cheapest I have ever seen this bundle at £149.99. Unlike others I actually will use the HRM & cadence on my turbo trainer.

I have had various bike computers over the years. My Cateye Wireless was good for what it did but when Smart phones came out and apps like that the Cateye has been relegated to a box of old computers.

I have been using my iPhone with a Ram mount and Endomondo for the past year and it has been pretty good. However the other day it came up with a ridiculous reading, I saw this on offer and bit the bullet.

So far, this is my first day of owning and using it - it was a very good purchase. So much smaller, lighter and more discreet than strapping a phone to a bike mount.

The other reason I bought it was that this is meant to be much more waterproof than a phone and is supposed to have a very long battery life. I haven't tested either of these yet but will update once I have.

So far I can only see 2 downsides one of which I knew about. You have to physically connect this to the computer via USB to upload your rides - with phone based apps these can be uploaded automatically at the end of a ride - no biggie.

My criticism is with the charger and length of supplied mini USB cable. It is one of those "transformer" type chargers that have different pins that you slot in - my Samsung S3 annoyingly has one of these and the USB cable comes out the top. The supplied cable is only 50cm long so when attached to my kitchen socket 6 inches off the worktop the Edge unit is not really sitting flat.

I know that is a small point and I have spare longer mini USB cables that will probably work. Also my unit only seems to charge to 99% - as a result I am knocking a star off. Apparently by running the battery down and then recharging this rectifies this so will try.

Will update this review once I have tested it out more thoroughly.

*Update after owning for about 2 weeks. I very nearly sent this back as was convinced that I received a duff unit. Firstly because of it not fully charging and also the time it takes to get a GPS signal.

Anyway I held on to it and after dscharging fully, by accident when I put my bike away in the garage it now thankfully charges fully. However the quoted average time on this is meant to be 18 hours. When I downloaded my rides, with it, for some reason not going into auto shutdown mode it showed a ride time of 10.48 - a good 9 of them it was shut in a garage doing nothing! Still - a lot better than a smartphone.

Back to receiving a GPS signal. I live in a flat and not a big block. There are a few trees around but it's not a forest. The Garmin will get NO signal if I switch it on inside whereas both my iPhone 3Gs & Samsung S3 both don't struggle. It basically takes me a good 5 minutes of riding - in which time I have covered 1 - 1.5 miles before it picks up a signal.

IMO that's pretty poor and gives me little confidence that it will cope if I was to go out to say, The New Forest which is about 15 miles on my doorstep.

I also suggest that if you get the HRM / cadence pack that you set the HRM up straight away. I couldn't be bothered as I just wanted to get out and ride. BIG MISTAKE! There are about 200 lunatics that for some bizarre reason decide to run around my local park, Poole Park, at around 9 AM on a SATURDAY morning.

Riding through these long stockinged freaks resulted in the Garmin going crazy and saying "Multiple HRMS found" - there was no obvious way to turn this off, whilst riding, so now I have some Mo Farah wannabes HRM reading - thanks!

The simple mount works brilliantly with a quarter twist. My critcism of this is that because it is basically only a couple of rubber bands that take seconds to fit conversely it will only take a thief a couple of seconds to remove. I would prefer zip ties as this puts off the casual thief - maybe I can mod something - any ideas?

* Update 2nd July 2013 - This has really motivated me and I have ramped up the miles considerably and use it on every ride. I do find the Garmin software quite clunky for what I need and I import the rides into Endomondo too as I have a premium package and is just more user friendly for at a glance comparisons.

One thing I do find annoying is that if you go out on multiple rides, on different days - when you connect and upload it just uploads the rides as one massive ride on the day you first went out and you have to manually edit them and move to the days when you did actually ride. This may be user error on my part and there may be some way round this although I think it should automatically upload individual rides and the days they have been taken!
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