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Escape to Your Outdoor Retreat with these Garden Furniture Components 

Photo area of spacious house terrace with modern garden furnitures

Garden furniture components

Whether you own or rent a home, the outdoor area is a great feature you can emphasise with quality furniture. Your porch, patio, lanai, garden, or backyard is an excellent setting for a hardy furniture set. Whether you are replacing an old set, buying a new one, or simply picking out a few focal pieces, your outdoor area will look brand new with the right garden furniture components that work together to create a comfortable space.

Use outdoor furniture daily when you sit outside and unwind from your busy day. If you like to entertain you might want to invest in different kinds of furniture like tables, chairs, and even couches to create a fun and dynamic space. Pick timeless pieces to carry you through the years or try modern pieces to create a stylish outdoor area.

Photo rattan garden furniture

Invest in Comfortable Seating 

Sit back and relax in your garden area with comfortable seating. Adding a few places to sit changes the ambiance of your outdoor area to one that is cosy. Entertain family and friends or simply relax in your outdoor sanctuary.

  • Chairs - One common type of outdoor seating is chairs. From wicker to plastic and durable metal, there are many makes and finishes to consider. Chairs with removable and washable cushions are a great option because they are quick and easy to clean. Basic chairs upgrade a plain outdoor area to a backyard lounge. Be sure to look for weather treated materials to last throughout the seasons.
  • Benches - Benches are another seating choice for outdoor areas. They can be traditional or whimsical and add class to any outdoor area. Wood benches, as well as metal options, make great places to sit and relax.
  • Hammocks - A hammock rests between two trees and is a unique addition to your yard and lets you kick up your feet and enjoy a cool breeze. Set it up in the midst of flowers for a getaway from everyday life. During the summertime, a hammock in the shade is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Swings - These offer another way to kick back on your patio and are a fun and interesting way to decorate a deck area. They can seat two to four people. With the right flooring and overhead support, swings can last a long time and are excellent ways to spruce up an outdoor area.
  • Sofas -  Couches and sofas are another outdoor seating arrangement to consider. Whether you are reusing an older couch or installing a brand new one, they seat up to five people and can also be used for sleeping. An outdoor couch is both laid back and luxurious and might be the perfect extension to your patio.
Photo wicker armchair and table modern garden furniture

Tables and Storage Solutions 

Any garden or backyard set up needs a table as the centrepiece its seating area. A coffee table or dining table lets you set up lanterns, dinner plates, candles, lanterns, or whatever backyard necessities you need. It’s the perfect place to arrange chairs for a conversation grouping or to put potted plants on. If you have limited space, a smaller side or cocktail table provides the setting to rest drinks, cards, and flowers on without taking up too much space in your backyard. Umbrellas add ambiance and sun protection to your seating area and help you shield yourself from the sun’s rays. These create perfect spaces to eat, cook, or enjoy the outdoors.

Storage is a definite concern for your outdoor space. You want a place to keep all your equipment and store your furniture when not in use, but you also want something that's going to look good doing it. A garden shed is one functional and beautiful answer. It provides a covered space to store extra chairs or gardening supplies out of sight. In addition to sheds, shelving or storage areas help you stay organised. Store flower pots, books, garden supplies, lanterns, or a variety of other items with dual purpose tables, benches, or ottomans. They allow you to increase the versatility of your space without sacrificing on the decor. 

Photo large back yard with grass and covered patio with fire pit

Accent Pieces That Tie Outdoor Spaces Together 

Build your outdoor retreat and install custom touches like a fire pit. It adds ambiance to your space and also helps keep bugs away. They make a great conversational grouping for friends and family and they can keep you warm as the sun goes.

Another great aspect of an outdoor area is a well-tended garden. Blooming flower beds and abundant vegetable patches bring the look of a backyard together. A gardener’s collection of plants contributes beautiful colours and fragrances to any outdoor space. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, consider adding a Koi pond or similar water feature. 

Photo luxury lifestyle sofa and green pillows in the garden

Considerations When Shopping 

When you are selecting furniture for your deck or patio, keep in mind the colour and decor of the space. White, natural, black, or coloured chairs and tables can create a beautiful porch area. The most durable materials are wood, metal, and wicker, and you can soften the look with throw pillows and other accents. Upholstery comes in many different hues and designs. Choose from bold primary colours, soft pastels, or exciting patterns, just make sure it's weatherproof and durable enough to handle the elements.

Your outdoor area has the potential to be a comfortable seating and entertaining area. Patio sets come in a range of price points and last for many years with the proper care. Look for pieces that complement your existing furnishings to create a look that reflects your personal style and attitude.