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on 2 February 2014
I have had this product for a month now, and use it continuously with the xbox one controllers. I had a similar system from Venom for my 360, and this product blows that one out of the water!

The controller dock comes well packaged in a neat, attractive looking box. All components are separately wrapped, and the shiny parts of the product have protective film on to stop scratching/spoiling.

The design of this system is fantastic, the batteries fit perfectly inside the xbox one controller, and the case goes neatly over the top, allowing access to the battery to charge. The overall aesthetics of this design are incredible, hardly changing the looks of the original controller in the slightest.

The battery performance is what you would expect for an aftermarket battery - with one caveat - you must treat the batteries right! I can't stand reviewers who leave batteries on charge continuously and don't cycle them properly - and subsequently complain about the product quality! They last for approximately 8 hours of continuous gameplay (I have only had to fully recharge them 2-3 times over the last month).

The design of the stand is nice. The controllers fit snugly into the dock, and once in the charging indicators work well to let you know how much battery is left. I use silicone skins on my controllers, and they still fit comfortably into the dock and charge well - where have these rubbish 1 star reviews come from saying the pins don't reach?!?

Overall, it is well designed, looks great next to the console and performs its intended task with distinction - a must have product for xbox one owners!
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on 25 February 2014
I got this today and was a little disappointed to find the lack of USB mains plug, I grabbed my USB phone charger and plugged it into that and it got working fine, I have one on order for an extra couple of quid so it's not TOO much of an issue.

The design is great, you just need to place your controller on it and it'll just slot right in nice and easy, no fiddly balancing act or trying to line up the pin, it just slides right into place and starts charging after just a couple of seconds.

The fault however is the fact that we cannot order replacement or higher capacity battery packs, 700mah is not big at all, especially after a long time when the batteries have degraded.
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on 21 January 2014
This charging dock has a neat design - charging is easy and the controller falls into the right position to start charging without any effort to align the battery ports. After charging, you can just just grab a controller and start playing. I gave it 3 stars because the battery life is quite short.... if you only play for a couple of hours in a sitting, and are happy to charge after everytime you play, this will be ok. If you want something that might surive a long afternoon of gaming or a couple of evenings in a row without charging, think again.
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on 16 April 2014
Keeps the controllers of the floor so you don't stand on them I have this item a month now and its great.
Some people say the charge time does not last long but I get 5 to 6 hours gaming per charge as I have two controllers i have one on charge and the other in use.
They have a three circle charging light the indicates how much power is in the battery when charging and when charged the controllers have a resting position .
I am very happy with item.
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on 19 October 2015
It does the job but you cannot charge the batteries with our a controller. You cannot balance the batteries on the dock, they have to be in a controller so if you have just 1 controller you cannot charge the other battery whilst playing.
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on 30 May 2014
The power charging unit is not as slim as other charging units on the market but the design and build is sturdy. The unit allows two Xbox One controllers to sit quite comfortably in its housing without any wiggle and once fully charged allows hours of plays while plugging into one of the usb ports at the back of the Xbox. At the front of the unit there are two smart looking indicators to show how much battery life is available and my only gripe, and the reason why this unit received 4 rather than 5 stars is that the indicators are bright... so much so I can navigate around my room with just this light on but this shouldn't deter you from buying the unit.
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on 30 May 2014
I bought these 3 days before my xb1 arrived as i learned that you still have to use AA batteries (after 12 years of the 360 you would expect they would put rechargeables in there e.g automatic plug and play) all this time later they still hold a charge for 8 hours with vibration. The only reason they are getting 4 not 5 star is because 1 of the lights out of the total 6 (3 for each controler ports) has stopped working. luckily it is the 2nd light so i still know when it is full.

Summary: Very useful. Does what its supposed to. Does not "overcharge" to shorten their life. Very good value for money.

Hope this helped.
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on 11 February 2014
This is a nice little product, but suffers from one major flaw. If you only have one controller, as I do, then it is impossible to charge the loose battery while you are playing.

There are products out there that allow you to charge a loose battery, so I rather wish I'd got one of those instead, but other than this, I don't have any complaints about the product.
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on 28 March 2014
The Fact that it comes with the rechargeable Battery packs and new covers for the connection to be made when charging is Brilliant.
One price, everything you need to keep 2 controllers tip top with power. perfect.
I have had no problems, the controllers start charging straight away. No fiddling around, just drop them on and walk away.
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on 16 April 2014
this has charged my controllers since i got my new xbox one it is so easy to setup and has a nice charging light display i would buy again from this seller
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