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on 24 April 2017
I bought this in February 2017. Initially I was delighted with the product as it looked very good and had all the features I needed including a turntable, CD player and radio. I had recently bought a new CD and used this to try out the player for the first time. Unfortunately the CD kept skipping parts of the tracks. I thought this was the fault of the CD and returned it as being faulty as I didn't think the new player would have any problems. However, I tried several more CDs over the course of the next few weeks and had the same problem. It was at this point that I realised it was the player that was at fault and therefore contacted Amazon to arrange for a replacement. This arrived two days ago and I immediately tried several CDs to make sure the player was OK. Ironically, and annoyingly, the player had the same issue. I therefore decided enough was enough and asked Amazon for a refund. Fortunately, Amazon were excellent and replaced the first player, then refunded the second without any query or delay. I really don't recommend purchasing this player. It's worth spending a little more to buy better quality but check the reviews beforehand!
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on 1 June 2017
Ordered this as a gift - looked smart, seen it on display in a shop and went ahead and ordered it on Amazon as it was slightly cheaper.

After setting it up there was a quiet, high pitched beeping noise coming from the device when it was totally switched off but still connected at the wall. This high pitched noise was obviously electrical and raised alarm bells for me as I do not feel comfortable having the device even switched on at the wall when not in use.

Sent the device back and was pleased with Amazon Primes replacement, it was sent out immediately and I was given 30 days to return the broken device - great.

However, the new device which came had the exact same issue! I've now returned both devices and have been told I am to receive a refund, with the money charged for shipping and handling deducted. I think this is awful customer service, Amazon are usually great in dealing with returns and damaged items, but I don't feel this is fair at all. Shame on the supplier for sending two faulty machines and shame on Amazon for charging shipping and handling costs for two broken, possibly dangerous, items.
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on 22 July 2017
Not the worst item in the world but for those of us old enough to remember record players the first time around, this item will disappoint. The turntable itself is no better than a cheap child's type from the 80's and if you turn up the volume enough then it makes the record skip due to the internal speaker. CD player and USB ok but for the money, save a bit more and buy a better turntable
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on 18 February 2017
Bought this for my sons 14th birthday. It's a great player for his new found fascination with vinyl (or records as I know them).

Unfortunately, it stopped working after 15 months.

I called Protelx to see if they know of a way to repair it as it was out of warranty I was pleasently surprised that they offered to exchange it for a brand new one free of charge.

I cannot fault this company.
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on 19 October 2016
We bought this record player partly because we wanted to be able to play all our old vinyl records but also the funky, bright design complimented our newly decorated lounge and furniture. It looks fantastic with the American dashboard look but the lid is a very cheap and slightly disappointing plastic. The biggest problem with it though is the very poor quality sound. Obviously we accept the scratchiness of the records themselves (it adds to the effect after all!) but what is not really acceptable is the very poor quality sound produced by the very tinny speakers. Fortunately we have a rather good Bose stereo system that we always intended to run the turntable through so we can get proper depth of sound through quality speakers having linked the turntable through the auxiliary output. The difference in the sound quality as a result is phenomenal.

Buy this for the looks but not for the quality of sound.
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on 28 December 2017
Having read the reviews I should have taken heed regarding the CD player skipping and then not working, more fool me for purchasing this product.
CD went in started to play the track and then skipped and stopped, turned machine off put CD in, now won't read the CD, turned machine off to try again, CD wouldn't work again
At the rear of the instructions for the machine this company makes a bold statement of 100% quality control, I do not believe this for one minute as they have known that this CD issue with machine has been a problem for some considerable time
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on 21 January 2018
It is a great piece of equipment and smooth sounding unit with perfect Retro Appearance just what I wanted.
The first one was exchanged with no quibble due to faulty CD Player but the new one works very wel with clean sound on LP's CD and Radio.
Radio Tuning is very positive - Record playing could not be simpler and CD has all of the normal functions needed.
I have not used the SD and USB slots as I have no use for them.
Well Packed in Three Nested Boxes - Excellent
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on 26 December 2016
I bought this as a birthday gift for a friendBest described as cheap and cheerful. With a little more though (and little or no additional cost) this product could have been MUCH better. The finish is reasonably visually appealing. However, lift the turntable lid and experience the disappointment as its thin, flimsy plastic structure twists in the hand exuding the cheap construction. Those old enough to remember the "Dansette" radiogram and similar original versions of this radio/turntable combination will recall a vinyl-covered wood or bakelite construction. Sturdy but heavy and, of course in those pre-stere days, just one speaker. but with a good tone.

The speakers are small and have little audio depth. With no bass or tone control expect the tone of your precious vinyl or CD's to sound disappointingly thin, "toppy" and "tinny". Also, the absence of stereo phono out sockets mean that you cannot output via an external amp or speakers to improve the sound quality or split the stereo in the room. The recording particularly, phono (vinyl) to MP3 (via USB or SD) is crude but works.

Overall, in my opinion, a £50 to £60 price tag would be more realistic in terms of value for money. It looks ok as a piece of retro furniture but don't expect too much from it other than the most basic audio-output.
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on 13 May 2014
Bought this for my dad's 80th. He is deaf in one ear so the fact that the sound isn't wonderful does not bother him! It's not unbearable though, but there's no bass/treble to play about with if you like that sort of thing. I listened to some of my 80's stuff to try it out and I thought it was fine turned up. There is a bit of a hum when the turntable is on but once the music is playing it's only noticeable on a low volume. It's so easy to tape onto MP3 you just put it in and press a button, that's it. Super easy to play it back again, just put it in and press a button! I will need to write my dad a list of the tracks in order so he knows what number to play as it doesn't show any other details other than track number. I checked that the USB stick would play on my laptop after recording on it and it worked just fine. So it's a bit basic but then that's reflected in the price I think and as someone who grew up listening crackly records rather than smooth cd/mp3 I think it's well worth the money.
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on 16 April 2017
Looks good,good sound quality for the money paid,Enjoying listening to the old records found in the attic after many years up there,if you are looking for something like this will recommend
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