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on 13 June 2017
it is really good, it floats, it is difficult to remove the water inside the tube though, the metal parts get rust if not after being in salt water, I advice disassemble the lace and all metal parts and wash it in sweet water carefully.
I voted 5 stars anyway because it have been really useful, it is light, works really well under water, on water, anywhere, perfect distance, perfect size.
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on 30 April 2016
Brought my Husband a gopro for his birthday and brought this to go with it it was cheaper than the one on the gopro website!! It is great even gives you move ways to hold the gopro. Would definitely recommend as saves you money!
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on 9 November 2016
Have used a few times now while diving with my Go Pro hero 4 silver. The pole extends and also floats if you was to drop it. Recommended.
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on 4 May 2017
I expected higher quality. It's already playing.
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on 26 October 2013
I bought this to use while diving. I am so happy with it. The product oozes quality. Just slip the loop over your wrist and jump in. I confess I was a little apprehensive about the possible inconvenience of carrying the pole for the duration of the dive. Before I had a Bobber hand grip, which was small and could simple be let go to float above my wrist. In practice, using this GoPole during dives was completely natural and it never once felt it got in the way. In fact I used it on 111 consecutive dives. The results are excellent - nice and close to fish and coral. The GoPole exceed my expectations.

How to use it?
- Hold it forward and shoot straight ahead or slightly down
- Hold it forward and shoot back at yourself or your group
- And the bonus: I wanted to swim above fish and angle the pole down then shoot horizontally or slightly up. The way the pole bracket is made this requires the camera to be upside down. Guess what - the GoPro has a built-in upside mode. Brilliant. I could place the camera way below me then film upwards.

Should you buy the telescopic GoPole instead of the clear pole? I could decide which to get so purchased both and took them on holiday. As this clear pole suited my needs, I did not use the telescopic pole. I'll save it for land use.

In summary - a perfect accessory for a GoPro underwater. Happy diving and filming!
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on 21 February 2015
So I've read some reviews about how the pole was not extendable or does not collapse (looking for extendable) however still bought it as the picture shows that it does. When it arrived it was exactly what was advertised. (See picture) the pole itself looks very good however in the connecting bit in the middle som glue was visible which I did not expect but not a really big deal for me. Moreover, The pole is clear which i I really like so it's not too distracting and the grip is very good It feels like it would never fall out of your hands. The box also contained a holder for the gopro remote which you can clip into the pole, a removable strap which you can attach to the end of the pole handle and a high torque thumbscrew which makes it easy to tighten the gopro in place. The pole extends up to 24 inches and when you collapse it, it's 14 inches which means very easy to carry around. The reason I gave a four is because I havent used it in the water yet which leaves unanswered questions like is it really water tight when the pole extended and used underwater or can it withstand water impact when you jump. Another reason for the 4 is because it rattles a but when I attach the gopro when the pole is extended however it doesn't when it is collapsed smaller to 14 inches. Overall I am confident with the pole firstly because of the brand and the number of people choosing gopole. Secondly, I've read a lot of good reviews. I like the pole it's really good and has good looks.
review image review image
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on 8 February 2015
The quality of the product doesn't justify the full asking price, I think I should have bought one of those unbranded GoPro sticks instead. The plastic feels cheap and its construction doesn't look watertight. On the plus side, the rubber grip is pretty good, even when wearing thick gloves.

I bought this stick for use during snowboarding and it worked alright, but I wouldn't buy another if I lost the current one. For filming yourself, the stick is too short to capture a full person. You'll need to either crouch like a tiger or hold the stick above and ahead of yourself (with the camera looking down) to get any decent footage.

The rubber compression seal in the middle is annoying too, as it tends to get stuck on the inner pole and makes the extension/retraction really stiff. This is more prone in cold weather in anything below zero degrees (i.e. in the snow). Furthermore with the stick fully extended, there is a small amount of play between the two pole sections which adds to the camera wobble. Fortunately this hasn't led to any ruined footage because the stick is so short, and is probably the reason why they didn't make this a three-section telescopic tube.

In summary, you are probably better off purchasing the longer (non transparent) stick or an unbranded one. This one is a bit of a rip-off.
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on 11 April 2016
I just returned from a dive trip having used the pole during most dives. The pole itself seems fairly cheaply made but still reasonably rugged.
The pole does float so if you let it go when you are diving it will rise to the surface which could be useful. The downside is that the seal on the poles telescopic portion is not designed for diving and the pole flooded almost entirely with water from the start so is definitely not waterproof as described in the item details. The lanyard that screws into the handle was prone to coming loose and could easily have lead to the pole (and gopro) floating to the surface without being noticed.
After being flooded it is quite difficult to get the water out, even after being back a week now there are still droplets of water inside the body of the pole, however since the pole is made predominantly of plastic there is nothing for the salt water to corrode.
Overall the product is ok but not outstanding.
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on 11 November 2013
I thought it was not fixed length (duh) - my bad and the seller gave me a refund.

The product was excellent quality though - had I wanted it fixed length this would have been perfect
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on 16 April 2017
not such great quality for its advertisement and price. I have not used it much and so intensely but the top mount broke of of the 3 elements into which the Gopro connects. Cheap plastic. Not to mention that gets water inside and is impossible to dry it out. The extension fillet also made of cheap plastic, in time it will not hold as the first time, thus the extended pole will play a bit.
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