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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 May 2017
I am loving these alphabet books, Sue has the ability to bring the characters to life.
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on 11 October 2014
Another great read. Looking forward to the rest of the alphabet
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on 16 October 2005
"F is for Fugitive" starts with the lovely Kinsey Millhorne being hired by motel owner Royce Fowler who lives in the nearby seaside town of Floral Beach. Royce wants Kinsey to come up to Floral Beach to work on the case of his son Bailey. Bailey was convicted after admitting the voluntary manslaughter of his ex-girlfriend Jean Timberlake 17 years ago. Bailey escaped from prison and for the next several years has been on the run. After a routine police enquiry he is captured again and now faces charges of being a fugitive and his original crime. Royce has always believed his son was innocent of the murder of Jean and wants Kinsey to come and investigate and clear his son's name.
This in many ways of a stroke for Kinsey as since the destruction of her garage apartment in the previous book she has been living with her landlord Henry Pitts and in a typical independent Kinsey way she has became increasingly infuriated with Henry's motherly ways.
So Kinsey becomes the guests of the Bailey family although a less than relaxing time is in store for Kinesy. The pretty town of Floral Beach is home to another motley crew of strange characters, whether it's the hypochondriac ramblings of Royce's wife Ori. Pearl the gruff owner of the local bar, or Shanna Timberlake the dead girl's depressed and alcoholic mother.
This is one of the strong points of this book, lacking any of the regular characters from the other Kinsey books; this one is littered with interesting, intriguing and in many cases diabolical characters for us to get our teeth into. As usual the actual mystery is full of twists and turns and dead ends and only the terrier like interrogations of the tenacious Kinsey can get the truth out.
An extremely enjoyable book and one of the high points of the alphabet series of books.
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on 2 July 2011
Having discovered Kinsey Millhone just a few years ago and reading the odd book I find I've recently become hooked and started reading systematically through the series from A is for Alibi. Yes, Sue Grafton has an underlying formula but she weaves new plots around it so that (so far) every book is a delighted. Right from Kinsey's introspections, through her going for a run (which often forces me out too!) through to her plotting it's 5-star stuff. This book didn't disappoint either- like some others, she has this set in a small town setting where relationships run deep and often lead to unexpected twists in the plot. If you like a good read, you'll like this.
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When I started listening to Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series a couple of years ago, it actually wasn’t my first introduction to the series. I had listened to “F” is for Fugitive over 15 years ago, and my guess is it was an abridgement, although I don’t remember for sure. I was curious to see what I would think of this book now and what I would think of it in context, not that I truly remember any of the story. Turns out I loved it.

Seventeen years ago, teen Jean Timberlake was murdered on the beach in the town of Floral Beach. Her boyfriend, Bailey Fowler, was convicted of the crime, but he escaped after serving a year of his sentence. Now, he’s been recaptured, and Bailey’s father has hired Kinsey to find out the truth of what happened back then.

And so Kinsey drives the hour and a half north to Floral Beach and begins interviewing the people who were involved with Jean back then. She finds that Floral Beach is a very small community, and everyone knows everyone else. Even today, Jean’s reputation with the boys is legendary, and it seems like the suspect list is long. But with no one willing to tell Kinsey the truth, can she solve this cold crime?

This book takes place almost exclusively outside of Kinsey’s usual stomping grounds of Santa Teresa. What’s funny to me is that I actually remembered just a tad of how this book opens thanks to the ending of the previous book in the series. Other than that, I was coming to this book with a completely fresh slate.

Which means I was in for all the fun twists and turns as the story progressed. It seems that everyone Kinsey meets has a motive for the killing, and as Bailey’s return and Kinsey’s questions put everyone on edge, the ride truly gets crazy. Yet Kinsey is once again able to put everything together to reach a logical conclusion in time for the wonderful climax.

This book also features an almost completely new cast of characters, but they are completely real to us as soon as we meet them. This isn’t a surprise to me since I’ve always found Sue Grafton’s characters to be strong. We do see a little growth in Kinsey in this book as well, and I really liked that.

Of course, this is a departure from my usual cozies. Just know that going in and you’ll be fine.

When I get to the first book not narrated by Mary Peiffer, it’s going to be quite an adjustment for me. I love her work here. She brings Kinsey to wonderful life, which is important in a first person narrated story, and injects just enough into her voice to help us get Kinsey’s amusement at some of the people and events of the story. She also helps bring the other characters in the book to life.

While I didn’t remember much about this book from my first time listening to it, I’m glad to have re-listened to it now. “F” is for Fugitive is a wonderful book that will leave you guessing until the end.
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on 27 November 2009
Sue Grafton has hit on a great formula and I don't use that term in a derogatory way. She sets up the story in detail and with humour and humanity. Our heroine, Kinsey, is someone who grows on you book by book and does silly things as well as clever ones showing endearing traits as well as frustrating ones. The writing is good with varied pace and doesn't involve tracts of technical detail. So if you don't know the books, this will be atreat for you and you needn't start at A and work through them, though having read one, I tried to do this. Each stands alone and gives you an interesting detective story with thriller elements and witha realistic and sympathetic heroine, and one with whom both women and men can identify with little trouble.
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on 22 June 2015
All the Kinsey Milhone books are sooooo enjoyable.
Great central character in KM and good characterisation throughout.
The books always allow time for a chuckle from time to time.
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on 8 February 2014
I fell in love with Kinsey Millhone about four years ago when I was given one o her books to read when I was in hospital.
I really should say I fell in love with Sue. Grafton.
I hope to read each and every one of the Alpherbet series before I go.
Although this is supposed to be about the above book, my review would be the same for all the Kinsey Millhone stories.
All I can say is that Sue Grafton has created one of the best private eyes I have ever read - she is fiesty, clever, her humour is wonderful and I love her! Long may she live and her landlord Henry.
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on 17 June 2006
I am the obsessive kind of reader that insists on reading a crime series in order, therefore I came to this novel knowing exactly what was in store for me, yet another Kinsey Millhone murder mystery. I presume that if you are reading this review and are planning on buying it then you will have read A,B,C,D and E. If you haven't read this novels then stop right there. You shouldn't be looking at 'F is for Fugitive' but 'A is for Alibi' so you can start the series at the start (which surely is the most logical thing to do).

'F is for Fugitive', the sixth in the series, is more of the same. Kinsey being employed to investigate a crime, lots of fantastic characters and interesting settings and the obligatory twists and turns. If you liked the other novels in the series you will like this one.

What I especially liked about this novel was the ending, it really did manage to be haunting whereas some of the denouments in the previous novels in the series have been a little bit of a let down.

Another thing I liked was the setting. I got a real feel for the location and there was a real sense of atmosphere.
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on 12 June 2013
Kinsey continues to work her way through mysteries. Whilst living with her landlord after a bomb ruined her apartment she is keen to get away for a while so agrees to take on an out of town case.

The fugitive doesn't actually figure all that large in the story but how he got to become one does. It wasn't that hard to guess who the baddie was but an interesting process to get to finding out.

Not a classic but an entertaining way to spend time.
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