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on 8 April 2013
A friend of mine lent me this book; after a quick scan through some chapters, i thought that I should buy it and i must say it is a very good book. The book gives a lot of relevant advice and tips for first rungers on the career ladder. Due to its age, it is slightly outdated but that is the only detraction. The chapter on how to be a good research analyst has proven invaluable. I would recommend reading this book.
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on 12 April 2007
I'm so glad I bought this book!

There are hundreds of books giving advice on CV writing, interview skills and how to get a graduate job after university - but this is the only book that actually talks you through what to do once you get one! It's absolutely invaluable for new graduates and I imagine that it would be very useful for anyone in a new job situation; while it's true that it's very business-environment orientated in its examples and anecdotes, the content of the book (Attitude, Communication Skills, negotiating the politics of an organisation, managing your boss, etc) are just as relevant to public sector organisations and experienced workers.

The most useful section of the book is the one which is, as far as I know, pretty much unique to this particular book - the section on "Attitude". It really helps to have some things spelled out clearly - things that are perhaps obvious in hindsight but all too easy to slip up on at the time. This book will help you survive the "Hire on skills, fire on attitude" reality of the modern workplace, and remind you to be a nicer person to work with!! The writer has high expectations of the reader but avoids being preachy.

It covers every possible angle in just enough detail without becoming bogged down. The writing is well-paced and the tone is unpatronising and natural.

I read it through in one full day yesterday and I am about to re-read it from the beginning, armed with a highlighter pen, and I will be creating a summary of the main points to keep in my desk drawer!
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on 14 March 2007
Listen and listen hard. There are many career guidance books and success manuals aimed at people who want to succeed in their careers and lead a fulfilling life. Some are good and some are not. However, none of them achieves what this book does - namely providing specific, practical, and realistic advice on what to do and how to behave in the early stages of your career to excel and outperform your peers. It is simply THE BEST early stage career advice book I have seen.

What sets this book apart is that it is not based on anecdote, conventional wisdom, or subjective opinion as so many books of this genre are - but rather on evidence gathered from interviews with over 200 successful executives working at top tier institutions and companies across a wide range of sectors including Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and McKinsey. As a result, this book does not describe theory or general principles but rather what works in practice. Moreover, the advice given is extremely specific, highly practical, and immediately useable.

In terms of structure, the book is divided into three main sections: (1) Attitude (2) Mastering the fundamentals and (3) Navigating the political environment. Within these sections, there are individual chapters devoted to managing your time effectively, developing excellent written and oral communications, and building your internal network. There are also extremely helpful sections on how to become an excellent research analyst (including a detailed description of excel functions and tools) and how to find, nurture, and develop mentors.

"From New Recruit to High Flyer" is not an esoteric piece of academic research or a general career guidance manual. What it is is an extremely targeted and specific book designed to help people in the early stages of their working life who want to succeed in their jobs and fast-track their careers. As such, it is perfect for first-degree students, Masters degree candidates, MBAs, PhDs, or anyone thinking about or already embarking upon a life in the working world. Having worked in a range of industries myself, I can confirm the lessons contained within are equally relevant for both the public and private sectors.

I myself am now five years post-business school and am working for a blue-chip company and have found this book to an invaluable asset since I bought it a few months ago. I keep a copy in my office within easy reach and have found myself constantly reaching for it to refer to a particular piece of advice or to remind me of something. I only wish it had been written 5 years ago, when I was at the beginning of my post-MBA career as it would have prevented me from making many basic mistakes and saved me a lot of heartache.

In summary, if you are thinking about joining or have recently joined the workplace and are interesting in achieving as much as you can in your career, fulfilling your potential, and enjoying your working life then get this book. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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on 16 November 2006
"From New Recruit to High Flyer" has provided me with countless new ideas of how to improve my approach to working life. The thoughfully laid out approach covers all aspects of not just performing, but successfully outperforming peers in the work environment and has really made me think laterally about how I go about doing my job on a day to day basis.

Since reading the book, I have already noticed various changes in both the way that I deal with others (more confidently), but also the way in which others (mostly more senior executives) are dealing with me - generally with far more respect.

The anecdotal evidence provided throughout the book provides a backdrop that I, as a reader could relate to and thus provided me with some practical ideas with how to implement some of the changes that the book sugggested.

For any young executive arriving at the start of their career, this is a 'must have' item and I know that it is something that I will keep referring back to as I develop my own career. Brilliant!!!
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on 27 December 2008
I usually take a while to have a great read through my books, but this is a must have book for for anyone starting in a new job, changing careers and ideal must have for the university graduate.
Working within consultancy, training and careers - I found many quotes and examples spot on and clearly explaining a great insight to the working ethics needed to achieve and succeed in the ever changing corporate international workplace, some simple and some advanced - clear straight talking advice that you would only receive from professionals or maybe might just happen to learn when you get to the age of 99 and then realise it's just to late ! feel free to contact me - []
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on 6 February 2007
I was hoping for some real insight into what it takes to get ahead in FS. But the book instead covers lots of stuff that has been covered elsewhere - plus I found some of the content actually just a little patronising!

The book has a great title but I'm afraid I felt just a bit disappointed when I started reading it.
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