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on 5 June 2012
Having had several gazebos in the past I did a lot of research before eventually buying two of these. I didn't want them to bend and break under the slightest wind or rain.
We had an 18th birthday party so put them together in the garden. The party was on the Jubilee weekend 2012 and the weather ended up awful.
As I made the purchase several weeks early I hoped the weather would be good but no such luck (hence I'd done the research in advance).
I didn't want to spend hundreds and hundreds so wanted to buy the most robust cheap gazebos I could find.
Here's how the purchase and performance went...
Firstly the two gazebo marquees arrived very quickly, though the extra set of ground pegs promised in the advert weren't there. I sent an e-mail and the seller sent them straight away. They're the little ones you sometimes get with football goals or cheap tents and adequate for the job.
I disagree with the recommendation (which shows when you're ordering) that you should check the product before signing the delivery form though - this isnt practical when buying something so big with so many parts, though miracle of miracles Citylink did deliver them without either smashing them to bits or not turning up at all - as is my usual experience with the worst delivery organisation on the planet.
Putting them up was easy. My father in law helped and he's the type who'd try and mend a pane of glass with a hammer, but we had no problem (attach the roof straps to the top hole on the legs though otherwise they won't reach).
I only used a couple of the ground pegs for each leg in the end, though the father in law did one of his usuals by bending half of them to absolute buggery - so be careful pushing them into the ground. Using a hammer makes it easier to get them in without bending them - and put them in at different angles so the wind can't just rip them out.
We put the two gazebos side by side and put plastic sheeting on the floor because the rain had started, and a load of cardboard on top of that to soak up the rain which was dripping between the two gazebos.
The sides are nice and the doors have outside and inside zips, but the panels and doors stop a couple of inches from the floor. It would be nicer if they went all the way down - but then again if they did then the wind would be a far bigger hazard than it is. Because the gap is there and the side panels flap about a bit if it's windy, it does mean that the whole thing doesn't fly off like it would if everything was rigid.
When the rain was really heavy the bars/structure didn't bend, though the water did collect and the roof would sag round the edges. We kept an eye on it and would tip the water out every once in a while, though if it got really saggy you had to be careful that you didn't accidentally tip the water on the inside!
If it had got much windier or rainier things could have got nasty, but 40 teenagers enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the risk of getting wet every time they walked between the two gazebos where there was the occasional gush of water.
I left them up until the next day and they survived the rain and wind - neither of which was too heavy overnight.
A few bits of roof were sagging with rain but none of the bars were bent. The only damage was where one of the velcro straps that hold the panels to the side bars had ripped off the panel. This could have been because of that wind, possibly because of the people just being a bit boisterous - nearby was a rip through the panel a few inches long but it looked like a clean cut so probably done by someone rather than stretched by the wind. And in any case the velcro strap had pulled out from the seam so I'll end up sewing it back in.
I have seen other gazebos which were similar but some of the bars on this gazebo are thicker and I think this helps a lot.
One of the products I saw on amazon came with a trolley bag and I would suggest that it would be great to have this as well, but I've changed my mind now because when I took the gazebos down I quickly folded up the panels and roof - and they end up much bigger than when they arrive. I'm sure that if you spend a while trying to flatten and fold the panels you can get them really small but I really didn't have the appetite to do that with so many panels so everything went back into the boxes that they were delivered in, and whatever bits I couldn't squeeze in went into a big black dustbin bag.
So yes, I would recommend this gazebo. It does cope with wind and rain but you have to use your brain and avoid really bad weather - after all it's only a few metal bars and plastic sheets held together with clips and velcro. In nice weather it's brilliant, in unpleasant weather it's ok but in really bad weather I wouldn't use it. If you want a gazebo/marquee that will cope with a really bad spell of weather then there's no cheap answer - you'll have to get one of the really expensive ones, however if the rain isn't really terrible and it's just a bit windy I think this one will cope better than all the other cheap ones.
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on 25 August 2015
Used this for our wedding in August. Was a bit worried as the weather this year has been awful and very windy! On the day we had to put marquee up it was blowing a gale but we secured the joints and poles with duct tape and it all held together. The wedding day itself was calm but we did have some showers! Thankfully the marquee was waterproof and all the decorations, table and chairs were safe and dry! This marquee is very good value and enabled us to have a wonderful reception in our garden, would thoroughly recommend it, but do use duct tape for secure joints and poles
review image
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on 18 August 2013
Bought this for a lunchtime party to cover 'both ends against the middle', anticipating, given the glorious summer, a requirement for plenty of shade. The fall back postition being to offer some shelter if the weather should turn out to be inclement. Inclement it was and that was an understatement. After very civilised pre lunch drinks and sitting down to our first course, the heavens opened. We managed to accommodate 20 people, sitting at tables inside the gazebo and the rest ran for shelter in the conservatory. Later on the wind reached gale force and when we had finally all come indoors we had to leave the gazebo to the elements despite the warning that it should be taken down at night.
The gale blew most of the night but the following morning, though a couple of the poles had become disconnected, the gazebo was still in place. Amazing. Quite straightforward to erect with numbered poles so cannot connect incorrectly. Two of us did it on the morning of the party in about an hour.
Tremendous value for money and reasonably robust given the inexpensive price. Would definately recommend this.
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on 20 June 2012
Iwas delighted with my purchase, Idid not open the box until 8th june in advance of
the party on sunday 10th. Because of high winds and heavy rain I did not erect until
the morning of the party but Imanaged to erect by myself and was well pleased with the
whole product.Would reccomend it to others
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on 21 May 2013
Some of these reviews appear to be from people who want to go camping in a party tent. It's designed to hold lots of people, keep the elements off of them throughout and stay up through a normal British night!
It does just that and more. It withstands moderate wind if you buy the weighted feet that you fill with sand or water. It doesn't leak in the rain and it didn't fall down.
I did have to gaffer tape the pole connections on the roof section as my uneven patio meant it wasn't standing perfectly square and they kept unclipping! The walls let draughts through at the floor so you won't want to sleep in it unless it was a really good party and you don't really care :).
Poles are numbered to make assembly idiot proof.
A bag for the poles and a bag for the actual plastic roof and walls would have been nice though.
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on 3 September 2012
I wish id read further in some of the reviews,particularly one customer who said dont deal with this company when something goes wrong.I am now in the same boat.
The product is of poor quality.I wanted this product for several outdoor garden parties and hoped it would last me at least a few years,it didnt last more than one day!!
It is not designed for the British Summer.I even had this marquee by some tall trees for extra protection!
We experienced some wind(NOT gale force)so decided to get it down.The metal levers in the poles which you press to dismantle are SO SO difficult to press down they are actually very very painful,you need finger tips of steel!!
As we were dismantling and because getting the poles down was slow due to the metal levers the wind caught frame,the guide wires snapped,the plastic corners holding poles split and some of the poles bent,they are so flimsy.
As i said this was not a gale.
So of course i am not happy with the waste of my hard earned money,nor the fact that i now have nothing for my next party due in couple of days.
I contacted the company.Firstly they ask,do i have a picture of it in use! well i dont normally take pictures of my purchases,in case they're faulty,but in this instance i did,because i had taken one of party goers sitting in it.
The picture clearly shows that i have erected it properly and thats what i thought they wanted to know.
Instead of which they used the image against me to state "ah well as you used it,we cant refund".
I replied that it wasnt fit for purpose and one use is not enough.Their reply " we're not a hire company,you cant use it then want a refund"
IF i wanted to HIRE one i wouldve,the reason i bought it was because i wanted to use it several times.
E-mails were going back and forth with them making excuse after excuse.They also stated that if i felt the item was of poor quality i shouldnt have put it up!!!! How am i supposed to know just by looking at at lot of plastic and metal in a box that it is not going to be fit for purpose!!
Needless to say i feel that the customer service is as poor as the item.
This company do not give a damn once they have your money.
Now the e-mails have remainded unanswered and i am now in touch with Trading Standards.
My advice purchase from a company with quality products and customer service,this one does not fit the bill.

P.s date now 09/09/2012 well well well,just noticed item is now out of stock they do not know when next available...hmmmmm have you realised what i said is true?item is of poor quality,oh and im still waiting for a refund
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You get what you pay for, this is ideal for home use as a party tent in the garden. As it's made from a polythene material it is not suitable for sustained outdoor use and would not stand up to strong winds. All the poles are marked, which makes it easy to erect with basic instructions to follow. Overall, I would recommend this product and am pleased with my purchase.
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on 2 July 2012
These cheaper marquees are a total waste of money, the slightest breeze and the cheap tubing falls apart! do not waste your money, hire one if needs be.
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on 16 August 2016
Good value if you are looking to use it just a couple of times, but the other reviews are right - it is useless when there is anything more than a breeze. The poles just don't stay attached. It's a shame as it the hard work in making this has been done ok. To correct this flaw would take very little effort and cost by the manufacturers. The other problem I have is, is that having had it sitting (boxed) in my greenhouse for 12 months since I used it last, the plastic covering seems to have shrunk significantly (through heat maybe?). This means that we just cannot get it to fit now, so we can no longer use it.

Shame, as it looks good when it does 'work'. I would happily pay 25-50% more for the same product with better pole attachments, and where the cover does not shrink.
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on 13 September 2012
We brought this to take to Bestival and we managed to get about 8 tents directly around it with space for a couple of small ones. We split the contents of the box between 8 of us so we could carry it easily in taped-up bundles. The instructions were easy to read and we managed to get it up easily even after a beer. We were lucky to have sun for most of the time and it was brilliant for shade. It was also great for finding our camp as it is so big!

Unfortunately, as soon as the wind picked up it became a total hazard, even without the wall panels (which we didn't use once) so we had to take the bottom poles out and have a miniature gazebo that we had to crouch to get under. It worked for a while but it didn't last long so we had to dismantle it and leave it behind as the poles had bent and broken. As we had split the cost between 10 of us we were not too upset, but do not buy if you are looking for something to last.

Also - When the box is delivered MAKE SURE YOU SIGN 'UNCHECKED' - If there are pieces missing and you have signed for it without checking then you can't get your money back!
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