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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2012
Downloaded this as an Amazon freebie. Really enjoyed it. Well written, not too long, kept you interested in reading it, would purchase the next in the series and more from this author in the future.
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on 2 June 2012
If you are after a quick read that doesn't need much concentration, then this is it. Quite nicely written and a good twist at the end. Got it free, and on the strength of the reviews. Glad I did.
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on 21 July 2012
Cover - Very fitting for the book.
Favorite Line - "My life is good, most days. But this morning wasn't like most days."
Favorite Character - Jesse

I wasn't expecting much from this book after reading some of the other goodread's reviews but i was pleasantly surprised. It is a really interesting story with twists & turns. It is quite dark for a YA but i like that - life isn't sunshine & bunnies for most teenagers so i think book's should reflect that. I am 24 so not YA but i still liked it. I was surprised by the ending as well so it wasn't predictable.

I would recommend this & i am planning on reading more in the series.
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on 23 April 2012
I initiall downloaded because it was free, but I was totally gripped from the start. A really easy read, you think you have it sussed than it throws a curve ball right at the end. I completley felt the emotions of the characters. I have sinse purchased books 2 and 3 and am eargerly awaiting book 4. I recommended these to my mother and she was hooked too. Not just for the teens Im in my thirties and loved this series.
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44 by Jools Sinclair is a wonderful little read and a great addition to YA. There are several "parts" to this story - this being part one - and I will be looking forward to reading the rest when time allows.

Abby fell through the ice and died. Though medical intervention brought her back, she no longer sees colours and lives in a grey world - one where her memories are missing and her friends treat her with disdain. Living with her Sister and trying to recover, she is plagued by horrific nightmares that appear to show a serial killer at work in her hometown...

That is the premise for the story and its compelling stuff. Through Abby's eyes we see a killer at work and follow her in her efforts to persuade others that what she is seeing is real. She is a very well drawn - Young adult readers will relate to some of her friendship issues and in her constant struggle to remember the truth of what happened to her a great strength of character emerges. The story ebbs and flows well leading you to the ultimate resolution and a very clever little twist in the tale that I never saw coming - and setting up Part Two very nicely.

Well written for a debut this is an author to keep an eye on. I am intrigued to find out what is next for Abby. Soon fellow readers...soon.
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on 24 May 2012
44 was - perhaps predictably at just 158 pages - thin. This was a book which read more like a novella or even a lengthy short story. However, it wasn't just the word count that made this seem a little on the scrawny side. The story was thin. The dialogue was emaciated. The premise was frail.

This book read a lot like a first draft. I felt it really needed someone to go through it and point out the passages which needed more description, less dialogue and a tad less cheese. Some of Abby's talk about "visions" was painful and one awkward scene between her and Jesse, (the boy she loves) actually made me strongly consider giving up on this book altogether.

I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I should have trusted my instincts on this one. Seriously, that cover is dreadful.

My favourite thing about this book was the idea that after being technically dead for 44 minutes, when Abby was revived she came back not-quite-whole. I remember reading somewhere that the brain becomes permanently damaged after just minutes of death... When Abby comes back, there is evidence of this damage. I loved that she could only see in black and white and that she had developed a taste for old movies as a result. This was one of the few truly creative and original ideas of the book.

Other than the above gem, however, there was little to recommend this short read other than the fact it was free. I'm gonna have to be stingy with my stars, I'm afraid.
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on 21 July 2015
I picked this book up after looking around the free book offerings and the premise sounded like something interesting and different so I decided it would be well worth trying out and I am delighted that I did as this is one of my favourite books I have read in many years. This book is the first in a series of books and I am delighted that I started the series as I have loved each book so recommend reading this so you have can fall in love with the series like I have done.
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on 7 December 2012
I didn't know quite what to expect from 44. It's a Kindle Indie and it's free. These usually go one of two ways. That and I'm about twenty years beyond the audience bracket.

What a little gem this is. Well written, strong storyline, relatable characters even to someone who's only a teen in her head these days. Sinclair layers the plot up nicely and in the best possible way, just when you think the story has all but ended, there's more and with a twist that made me smile because it wasn't the one I expected.

44 reads very quickly, written in the first person, and maintains the voice of the heroine comfortably throughout. It keeps pace and doesn't run into any dull moments where you might lose interest.

Whatever your age you'll enjoy 44. Perhaps more so if you're female since the main driving characters are female and realistically written females at that. You don't need to suspend disbelief too far either.

I'm adding Jools Sinclair to my list of authors to watch out for. 44 book one augurs very well indeed.
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on 11 May 2013
This book is told from the viewpoint of Abby Craig, a 17 year old who was dead for 44 minutes but miraculously came back to life. How this happened is one of the mysteries of the book. The tale is of her trying to get her life back to some semblance of "normal" whilst trying to cope with growing feelings for her best friend, another best friend who now hates her and the loss of both her memories and the ability to see in colour. Imagine only seeing black, white and grey. What a wonderful concept for a book.

You will get taken along quite nicely in this book - it's well paced and with a plot that will throw you curve balls as you read it. Loved the ending. Good start to a series that has me intrigued.
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on 4 January 2016
Such a good read, shame about the ending- I did not see that coming. This book had me hooked and read it in one sitting! However I was blind to the fact that this was book 1 of a 12!!! Series OMG! LOL so now I have to be prepared to read the following 11 others as I just can't stop reading a book within a series unless I don't like book 1 of it of course! I guess ill be busy then now.
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