About Fornarina

Fornarina, an unforeseeable anticipator of the evolution of stylistic codes, pushes itself with originality and audacity beyond rules.
The company was born in 1947 in Civitanova Marche, following Gianfranco Fornari’s passion for female shoes. Thanks to strong communication strategies and to the careful diversification of the product, the company has grown a lot over the years.

The year 1998 saw the debut of Fornarina Apparel. Thanks to its innovative approach the company finds an original space in the fashion world, revealing from the onset a great opening towards the contamination of worlds and languages and affirming at the same time a strong identity.
In the last 2 decades, the brand has strengthened its international presence with the opening of new flagship stores all over the world.

Fornarina lives and produces innovations. Crossing over half a century of history it interprets the soul of times, always in line with its unique and unmistakable style.

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