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on 10 August 2017
Thoroughly enjoying this series. The depth of the characters grows with each book. I really enjoy the underlying problems and then the book specific problem, they interlink nicely. Plus the guys.. I can't get enough
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on 18 June 2017
In in love with this series of books. They have you laughing and crying and wanting more. Would really recommend this series.
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on 10 December 2013
Have read all the books out so far in this series. Its fantastic, luckily your not made to wait months for the next installment.
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on 29 October 2013
This was amazing best book yet, loved the twists and turns! Loved learning more about the boys, their families and Sangs reaction to them all!
Can't wait for book 5!!!
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on 15 November 2013
I picked book one because it was free, I bought the next three because I simply had too. This is a concept I haven't read before, one inhibited, damaged girl being adored and making slaves of 9 gorgeous, smart, men but the twist is it looks like she can choose them all. I actually found myself worrying about the others every time I thought she was going to kiss one properly! I also found myself getting aggravated with Sang over her incredibly compliant and confused nature but the book forced me to consider how abused and isolated people can interact with the world and those they love. I read the four books all over three days and the wait to January is going to kill me. The storyline is such I believe and fervently hope it has a lot of mileage in it. Usual ebook issues with grammar and some spelling but totally overlooked it this time. Thank you to the author and please hurry with the next books!!!
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on 22 November 2013
OMG this series is amazing and this book did soooooo not disappoint just wish sang would have a bit more time with Black Bourne and green !! Especially if they want the dynamics of the group to work she needs to get on with all of them not just the boys ! So hopefully we'll see that in the next book ? I like how she standing up more for herself now but wish she could start to sort out some situations on her without the boys coming to rescue her however her innocence and helplessness is what got the boys attention in the first place so whatever ! The next book needs to hurry up I would re omens reading this book slowly to make toast longer !!
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on 29 December 2013
wow!! if your unsure if you should read these books then just read them you will not be disappointed!!!

All the characters are beautifully described and just a short sentence you know who's talking without it being stated, as the books go on you know just by there smell :)

Sang has a horrible upbringing and these nine guys all swoop in to save her. Each guy has something different and yet i still can't pick which one she should be with.

Kota- the well built geek who knows what needs to be done and makes sure it happens.
Nathan- very muscular, loves the outdoors and knows what sang wants before she even does.
Victor- extremely wealthy and a concert pianist and all round sweetheart
Luke- loves playing pranks and is the the one who looks most like a model.
North- the dark and brooding type one of the best built and defiantly scary but has a heart of gold
Silas- not very talkative and is the biggest of all the guys and would do anything for sang (but then again they all would)
Gabe- the most outgoing by far, always the one making her laugh and has the best fashion sense around.
Dr Green- very flirty and charming and is actually a real doctor.
Mr Blackbourne- has piercing eyes that can read what your thinking and has a very definite air of authority.

which one would you choose!!!!

honestly you will not be disappointed with these books!!!

They start off very YA but you understand why as it wouldn't make sense for Sangs character to be really outgoing but as the books go one you get closer and closer to more touching and holding and flirting i can't see any of the boys keeping their hands off her for much longer!!!! I of course have a favorite guy and that is Mr Blackbourne don't ask me why but it just is, i think its the confidence and authority he has but Sang is slowing breaking him down with just one look!! However even though hes my favorite i still couldn't pick just one of her to end up with forever when you read you'll understand. I love the way the books are heading from the special A report at the end of the 4th book, its nothing like i've read before and i don't want to spoil anything but i am definitely intrigued to watch it play out!!

cannot wait for the next book!!

Thank you C.L.Stone keep them coming.
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on 4 March 2017
I am hooked on this series, there is not much more that i can say, you either love them or you don't

I loved this book, love the series and love the author
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on 19 May 2016
This book has so much going on and will make you laugh, cry, think and make you swoon over the boys!
This is where things start to change and makes you think what is going to come next and I can't wait!!! A MUST READ!!
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on 29 September 2014
Love love love... How does c do it? What essentially I avoided for over a year because the 'back page' of all the books does it NO justice at all, a lead female who should be annoying but you completely love, you understand her, you want to be one of the boys to be part of her life, and the boys.... Well. But any who, my digression is because after reading the other reviews before buying which actually just infuriated me more because how many times do you read, 'I can't say but OMG when is the next book out!' And think ... I just want to know if it's good. Well people, I can confidently say YES. I am not an overly emotional person about books when reviewing, but this series had everything that on paper shouldn't have read well, but in here the written word defies everything. It's amazing how C turns everything to gold and I truly mean that from those first meaningful moments, he confusion and the beauty of how each 'thing' sang has with her boys is never clingy or simpering, but lovely, really personal and perfect. I cannot wait to see what happens next I just hope someone doesn't break mine and sangs heart...
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