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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2010
If you like the Dark Side, you will love this book. The heroes here are warriors of Chaos, Dark Elves and Orcs. If you play either of these sides you will get good insight into thinking of these races. Carnage is on every page, armour-clad warriors clash, blood flows in rivers, twisted scenary of Bastion Stair reminds of blood-stained halls of Diablo II video game, only much more real and horrid, the atmosphere is so vivid that you can see in your mind intro movies from Age of Reckoning. You will understand how a magus of Tzeentch or Chosen Warrior of Chaos thinks; evil characters are really so evil, that I got disgusted, it really justifies that the Empire hates and fights them. As you read through these pages of half-madness and violence, you may get tired by so many deaths and so much bloodletting, pure evil and twisted torture(I almost couldn't bear it), but then you don't buy a Warhammer book to read about peace...

If you are tired of reading about how your favourite Chaos champions get killed by noble knights, go get this book. Here noble heroes and evil beasts alike die at the edge of an axe.
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The Raven Host is about to march upon the Empire. To ensure victory, they must locate the Bastion Stair, a portal to the Realm of Khorne. There they can unleash the full power of the Winds of Chaos. The Spear of Myrmidia beckons for all who know how to use it and release Kakra the Timeless.

The marauder Kormak is a mutant warrior of the Wastes, capable of twisting his flesh and bone at will into new shapes. He is in chains, unwillingly traveling with one of the groups toward the Bastion Stair. Once he is in the Realm of Khorne he must challenge the Blood God's wrath. In the meantime, Kormak will kill all who dare to call him slave.

***** FIVE STARS! Dark elves so beautiful and evil that they attract and repel simultaneously, orcs with massive bulks but little wits, and dark sorcery striking wildly against all adversaries are but a few of the clashing delights found within these pages. Werner had previously proven to me how vivid and twisted his imagination must be to create such fiendishly compelling stories, but this time he proves that he can also do as well with the Warhammer Online series, if not more so. Battle, blood, and treason drip from every page. A charming addition to Warhammer's library. *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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As you probably know by now, I'm a huge Warhammer fan and with me looking forward to the forthcoming Bounty Hunter compendium by Clint, this was a good way to fill in my time. Having read the previous novel by him on behalf of the chaos hordes (Blood for the Blood God) you pretty much get what's on the tin alongside what you expect, lots of infighting, high gore factor and of course the paranoid double dealing that the followers of the ruinous power are famed for. It's a tad simplistic but at times that just the type of novel that you want, something that you don't have to think about but hits that fantasy spot that needs an itch at that time. Good fun, high octane with a body count Conan would be proud of.
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on 24 March 2011
Predictive story that will keep you reading - If you have played Warhammer Online you will understand the story immediately.
Good colourful and strong characters. Writing is easy to read (on a train, sofa, back of the car etc).
Casual readers will not find this taxing.
Final 3rd of the book answers all those Warhammer questions on power plays (e.g. Daemons are top of the foodchain for a reason).

Bastion Stair is well worked without labouring or repeating its page after page.

Good weekend read.

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on 3 January 2010
C.L. Werner certainly has a way with words, his battle descriptions are beautifully and viciously vivid and he manages to juggle several plots with ease throughout FBC...this is a must for any fan of the Dark Gods!!
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