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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2006
Ever since Dean Koontz's books started being released one every six months instead of one a year, the quality of his work has fallen considerably - not surprising really when you consider that he must be rush-writing to have such a high output.

His recent books have been patchy at best, and at worst they have been almost unreadable (the astoundingly awful "Frankenstein: City of Night" being one of the worst books I've ever read, let alone the worst by this author). One of the few bright moments in his career of late was the thoroughly enjoyable Odd Thomas, and this sequel doesn't fail to impress.

Picking up six months after the events of "Odd Thomas", "Forever Odd" sees Odd in a new and equally unusual situation. Although far-fetched, this book is actually more believable than a lot of Dean's recent output, and the characters are warmer and more engaging, particularly Odd. The new character of Datura is also well-handled and she makes a welcome addition to this story.

In recent years, it seems to me that Dean's books have contained more references to God and more jokes with each passing release. This holds true in Forever Odd. The religious aspects are a touch annoying to your average atheist reader, although they are not over-bearing, and far from evangelical. They just feel a little out-of-place. As a comedic writer, I actually feel Dean is developing quite a gift; this is one of the few ways in which his work has improved in recent years. In this book I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion, whilst still gripped to the storyline and turning the pages at an alarming rate.

All in all, this is one of Dean's finer releases in recent years, alongside the prequel "Odd Thomas". Beyond these two I would recommend going a little further back in his bibliography, and try "Strangers" or "Fear Nothing". This book has restored my faith in one of my favourite authors, just as I was about to give up on him.
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on 18 June 2007
This is a decent effort at a sequel and my gripe is not with the story, which is ok. The idea and character are fine. Its the execution that is so poor.

Koontz style and characterisation are beginning to wear me down. With exception to the villians (who are always 100% evil but one dimensional) why is every good guy so nice!, and not just pleaseant nice, but quirky, annoyingly nice.

This detracts from the story, there is no grit, no hard edge to anything here. While the subject deals with serious issues of death, loss and grief, it all feels rather like a cartoon. THe last 15 or so chapters were all padded out with waffle, and the book could have been 100 pages shorter, and would have flowed better.

The worst part by far was the victim (Odd's 'brother', who was so important to him, didn't even manage a mention in the first book), only appeared because Koontz needs the token 'kid with a health problem' character. What next Dean, conjoined twin detectives?

Odd Thomas is a great character, but the series could have been so much more. The shame is that Koontz is churning out a new book every six months for whatever reason (only he knows)and the downside is the quality.

Velocity and The Taking (in particular) are real stinkers, and don't even warrant a review.

p.s. Yes Dean we heard you when you said Odd was a 'short order cook' in the opening chapter, please don't feel the need to repeat in every other chapter from then on.
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Forever Odd is the second book in the Odd Thomas series, the first being...Odd Thomas. This series is my first experience with Dean Koontz and I found the initial book to be a nice surprise full of unique, and often funny characters as well as some touching moments. Forever Odd isn't quite as good as it's predecessor to me but is still an enjoyable book with some great ideas.

Set not long after the first book Odd is still reeling from events but trying to get on as best he knows how. Woken up in the middle of the night by his doctor, now a ghost, Odd follows him to find he had been brutally murdered and his son Danny, a close friend of Odd, is missing. Using his supernatral abilities Odd gives chase after the villains of which the lady is an amusing yet sinister basket full of crazy.

The basic story is good as are the locations Odd travels through and I rather liked the main villain. The conversations between characters are still witty and often funny but the problem is there isn't enough of that. Odd spends an awful lot of his time in this book alone and the pace feels pretty slow in the middle as he tracks the culprits who have taken Danny. The end sequence is all pretty interesting, it just takes it's time getting there.

All in all it was still a pretty good novel i'm glad I read, and if you liked Odd Thomas than it is worth reading on to Forever Odd even if it isn't quite as good.

+ Nice plot premise.
+ Crazy villain.
+ Odd is a great character.

- Awfully slow in the middle.
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on 14 July 2006
3 stars, because I can't give 2.5

OK, first of all- I am a HUGE Dean Koontz fan. I started with 'From The Corner Of His Eye' and proceeded to read (and buy) every novel printed and have enjoyed each one.. again: I am a fan- but this is not a good review I'm afraid...

Odd Thomas was an intersting purchase at the time- a good story- nice character, quirky (dead Elvis-classic), funny and sad.

I was surprised however, when Mr K's website announced that Odd Thomas had generated the MOST amount of post/mail about a book/character ever... I mean- it was a good book..but..

So- a sequel comes along- and you buy the book because it's a new Koontz novel- thinking right, we know who it is, what he does, what happens now?

And that's the trouble. It feels like the next episode in a tv series. The story does not match it's predecessor at all- in fact it's a little silly- and it lacks any emotion. Here's the REALLY big problem: I found it INCREDIBLY similar to Fear Nothing and Seize the night' for example: Mysterious pets, belonging to mysterious owners. The quest for a missing friend, running around and being chased at night..

I just felt I read it all before.. which was disappointing. I would not read it again I think - and hope he moves onto the much rumoured 3rd book in the Moonlight Bay Trilogy.

Better luck next time...
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on 14 February 2007
Being a huge Dean Koontz fan and having read Odd Thomas, the first book, I was slightly disappointed with Forever Odd. Don't get me wrong it is a good book but not up to par with Odd Thomas.I found the book padded out slightly and whilst reading it i found my mind wandering off the story due to the slow pace that some parts were written in. A must read for all Koontz fans but not one of his best!
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on 6 December 2005
Forever Odd doesn't disappoint, in fact I enjoyed it even more than it's prequel. The character Odd Thomas is superb and his unique talents wonderfully described. The story is a delight and unforgettable from the revelation to the terror. I became so absorbed I almost believed Odd Thomas was real. DEAN KOONZ'S FOREVER ODD and another recent read, BRUCE HUNTLY'S FUSION, are two of the most entertaining books I have read for a while. Such a pleasure to offset so many other mediocre new offerings.
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on 17 March 2006
If like me you always buy the latest Koontz regardless, then its not a bad book, but not a great one either. It just seemed to be a bit of a filler book to me, it wasn’t really going anywhere, lots of unanswered questions as though the next one, which there will be, will be a big finale.
This is more Koontz-lite rather than his more engrossing recent reads of the Frankenstein books.
Read by all means just don't expect a classic.
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on 6 March 2016
Koontz is a genius , apparently he put the book down he was writing and just started writing the " Odd " series in long hand . A tragic tale spanning 8 books yet full of wonderful dark adventures with strange side kicks and super bad villains and yet very funny as well ( love the Frank Sinatra versus Rod Stewart !)
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on 21 May 2014
This is a great read as are the entire ODD series of books. Koontz is a little less serious in this set of books and he shows a somewhat dry sense of humour which gives the series a fun feel. It's still got all the great mystery that Koonts is so well known for. Definitely recommend even if your not the biggest Koontz fan
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on 14 February 2016
The second novel to feature Odd Thomas is as good as his debut – if not better. There is real horror as our hero is stalked through a fire-gutted hotel by a psychopathic sex siren and her two goons, as he strives to rescue his kidnapped friend. The pathos Koontz adds through Odd’s musings on his late-lamented love Stormy, and the gentle humour provided by his encounters with the ghost of Elvis, are merely icing on the cake.
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