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on 3 July 2017
This is the best ever solar panel! It is of really great quality, and works well even on less sunny days. My husband and I lived in a remote place in Papua New Guinea for 18 months and this was a "life saver"! We really liked it and are so happy we got it before we went there. It is compact and easy to carry but very strong compared to the numerous bad quality solar panels we got there. We used it to charge phones, tablets, and an Aker power bank. Also it powered up a small fan with a usb port. It was one of those things that kept us alive and sane in the hot and damp weather.
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on 23 June 2015
I bought this for a 4,000 mile, 100 day cycling tour of Europe (March - June). It was probably my best performing and most reliable piece of kit. I was so impressed. My journey took me from England to Calais, through the snow and cold temperatures of Alpine Austria and then on to the sweltering heat of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, before finishing in Sweden. It was efficient in charging my tablet, camera, mobile phone and MP3 player. My trip was hard going. The bike needed 2 pit stops, the trailer 3 pit stops. Camera broke, MP3 player was damaged, Bungees snapped around Day 90, tent started to get loose stitches towards the end and pretty much everything I had was exhausted by the finish line BUT... this Solar Charger remains resilient. It was dropped, rained on, snowed on, clogged up with road splash but just wiped cleaned and carried on working. Used every day. Worked every day. Well done Anker.
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on 26 December 2014
Love it, ideal for charging power banks, I charged a 4000m mha bank in a few hours. This was in direct sun light. It has two USB ports so two power bank can be charged at the same time. The bad points are it won't charge a iPhone directly. I tried and in direct sunlight it started to charge a I got about 3% charge until a shadow was cast over the solar panels. And it was only for a second but my iPhone then decided it was not comparable. This dosent matter as I didn't buy it for this. As if you charging power banks it works fine, the only other problem is the size. It's like 4 A4 sheets of paper layed out . Fitting it on the back of a back pack can be interesting but you can fold it and only use two panels I'd you want. (Also they do a two panel version) all in all this has done every thing I have expected of it and am very happy with it
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on 23 March 2017
I bought this item to take camping with me so I can charge my devices up without needing a power outlet. My expectations were relatively low, however the amount of charge this item provide even in medium sunlight was enough to charge both mine and my girlfriends phones to full in about two hours
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on 21 December 2014
Haven't had chance to use it yet ( arrived today and its cloudy) but the look and feel of this product is top notch. Very happy with it so far :)))
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on 3 December 2014
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on 28 August 2015
Hi Customer Satisfaction Team
A small cosmetic fault with one unit, sorted instantly with customer services.
As promised feedback from my trip to The World Scout Jamboree Japan 2015. My Son, Daughter and I took 2x 14W panels,2x E3 Packs and an E6 pack. The conditions I would say were perfect (for solar panels, not me), 2 weeks of 35-38 degrees and clear blue sky! The E3 packs would easily charge in a day and the E6 would gain 3 LEDs as well as multiple Scouts asking to plug phones in throughout the day. I made a small ventilated tent out of aluminium foil to put battery packs and phones in as it was blisteringly hot, a few iphones shut down with temperature errors. All-in-all a great product that paid for itself in one camp, lets see how well it works on my next trip in the UK ;-)
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on 16 July 2014
I have purchased this solar panel based on some of the reviews that it can charge well portable 5V USB devices. I have actually bought 2 of these panels and I can put some numbers based on a field test I have conducted.

This product is rated as 14W power output at 5V meaning that each port theoretically can output using ohms law 14W / 5V = 2.8/2 ports= 1.4 amps.

These tests are done between 3pm and 7pm in Lancashire with cloudy and sunny periods.

First I would like to state that the website solarizen.com there is a statement that says that these panels do not charge when it is cloudy; it is not true, it does charge but the charge may not be enough to charge a large battery that may need some charge to recognise it, but may be enough to charge a small portable USB appliance. Another thing to note is that choice of USB cables does make a significant difference when charging from a solar panel as outputs can vary quite significantly and affects charging efficiency.

Using an ammeter and a portapow USB fast charge cable, I managed to pull from a single port around 100mA on a very cloudy and rainy day to charge 2 Anker 15Amp batteries. When it is sunny, it manages to pull out from a single port between 600mAh to 1000mAh which would in theory take between 15 hours and 25 hours provided that the sun is out for that long.

I have also tried to chain these panels together using a Y cable and the difference is noticeable when the skies are cloudy; from 100mAh to 250mAh when combined with a Delock Y cable. When it is sunny, both panels will not output double capacity; from my field test, I noticed only 200mAh jump from 700mAh to 900mAh when charging with both panels at the same time.

During 3 hours of occasional sun and cloud, it managed to keep charging both Anker batteries (one is at 50% charge whilst the other was >75%), a Garmin 510 GPS module from 75% to 100% charge and a samsung BT headset. One panel managed to output a total of 1.3Amps (0.9Amps to the battery and 0.3Amps to the Garmin and 0.1Amp to my BT headset).

Despite that the company claims it can output 14W which translates to roughly 2.8Amps per panel, the efficiency was 46.4% at around 6pm in a Lancashire setting. I would still need to test this during noon which is when UV tends to at its highest levels.

Overall, the product does charge well and it does do what is in the tin. My only gripe with this product is that the pockets could be large enough to accommodate batteries to keep it away from the heat as it deteriorates battery condition.
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on 28 July 2014
Awesome solar charger. Great build quality. In full sunlight it charged my iPhone 5 as quickly as the regular wall charger in a mains socket and did a good job even in bright overcast conditions. The little pouch that contains the USB ports is great as you can tuck your devices in there whilst charging. Very happy.
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on 23 February 2015
I thought I'd publish a review after having this item for a few months now. As I've only had this through the winter months and with plenty of clouds about, I've only had a few select days to test this panel. Right now, as I write this review, I'm charging 2 Samsung Galaxy S4's at the same time, both running around 0.5A into each (tested with a portapow USB meter). With a single phone plugged in, I'm getting approximately 0.9A. It is a sunny morning just before 9am, so the sun is only about 15/20 or so degrees off the horizon. Not bad for early morning I'd say. Anyway, let's talk build quality. The panel is quite sturdy, and well built. There are 2 ports in the pocket, with enough room to store a mobile phone (however, I'd recommend not doing this, as even in winter sun the panel itself can get fairly warm). Put whatever device you're charging in the shade / away from the light. I've also used this panel to charge up a 15,000mAh Anker battery. It took about 2 full cloudless winter days of charge to bring it up from 25% to fully charged. To charge my Samsung, it can charge it up to full from empty in about 2-3 hours which is pretty decent. However, and I believe the issue lies with Samsung here, if you get a momentary break in light (i.e cloud comes over then leaves again), the phone won't then draw maximum available current once it's sunny again. I have to unplug the phone, and back in again for it to take the full draw again. I've noticed the phone will "default" to 0.47A or 0.27A and just stay there. Again, this isn't a fault with the panel, I am pretty sure it's the phone doing this.

The most draw I've got from the panels thus far from a single port (remember, this is only winter testing) is 1.1Amps to my Anker battery. That equates to 5.5Watts. I need to get a second portapow and see if this unit can actually deliver the full 14W stated. A = 14W/5V = 2.8A

So, that'd be 78% of maximum (through double glazing windows), which is fairly decent for winter.

If you're going camping / bike riding, this unit is great to stay off grid. It has 4 metal reinforced holes to run straps / ties through. This coupled with a backup battery (15,000mAh or larger), and you can have juice even on very cloudy days / night time.

Performance: Sunny days, this unit works flawlessly. Mixed cloud cover, again, I get fairly good performance. Full, but relatively thin cloud cover, I can get about 0.1-0.2A out of it. It'll trickle charge my S4, but very very very slowly. Expect about 1% every 15 minutes. Heavy cloud cover (thick rain clouds), pretty much won't work. It'll have enough juice to power the portapow, but nothing beyond that. Just ensure you have the panel facing the sun as perpendicular as possible to get maximum throughput. Covering a panel slightly will vastly reduce performance. I've just taken a quick photo of what you can expect when clouds begin rolling in. Light cover, was 0.14A.
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