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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 3 November 2001
Press reviews I've read have all said "you won't be making the next Quake or Tomb Raider with this package" and they're right. The 3D Gamesmaker is a simple tool that allows you to make reasonably simple 3D games.
You get a lot of choice though. You can create a space game, a tank game, a driving game, a tomb raider style game, a Doom style game.. and several others. You can then select from hundreds of scenes or even create your own. Moving on, you select the enemies, their weapons, obstacles, level boss, and objectives.
It's very much a cookie cutter process. Specify what you want, and go. But while the games are basic, the graphics are pretty good. Don't expect Quake 3 quality here, but they're better than Quake 1 for sure. The sounds are good too, and there's hundreds of MP3s on the CD that you can use as your soundtrack.
If you don't mind getting more involved, you can create your own levels, import your own 3d models, and even adjust every single graphic you see within the game. You can even put your own face into a game!
This package is great for someone who wants to produce a few games to give away to friends, or perhaps a business that wants to give away a simple game on a CD as an incentive with a mailer.
The games you produce are simple, but perfectly playable, and should keep most people engrossed for ten minutes. But if you want more control over the game making process, and you have more time, check out DarkBASIC...
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on 28 July 2004
With this you can create shooter, space, driving, jungle games and more with a variety of objects and levels to choose from. You can also import your own objects, photo's or music to make them more personalised. You can have a maximum number of 20 levels, (which I found was more than enough) and you can edit the textures and add coloured mist to change the feel of the level. Objects and characters can also be altered, and enemies can be made harder to kill and smarter if you find the game too easy. Free stuff for making games can also be downloaded from the website.
Another bonus is the scene editor where you can create your own levels, but don't get too excited because the levels are very simple and don't quite match up to the levels that have come with the software. The placement tool is also great for putting the objects wherever you want in a level, but I found there was a limit to how many objects and enemies you could have in each level, which is annoying. When you've finished a game you can copy it onto a disk or send it to your friends by email.
I would say it's great for beginners because it's simple and doesn't require code, but eventually you'll probably want to move up onto better software. The 3D graphics are a good bonus, but they could be better, and eventually you'll find you've done everything you can and the games will soon all end up looking the same.
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on 6 December 2001
I think all of the other reviews of this product are missing the point. How I see it the 3D Gamemaker is not meant to be a serious game making tool or utility its meant to be a bit of fun ! I bought it for my son (14) and he thinks its great ! It has certain kept him and his mates quiet.
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on 22 February 2002
This product is better than I expected! I thought it would have a few weeks of fun and then I'd freely give it to someone else. I liked the massive range of objects and sounds. It is very easy to use, even for novices who know virtually nothing about computers, let alone programming! It's abseloutely brilliant!
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on 2 November 2001
There are a great number of aspiring game designers out there, but how many of them turn out to be a Molyneux or a Carmack will they?
So being able to make your dream game is probably still way beyond your reach. Unfortunately, it looks set to stay that way.
This package contains sub-standard, prefabricated flying, racing, shooting and platform games. None of these games are the sort of thing that you would want to pay for.
You could get away with sub-standard prefabricated games (just about) if you could make them cross-genre which is often what makes a game a success. But of course you can't, so you are stuck with games that are single-genre and not only that but do not even excel in their own genre.
However, although the games may not be great, it is the making that counts and this is relatively fun, until the novelty wears off, which it does very quickly.
The GUI is easy to use which is perhaps the one good point. You can quickly select what items you want to use and where you want to put them. Once you have put everything together it all turns out rather bland, it certainly wouldn't be anything you would want to pay for!
The game world does not look very good and has a very blocky feel, much like some of the early first-person shooters, like Wolfenstien 3D and Blake Stone (both by id software).
Even the novelty of being able to put in your own sounds and textures, such as your mates faces, soon wears off.
Younger gamers may find this worthwhile but seasoned ones would probably find it more rewarding to build a Counter-Strike or Quake 3 level.
If you do intend to make a game, there is no substitute to coding it yourself. If you do not feel up to the challenge of learning a challenging language like C++ then I would recommend Dark Basic...
Dark Basic has a lot more power and flexibility but subsequently a lot more work will have to go into building your game with that. But rest assured if you persevere you will end up with something that is rewarding, worthwhile and something that people may even want to buy.
There are no short-cuts when planning and making a good game...
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on 7 December 2001
This is a great piece of software to create your own games and its so easy to use. I wasn't sure whether to believe the slogan "just click to create" but it really is that simple and is ideal for anyone with no programming skills and so much fun - I'm hooked.
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on 4 November 2001
When i first heard about this product i was going mad! Creating 3D games without any coding whatso ever! It all seemed to good to be true. I rushed out to buy it without even trying a demo or asking about it to other buyers! What a mistake. Ok it does what it says - 'creates 3D games with a click of a mouse' - but thats ALL it does! Basically you just choose a game style and just change the characters and world! Its very basic. On a good note i think younger children would enjoy it , and it is fun - but it jsut doesnt have enough scope!! Sorry DarkBasic software, try again!
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on 8 June 2004
Whatever idiot thought that you could only make one level should realy look more closely! If they had looked more closely they would have found that if they clicked the down arrow by their selected 1st scene and continued down the would have found an section where they can have up to 20 levels! This software is basic but still very good i spend countless hours fiddeling with the hundreds of different options. In my opinion this software is a great buy and deserves more than what others are saying about.
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on 6 June 2003
If the price for this was lower around 5 or 6 quid, it would be acceptable, due to the fact that it only allows you to make one level games. No matter which genre of game you try to make and what models you import, all the games end up playing exactly the same, so you have actually no say over how the games play, which they are of appalling quality, with terrible the game suffering from dreadful collision detection, and it's incredibly hard to get the character you control to shoot in the exact direction you want, so you end up having to go right up to your enemies to kill them instead of trying for that super sniper shot.
The few good things about it, the interface is very simple so kids can have easily use it for the whole 30 minute lifespan of this 'games making' package. Also you can create your own models using separate software.
Overall, it'll be good the first time you start the programme, but after a few minutes you'll realize what an amateur and terrible piece of software this is.
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on 26 May 2002
The 3d gamemaker is not what you would expect, for this game maker may be simple but it only allows you to make one level games.
It is very simple to use the 3d gamemaker, you just select things and they atumaticly go in there. There are two modes Beginner mode and standerd mode. In standerd mode you can alter the game more than you could than in begginer mode.
You can make your own map which is more simple than making a game. You can also download more charecters,enemys and bullets.
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