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on 25 June 2014
I have a few long-standing foot issues all stemming from two inherited issues with fallen arches an bunions (my big and second toes on both feet were both 'hammered over' by the time I was 10 years old). The operations I've had to correct and maintain the various foot (and also knee) problems I've had over the years have left me unable to wear 'normal' shoes comfortably, and I've never been able to walk in any shoe with a heel higher than an inch (although that's not a problem as I'm 5' 10"! and don't need heels!) but equally find flat shoes cause as much pain in different ways. FitFlops have been an absolute Godsend!

I bought my first pair five years ago - and I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've worn that one pair on every single non-rainy day between April and October for all of those five years... and they're still perfectly good and almost look as smart as the day I bought them! They are definitely worth the money, even though the initial price does look a bit steep - but when you look at how much wear you can get out of just one pair (as I have!) then they're actually cheap!

But, much as I love that first pair, they are silver and I needed a pair in black to wear at work. Compared to five years ago, the choice is now tremendous, but this pair are perfect - not 'blingy', but still with a bit of sparkle. I'm going to buy a white pair (different style) soon too, and then I don't think I'll need to buy another pair of summer shoes for years and years!

The one thing I would recommend is trying on a pair in a shop (if you have a stockist nearby) to check your sizing - they come in all whole and half sizes, so it's worth making sure you're getting the exact one you need. Then you can order online knowing that they'll fit (there is no variation in the sizing between designs in my experience - a 7 is a 7 is a 7 no matter what the design!).

My teenage children, who have both inherited bits of my family's awkward feet issues (though, thank goodness, not the bunions) both wear my FitFlops (we're all the same size in shoe, more or less) and I'm looking to buy pairs for them too... although they do complain they don't look as if they're made for young people (which I suppose they're not, really!) and they'd still wear 'fashion' shoes on occasion.

All-in-all I would recommend a pair of FitFlops to anyone who wants a summer shoes that will give their instep some support. I don't know about the claims that they help 'shape' you as you walk, but I have to say that you do 'feel something' in your legs if you walk in them at speed, so maybe they do work the muscles differently to a normal shoe? Who knows for sure. I'm recommending them for the comfort aspect which I know for certain is better for my feet that a normal shoe!
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on 22 July 2014
I purchased a pair of Astrid Fitflops in pewter to replace a pair I bought years ago that I had worn out. When the new pair arrived I was very disappointed as the sequins on the new pair were darker and not as shiny as my old pair...on inspection I saw that instead of having shiny silvery sequins like my old pair, the new pair had clear sequins that had been sprayed with a silver glitter spray. This made them seem a much poorer quality than my previous pair and the colour seemed inconsistent. I rang Fitflop customer service to enquire if they had changed the manufacturing of the fitflops to use clear sequins that were then sprayed...they informed me this was not correct and that they should have silver coloured sequins. They wondered if I had bought them from a reputable Fitflop shop..which I have to conclude that I haven't! The fitflops are now being returned and another pair purchased direct from Fitflop.
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on 7 July 2014
Tried these on whist on holiday recently so I knew a five would fit me no problem. Came quickly and adequately packaged.
Very comfortable but I did get a tiny sore spot between my toes on my right foot. I've worn them since and no further problems. Certainly different to your run of the mill flat kind and even tho they seemed a little pricey I think they'll be worth the investment.
I have major problems with my feet and was advised to buy some fit flops and crocs. I've done both now and the pain has lessened considerably. Much cheaper from amazon than the shops.
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on 22 January 2015
I love these, they look stylish and are very comfortable and I wore them around the house all through the Summer. I also ordered the black Rokkit Fitflops to match darker outfits. I took them on holiday with me and did a 4 hour walk with them on. I thought that my feet might start aching so took a pair of trainers in my rucksack just in case but I didn't need them and my feet were as comfortable at the end of the walk as they were at the start. Well recommended!
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on 28 June 2014
These Astrid Fitflops are the first flipflops that I have been able to wear. The laste is just wide enough for my extremely wide feet so that my big toes are NOT on the edge of the sole causing painful hard skin. It is like walking on air and fashionable too! I have bought another pair to use as summer slippers.This Astrid style is wider than their others which would not have been wide enough for me.
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on 11 July 2014
I already have a pair of Fit flops that I have had for about three years. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I usually cant wear these type with the piece between the toe. but these are just wonderful. I have a black pair and now the pewter. Saving for a silver pair as my daughter has these and they can be worn casual or to dress up an outfit. I would have all colours if they were a little cheaper.
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on 7 September 2014
I suffer with plantar fasciitis (burning / cramp-like sensations in the arch of the foot) and really struggle to find shoes that don't cause me a significant amount of pain and/or discomfort. FitFlops are great for me as the arch support really helps me avoid that feeling. They have a nice finish and don't look out of place with maxi dresses!
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on 1 July 2014
Only worn them at home as yet for a couple of days but I Love Love Love them. They are squigy comfy. I bought them for my weekend trip with the girls in August to Madrid and thought they would be good for all the walking which we will probably do. They will also help the leg muscles do a workout while I'm walking (I HOPE).
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on 27 September 2014
These are the most comfortable flip flop I have bought. Was a little concerned at the price but I love them. I am on my feet a lot at wok in an office and come as a delight when my feet get hot in heels i slip these on and are perfect I have had less joint pain also with the cushioned bottoms.
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on 20 August 2014
I'm totally converted, I've always avoided flipflops as they tend to rub between the toes but these are so comfortable and I can walk long distances in them with no problems. They also help relieve pain in my back, knees and hips when on my feet. I use them regularly for commuting to London on summer days walking to and from stations. Smart enough to wear with maxi dresses on holiday too :0)
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