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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2013
The latest version of this is available in many other countries. Just search for Fiskars 7861. ($9.99) is currently refusing to ship it to the UK, probably because Fiskars told them not to. The new model is also available globally through Ikea as an Ikea Aspekt sharpener for £5.

The message if anyone from Fiskars is reading... We like your products but you lose goodwill when you screw us and treat us with such little respect. Net result, we will buy from Ikea and you lose money. Have a nice day.
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on 24 December 2012
I bought this sharpener with high hopes, as my Fiskars X27 axe is just SO good. It is a hard act to follow, and it certainly proved to be for this sharpener. It is just a ceramic wheel inside a plastic case, but, if it does the job, I will forgive the cheap and rather flimsy feel that for £13.99 I think is pushing it. It didn't do the job, and I found that it failed to live up to my expectations. If it had cost £2.99 from a seller on eBay in China with free P&P, it would have been ok, but £13.99 and it doesn't even work? My X27 is one of THE best tools I have ever purchased, so why they would risk the Fiskars brand reputation by putting its name on this tat is beyond me. It doesn't lock into position if you choose either the axe or knife sharpener options, and to put any real pressure on the axe to sharpen it has already started to cut into the plastic groove. It only seems to touch one side of the blade, and one side is now shiny (but not any sharper) and the other side is still tree sap dulled. This is for sharpening an axe, and should be much more robust and better made. The risk of slipping whilst sharpening your axe with this is great, and, as the X27 has a razor sharp edge, this is now binned and consigned as a "no other option left" tool. This is no reflection on the seller, as they gave first class service and are to be commended, but Fiskars should hold their heads in shame for this product. It strikes me that they have taken a perfectly adequate knife sharpener and then added an option for an axe. They should have left it as a knife sharpener, sold it for £4.99, and then done a proper job with a more robust and sturdier axe sharpener. I have now taken my brothers advice which I should have done in the first place, and ordered myself a Ralph Martindale 6" file for machete and tool sharpening. (From eBay £2.99 + P&P) If it is good enough to be the only sharpener for Ray Mears to recommend to use on his £300 survival knives, it is good enough for me.
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on 19 June 2015
was a little disappointed as it does't sharpen my knives as quick as I thought it would however I know others who are very pleased with theirs so maybe its just mine that i was expecting too much from
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on 12 August 2015
Having used my fiskars x25 for several days it required sharpening. I reached for the Xsharpe, the plastic case felt flimsy and the grinding stones didn't sharpen the axe blade. Compared to all the other Fiskars products this is rubbish.
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on 21 April 2013
As the title of the review indicates, this item is good for sharpening knives but will certainly not sharpen an axe. I tried to sharpen my splitting axe and seemed to put a blunt edge on it more than anything else. You can do a much better job with a file, granted that it will not retain the polish whereas this does not leave marks but you will at least be able to cut butter with it. Its only designed for splitting axes and hatchets so anything will a large bevel such as a fireman's axe will not fit in.
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on 7 June 2014
other reviews say this does not work. well i chipped the blade of my axe within minutes of killing logs. never chop over gravel. used this item to re sharpen and get rid of chips. axe razor sharp now. chips will be gone after a few more uses. knives in the cutlery draw now sharper than they have ever been thanks to the fact it works with knives too. good product
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on 17 August 2016
I received this sharpener with my axe for free. Seeing as it was free i didn't expect much.
However, after cutting many logs with my axe i got a small nick in the cutting edge. I used the sharpener and after a few swipes the nick was gone and the cutting edge very sharp once again.
It's a good little device and well worth buying to use with a fiskar axe!
A reasonable alternative to using a wet stone

The sliding mechanism for axe/blade did get stuck on blade and after a bit of force I managed to get it working again!
The axe has cut into some of the plastic at the ends of the sharpening zone.
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on 19 February 2014
It's better than I expected. Very light and easy to use. In three minutes my axe became sharp again and effective especially on very hard Wood like olive. To tear spruce is even easier.
George Miliotis - Greece
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on 23 November 2012
I have only used on new undamaged blades and it works fine both small axe and knife.
Will have to wait to see how many times it will sharpen a blade over a longer period of use.
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on 21 May 2014
This sharpener does the job, but the quality of the unit is poor, I have Fiskars axes and always have been impressed with the high quality they maintain, however this doesn't fall in the same division. It does the job but the price?
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