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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Timmie O'Neill is an incredibly successful fashion designer who has, after many years of dedication and hard work, managed to build a name for herself within the world of fashion. Her business empire is her life and she is used to travelling all over the world, from New York to Milan to Paris, spending every minute focused on her job. This means she doesn't have time for some romance in her life, but Timmy is fine with that. She has managed to leave her horrible past behind her and won't give up what she has achieved for just any man. Until she meets that particular man, a handsome Frenchman named Jean Charles, who suddenly makes her rethink her life decisions. But is Timmy really ready to trust someone with her heart?

I have to admit I had pretty high expectations when I started reading this novel, mainly because it was my first Danielle Steel book, an author of whom I had heard so many positive things. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high, because unfortunately the book didn't quite manage to live up to them. It took me some time to warm to the main character, Timmy. She's a strong and independent woman who has had to deal with quite a lot in her life. I admire those qualities in any person, but I personally got the feeling Timmy was almost a bit too perfect. I couldn't really relate to her in any way, which was a shame. As the story progressed, and the pace quickened, I started to enjoy it more and I was captivated by Timmy's story and wanted to know what would happen to her. The story was quite slow-paced, especially the first 100 pages or so, and contains a lot of descriptions and repetition and not that much dialogue, which I missed. I also would have liked it if more attention had been given to some of the secondary characters such as Jade, Timmy's assistant, instead of only focusing on Timmy's narrative.

I've read some other reviews of this book online, mainly from people who are familiar with Danielle Steel's work, and they all state this particular novel is not one of her best books. Because of this, I will certainly give one of her other novels a go in the future, in the hope I will enjoy it more than I did this one. Even though I didn't fall in love with this book, I think others who are looking for a romance read that doesn't require you to think that much could really enjoy this. Overall, 'At First Sight' is an enjoyable and trustworthy 'classic' romance read, but I have to admit it didn't quite live up to my personal expectations.
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on 13 August 2013
Having read all of Danielle Steels books (and not convinced she's writes them all - considering the speed at which they are published) I have to say that this one is a long, drawn out, repetitious and in parts boring love story. Definitely not a page turner - but has a happy ending, if you can persevere.
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on 20 July 2013
I could not put this book down. I bought this on Friday and had to finish it. It made me cry and think about my own complicated relationship. Excellent. I cannot wait for her next book that I have pre-ordered.
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on 8 July 2016
I love Danielle Steele and have read juzt about all her books. This one, however, is so badly written I couldn't get beyone page 55. I don't know how many times Ms Steele said Timmy loved Paris, but "men like Zack", or something meaning the same thing appears 38 times! "Since her divorce 11 years ago" comes up about 18 times and so on. In the 55 pages I read there was little information and no story had started to build as this was all background information The same two or three concepts were repeated so often I simply lost interest and gave up. I don't know if Ms Steele has lost interestin writing or what happened, but this would be a joke if I hadn't paid good money for the book.
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on 29 December 2014
Not one of the greatest Danielle Steel books iv read. One thing I don't enjoy is reading about weak women. They start of strong then seem to loose themselves when a hunky guy comes into the mix. This book was a tad predictable after having read at least 30 of Danielle Steels other books. Certainly a nice story although at some points I did want to shake the main character to wake her up.
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on 25 January 2015
I love Danielle Steele and I've read most of her books. They are always real page-turners, with the right balance of elements. This one, however was rather different. It was still a page-turner as the story was of the usual calibre but it didn't read well - it was irritatingly repetitive, even across one page. To begin with, I though it was an editing problem as almost every point was repeated several times. It became so tedious that I skipped large chunks of text. It is definitely not Danielle Steele's usual style or standard. Ironically, the story was still quite gripping. It won't stop me reading another of hers, but if this her new style, it's not for me.
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on 31 July 2013
Lovely story the end result of the story was good couldn't put the book down.l love her books.when I start I have to read to the end.
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on 12 January 2016
As a fan of Danielle Steel I found this book disappointing. Nothing wrong with the story just that it has been strung out too long. I found it very repetitive which is not something I have noticed with her writing before. She keeps going over the same points over and over so that you think you are reading the same page again and again. Not one of her best.
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on 30 July 2013
Love reading this book. Excellent read easy to get into. Couldn't put it down. Would recommend to friends and family.
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on 31 July 2013
It is a weak four I have given this book, it should have been 3.5. There are millions of repetitions. Again and again we hear how wonderful, clever, ambitious, beautiful, perfectionist etc. the heroine is. Her annual trip to the fashion weeks in US and Europe is described in every other sentence in the first chapters. And Timmie herself is effortlessly classy and beautiful. All she needs to meet the world in the mornings, is a little water splashed in her face, brushing her hair and her teeth - and voilà!! And she is not vain, never looks in the mirror and does not know how beautiful she is!! It really is too much.

No other writer would get away with it. When most other women spend hours looking for exactly the right eye shadow, lipstick, foundation and spend unmentionable amounts at the hairdresser....... Well, it's downright annoying how the infalliable, fantastic, kind, child loving, gorgeous looking Timmie wanders through the world in her jeans and ballerinas and everybody just looooooove her!!!!!!!

And yet. As the story goes on, especially after the two first chapters, one forgets about the repetitions and our heroines irritatingly effortless beauty. Because once again Danielle Steel invites us into a wonderful world of beauty and love, a world where money is never a problem and where good things happen. Timmie's favourite hotel in her favourite city, Paris, the Plaza Athénée, is described in detail. It's as if one is oneself lying in that perfectly scented bath of hers eating chocolates (which of course Timmie can do since her metabolism is such that she never has to count calories...., she has the looks of her models, the same long legs and thin body).

And Timmie IS nice. One cannot help liking her, being happy for her when love strikes. And to be fair, everything is not easy in Timmie's world either. The way to happiness not free from obstacles.

No spoilers as to the ending. Only conclude that yet again the fairytale queen has written a story which is enjoyable and beautiful, if somewhat unreal in all its not-quite-believable details. But once in a while it's nice to spend some time in a world so completely different from the everyday life of most of us.

For everybody who like to dream about good things, bliss!!!!
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