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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 April 2017
Neither my son (6) nor I found this very inspiring. About five minutes is wasted at the beginning with a long version of Frere Jacques in French whose lyrics are not supplied, when there are tons of other fun little songs in French that are easier to join in with and could have been used instead. Very little conversational French is actually spoken, just several basic phrases like "Je m'appelle...", " Ca va?" etc., and quite a lot of assorted bits of vocab, just as in the Usborne book. It helps with accent, I suppose, but my son got very bored and so did I because there was too little fun story or joining-in bits. It's too basic for a child with some working knowledge of French, and I guess we were looking for something a bit more advanced.
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on 20 June 2017
Short but sweet, and as helpful to me as an adult language learner as to my children. And the Usborne charm translates very well from page to animation.
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on 26 April 2004
This is an excellent way to get little ones used to the sound of frenchand become aware that there are other languages. It is something theywill watch over and over again and has a couple of charming french songsthat they soon pick up. The main character is Isobel who can speakenglish and her family who speak only french so she can translate andrepeat french words. We go through her day - being introduced to herfamily, naming objects in the house, getting dressed and learning namesfor clothes, we join them for meals, trips to the shops and the park thenbath time when we learn names for parts of the body including 'derrière'which causes much giggling. There are a lot of funny moments so theentertainment value is high. The main characer being young means that theobjects she names are relevant to toddlers lives (toys, teddy, doll,slide, swing etc.) Some have said they find the fact that an adult womendoes the voice for the animated girl is weird but I didn't even noticeuntil this was put to me. Children just accept her voice too. I will buythe spanish one soon as I have been so impressed with this one.
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on 14 April 2009
very clear and good fun.great music.i bought it for my 2 year old to learn some french and she is asking for it to be played every single day .she is watching it for the last couple of months and already picked up some french words and loves the music.i wasnt sure it is good at first due to its age(1994)but i think it was a great buy for my toddler.Isabelle the english/french speaking girl invites you to spend the day with her family teaches you words for family,breafast,clothes,shopping,playground,parts of body and greetings.it is all basic but good enough.hope this was useful.
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on 18 December 2002
I purchased 'First Fun With French' for my 9 year old son who has just started learning French at school and who is not very confident at all with the language. I had feared that the video would be too babyish for him, but he was actually engrossed in it from the minute I first put it on (as were my 11 year old and my 22 month old sons).
The characters in this video are well thought out. There is a little girl who speaks both French and English, but her family only speak French, so as she speaks to them while they go about their everyday life, she repeats what she says to them in English.
The video is broken down into several sections, both inside their home and outside, so you get to learn useful words about household objects, clothing, relations, colours, play equipment, food items etc etc - the list is never ending.
The makers of this video have definately put a lot of thought into what appeals to children of all ages and have incorporated it into a fantastic combination of a learning experience combined with humour (wait till you see the little girl washing the dishes, or when the children take a bath and they have been pointing, alternately, to body parts and naming them ... wait to see what happens when they point to the little boy's towel-clad bottom ... my children and I were in hysterics).
My nine year old son's French has improved dramatically in only two weeks, and he is now more comfortable with the pronunciation, as the characters voices are very clear; but what is an additional bonus is that my 22 month old has also started speaking and counting in French. He has also finally decided to call me 'mama' since watching the video, after 14 months of calling me 'daddy'!!
I highly recommend this video to others, and in fact I have been so impressed by it that I have ordered my sons 'First Fun With Spanish' for Christmas, and am about to look for other 'First Funs' to order.
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on 1 March 2016
I'm not a French expert so I don't know how good this DVD is or not but for our needs enjoyed it and it is helpful and entertaining as well as educational for the kids. Some parts are bit odd but its ok.
I initially thought the product was a book DVD combo but it just a book, would like it to be cheaper but not bad
Updated:This dvd is really good and it actually helps you learn to speak and understand French it would be great if they did a follow up and series of this.
I think it is important to use this dvd with other learning tools.
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on 1 September 2006
Firstly, my 4 year old does request to watch this DVD, and I notice she has picked up some of the words. She doesn't watch it all the way through now (she did the first few times), so she's very good at the French introduced in the first half! So it can't be 'too bad' - BUT:

I thought this DVD was pretty basic. Essentially it is just a long list of vocabulary accompanied by poor animation and voiceovers. I was really surprised at the lack of quality - and have only kept it as the price was so good (would never pay the full price for it!).

There's no fluency at all, just words - but I suppose the viewer hears a real French accent, which young children pick up well.

I think very small children and upwards are capable of absorbing so much - and the DVD could have been so much more. I bought Where's Boo! on DVD a while ago, and although it's a programme shown on English tv, there was a French option on the DVD - and it's great. Usborne ought to have a look at that, then go back and sort out poor Isabel!!
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on 7 April 2005
I bought this DVD for a birthday present for a 3 year old - her whole family are raving about it - it goes on everyday and they know the songs now. They are bringing it to France with them when they come to visit as it is a must see! If their reaction is anything to go buy - I might have to buy if for my family as we are learning French too! As my little friend says "FAB"
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on 15 October 2004
This DVD is exactly what its title says. It is a fun basic introduction to French words. I bought it for my 4 and half year old but my one a half enjoys it more. It is very basic so don't expect the children to start speaking any French soon. The animation is very basic but enjoyable just the same. It could do with a sequel that introduces phrases as well.
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on 16 July 2011
Our little girl loved the "First Fun With Spanish" DVD and seemed keen on languages, so we bought the "First Fun With French" DVD. We were SO disappointed to find that it was exactly the same cartoon with exactly the same family and exactly the same story. This seems to be a RIP OFF to me, not good value for money at all. The quality is fine, nice and simple and engaging, but surely they could have either managed to make a different cartoon family and adventure or had the origional cartoon with different language options. How boring and how uninspiring and how STINGY!!!!!!
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