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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 27 November 2011
I was rather disappointed by Volume 3 of Star Crusades because, in ddition to all of the problems that this serie already has, this volume adds a few of its own. As with the other volumes, it is full of typos, the characters are mostly two-dimensional and caricatures, with the hero (Spartan, if you please!) being of course lean, though and mean, the story-telling is often poor.

The story itself, however, that of insurgencies and civil wars in the colonies of the Confederation, is interesting and could have been fascinating, if better told. One thing missing is more background about the political system, the society (or societies) and the Confederation's history, including the war that happened 60 years before the Star Crusades begin and which if iften mentioned throughout the books without the reader being ever told in any detail what this was all about and what happened.

This volume, however, is WORSE than the others, largely because we get "treated" with our hero (and a couple of others) taking almost single handed (admitedly, our heroes do get some help) an large ennemy space station and industrial facility, complete with factories ofr making Biomechs. You also get treated to our hero's and to Teresa's rather lame sights, as they are separated and our Spartan fights, once again, for his life. All this was rather lame and I almost regretted buying Volume 4 at the same time as this one (fortunatly, volume 4 turned out to be better!).
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on 16 June 2017
Product as expected
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on 18 August 2011
This novel didn't quite follow the same vein as the first two with respect to scale. The action focussed upon the central characters in more intimate situations rather than across an epic battlefield. To support the change empathises there was an attempt to explore the characters in a little more depth with varying degrees of success. I did like the adventure feel to this novel created by the reduced scale.

The story thread increased in complexity and at one point I was at a loss to think how the characters would get out of their predicament. A convenient but believable plot twist allowed them to escape impending doom. However, in a particularly difficult scene to read the means of their escape took a bizarre turn, which made about as much sense as the scene itself and just seemed like a clumsy way of winding up a loose end.
My only other criticism relates to the mystery surrounding the production of the biomechs and how it was only paid lip service throughout the book. There were a few hints of the horrific process used to create these monsters but there wasn't enough detail and focus considering the major part the biomechs played throughout the story.

I enjoyed the read it was fast paced and action packed. Can't wait for the next book in the series despite the odd niggle.
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on 19 January 2012
Picked as part of a select crew Spartan and General Rivers are sent into the battle with the Biotechs and wake up in chains. Teresa is fiercely determined that now she is back on active duty she will find Spartan no matter the cost to her career in the marines. Luckily her objectives are well aligned with the marines and she is sent to the outer rim to find the missing team.
In the uncontrolled outer rim anything goes, from blood sports to scientific research.
I know people have said that recruit to Sgt is a large jump, but even now and in the past field promotions have a way of sticking. Coming from a military background I know it doesn't happen so much now but did very much so in the world wars and before.
The detail in the story gets more in depth now and whilst reading this book parts had me taken aback at how visually descriptive the writing was. Not only could I visualise what was going on, I was there! Definitely worth a read :)

Kirstyanne Ross author of Old Magick
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on 7 August 2011
Unlike the previous story this one clamps down tightly on several specific locations and just keeps hurling problems at our heroes. The struggle to find Spartan and the General is a difficult one and the payoff blows the story wide open. The names of the sequels do nothing but compell me to carry on and find out what happens to them all.

The only real downer here was that this story lacked some of the space based actino of book 1 and 2. Hopefully the next book will rectify that. Awesome stuff!
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on 24 May 2013
The books are not strenuous on the mind but then you don't want them to be. They are boys own adventures in space. The characters have no great depth to them but the story line has a reasonable pace and keeps you interested. The hero, Spartan, is a pit fighter force to choose the military over prison and the rest is action man. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed them but they are fast food literature - and we all need a little junk food every now and then. Recommended.
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on 19 November 2011
This story really blew the plot out in so many directions I think I'll have to re-read it soon. Most of it is set on Prometheus, a fiery hell-hole that harbors a wicked secret. The characters are expanded in many ways in this story and we move ever closer to the inevitable climax with the 'Union'. Great story and only three bucks. Bargain!
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on 8 March 2012
I have read all of the books in this series and I found them an enjoyable collection of books, a saga that didnt require to much brain power to get into, as each of these books were a reasonable size and didn't take to long to get you hooked. The only dissapointment was the amount of typos which went through all the books.
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on 9 April 2013
An excellent read. I will be buying the next books right away.
The great advantage of Kindle ebooks is the library that tells you which books in a long series you have already read.
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on 6 February 2013
Michael Thomas and Nick Thomas are 2 talented guys who can write brilliant books, all be it I have only read their Sci Fi Books
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