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  • Finch
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Customer Reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2011
This is a good book. It is an interesting concept- mixing sci-fi and noir to create some beautifully written passages. But why oh why did they not read it through after they'd subjected it to spell check hell? Virtually every page has some typo on it, sometimes rendering sentences incomprehensible. The whole book has 'off' spelled as 'of' and most verbs ending in -ing have their middle double consonant missing. Such a woeful attempt at creating a Kindle edition of this book it actually marred my enjoyment and made me wonder whether I should just stick to the book in future... Four stars for the story with one star taken off for shoddy workmanship during production!
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on 18 July 2011
This is the most badly-produced Kindle book I have read; the sheer volume of spelling mistakes (on nearly every page) was a complete immersion breaker. This falls far short of the standards I expect from a published novel, completely ruined the reading experience for me and I probably wouldn't buy another Atlantic Books title. Either something went very wrong with the transcription or there was no proofreading/ spell checking done on this document.

Seemed a readable novel; hard to tell through the irritation - barely finished it.
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on 19 September 2011
The story is excellent and has some truly wonderful ideas in it, the world is genuinely different and new. However this, for me, is utterly ruined by the appalling spelling and grammar. There are on average at least 2-3 spelling and/or grammar mistakes on each page, in this day and age that is just unacceptable.

Would have been a 4 star book but the appalling editing pushes it down the 3.
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on 28 May 2014
An atmospheric and absorbing yarn that had me hooked from the beginning.I liked its style and science fiction setting. Fairly fantastic. Not sure how much it was ever in the author`s mind to have his conflicted character Finch as witness or representative in some way for the real wars and displacements and suffering around the world generally but it is not difficult to make the analogy . (I read the paperback and bought the kindle so was spared the typos apparently .) Get thee to a library. My first Jeff VanderMeer but certainly not my last.
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on 3 January 2016
I'm a fan of the author's early works, which are rich, complex and very original. Finch is set in a great fictional world, which has drastically changed since the preceding novels and really interesting ways. The characters are also fascinating and deep. I can't say that I was totally convinced by the first person narrator - the punchy, noirish voice feels forced and is distracting. Amazing, the writer/editors don't seem to have spotted that Finch's dialogue is inconsistent with his narrative voice - why doesn't he also speak punchy and noirish? Nevertheless, the story feels very alive. The protagonist's relationship with one of the female characters was especially evocative for me. This would make an absolutely stonking film and I hope Hollywood discovers VanderMeer and produces this rather than the inexplicably more popular Annihilation books. Unlike other reviewers, my e-copy of this book didn't have many errors that I noticed - they must have revisited the text to scrub these out (purchased in late 2015).

Overall, a great read slightly marred, in my opinion, by the unnecessary Chandler-esque writing style and a slightly bloated plot with one too many noir tropes. As a piece of sci-fi, it's fascinating and well worth a read.

David Brookes
Author of 'Half Discovered Wings' and 'The Gun of Our Maker'
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on 16 October 2014
Very surprised at the low overall rating (apparently given because of spelling mistakes in the Kindle edition) as this is probably my favourite of Vandermeer's books. It's a good 3 years since I read it and yet some of the imagery created is still lodged firmly in my brain.

Set in the same world as "City of Saints and Madmen" and "Shriek: An Afterword" but many years in the future, "Finch" can be read as a standalone novel, but having read those two first will enhance the reading experience. The mushroom-people from those books are brought out of the shadows and very much to the foreground here, and Vandermeer's prose excels at making these creatures a believably dark and threatening menace in a way that was really only hinted at in their previous appearances. It's a horrific and visceral book in places, but also a stunningly gripping adventure. For lovers of literary sci-fi/horror, I can't think of many recent novels I could recommend more highly than this.
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on 9 October 2012
Classified as steampunk, but really odd book in some ways. The guy who wrote it must hav ad an amazing imagination. Worth a read if you like SF and wasnt something completely different
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on 1 April 2016
Very pleased, thankyou.
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on 2 August 2016
My first book (apart from Wonderbook) by Jeff Vandermeer. Loved the noir style. The e-book does have some typos, but nothing that really affects the reading experience.
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on 4 February 2012
I would probably like this book if I could finish it - but the spelling is really bad. Should be withdrawn, or better still updated and rolled out again.
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