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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 25 March 2014
Ive literally been waiting years for the chance to play this game again, since selling my ps2 to afford my ps3..... and WOW it was worth the wait!

The HD in this game looks absolutely amazing, even after all these years I can see the difference, when Wakka hands Tidus his brothers sword the effects on the sword are amazing.

Admittedly Ive only just reached Kilika after the sin attack but im massively enjoying the game so far, you have no idea the relief when I heard Besaids music after battling my way through Zanarkand and the ruins, this for me is the most tedious part of the game due to the amount of cut scenes and tutorials, once you leave Besaid though the adventure truly begins! Meeting the likes of Kimahri, Lulu, Rikku and numerous other characters! For me Lulu was my favourite character as she was insanely powerful from the beginning.

Lets not lie, the game is very linear for the first 15-20 hours but it does open up massively with loads of additional side quests. However, the story driven throughout the game is very compelling. Tidus, son of Jecht is thrust into a world unknown to him by an entity only known as Sin, he quickly realises that this is no dream and makes allies with Yuna, a Summoner who has been selected to travel the lands to defeat Sin, they are accompanied by her 'guardians' who each have their own ability and perks. Tidus/Wakka are warriors, Yuna is a summoner/white mage, Lulu is a Black mage, Rikku is a Thief, Auron is a Guard/Warrior and Kimahri is a Blue mage.

The Character development in this game is amazing, you see Tidus turn from a stroppy loud boy in a strong wise man, along the course of the game as well you notice that he changes his stance in battle when he matures. We learn alot about Kimahri who doesnt speak at all!


Im still loving every minute of this game, I cant believe its 14 years old!!! WOW.

Totally recommend this remake for anyone who wants to experience this game again or anyone wanting to try it for the first time.
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on 17 April 2014
Final Fantasy X was the last game to be developed by Squaresoft before they got swallowed up by Enix (forming Square Enix (or if you prefer; Squeenix)), and as such has earned the title of `The Last Great RPG' by some.

The comforting thing when you first start to play this re-mastered edition is that you immediately remember why. The mechanics feel like home straight away - although Tidus is far `clunkier' than the original, and the now-almost-defunct ATB battle system instantly clicks. Without sounding daft, it `feels' like a game; rather than the fetch-template-insert-Hollywood-style-scenario mechanic that governs a lot of today's offerings.

Final Fantasy X-2: the game's direct sequel (and the first Final Fantasy sequel ever), is also a great game, but it marked the transition to the new company and as such was not as well received as its predecessor.

This time around we're given the option of selecting either of the games from the main menu and separately, the option to select both titles' additional content (previously unavailable outside Japan). They are Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm and Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission. Presumably these are epilogue add-ons for each game, but I haven't played them yet.

Everything is there out of the box then, and in terms of the content and presentation etc, this re-master has succeeded. The in-game graphics as you'd expect have been updated significantly, and are befitting of the current generation - although not to a fully uniformed standard - some models are far better than others. In fact on first glance I thought that some of the backgrounds and peripheral details had in fact remained untouched; but after loading up my PS2 original I realised that everything has received a significant overhaul. The re-master is incredibly bright though and some of the colours look like neon signs; whereas the original is far muddier and palatable (I actually prefer this older look, but that's just me). I also can't help but think that FFX-2 looks noticeably better than FFX; but my mind may be playing tricks. Either way the graphics do look much better and crisper as a whole. It's just a matter of taste as to what `sheen' you prefer.

Some of the musical scores have also been re-recorded. Some are better; some are not, to be honest, but it's only a minor note. `To Zanarkand' in particular sounds almost piercing in its clarity and is almost jarring compared to the solemn original. But that's nitpicking to an extreme level.

Unfortunately there is also very noticeable flaw, which are the glaring sound synching problems. Several of the in-game-engine cutscenes and even some of the FMV cut-scenes in FFX are hideously out of sync - to the point where some sequences actually finish before the audio gets blurted out in a compressed muddle. It's not game breaking, but it definitely detracts from the experience. Although from what I've seen so far the problem seems to be completely random, and affects FFX more than FFX-2.

That aside though both games appear to be exactly as you remember them, and are of course a joy to play without exception. The gameplay feels spot on and my minor point's aside, these are still classic games that sit proudly in the upper echelons of the genre. Whether FFX is the last great RPG or not, this is a great collection for anybody that remembers the traditional RPG; or indeed anyone who wants to find out what they used to be like.

It's fitting then, that the PS3's generation should come to a close with the game that bridges the gap between the two generations that precede it.

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on 20 November 2015
This is one of the classica Jrpgs on ps2 which was remastered; in fact, it is 2 but I cannot recommend X-2 as for me it is mainly fanservicey and has a weak plot. In contrast, final fantasy X has a very touching and emotional stories and likeable characters despite being too linear. The turn-based battle system is very enjoyable and requires some strategy unless you overgrind and use quick hit. This port is very competent and it borders on being a remake but not quite. It's really amazing how a 14 year old game can look beautiful in this day and age, which shows how good the original was. The music is also one of the best featurs of this game. This game is a must buy for Jrpg fans even if you played the original more than a decade ago to reexperience the epic scenes and characters!
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on 25 July 2014
I had final fantasy X on my PS2 back in the day and i loved it then. Now in the HD remaster, it looks more beautiful than ever. The cut scenes look stunning and the actual gameplay graphics is miles better than the original. Gameplay wise however has not really changed (not that i can see).

I am yet to play X-2 but I bought this just for FFX. FFX-2 seems like just a little bonus extra in my opinion.
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on 24 April 2016
Having previously played Final Fantasy on the PS2, I was delighted to be able to play it again on the PS3.

Technically speaking, the remaster doesn't look or play that differently to the PS2 version, with the occasional uplift of facial features and a few extra cutscenes. The extra content is the addition to X-2 of the tower mission which I became bored with quite quickly. Instead, I watched the cutscenes online. If you do play through the additional content, it makes for quite depressing viewing of an otherwise uplifting series.

Really, the remaster is another opportunity to play one of the best games ever released on the PS2.
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on 24 April 2014
I loved this when it came out in the PS2 days and this remastered version is great. The only niggle I have is some lip syncing issues but then I did still give it 5 Stars. As I've grown up since it 1st came out I'm working through sections that I skipped past from the 10yrs previous when I played and boy did I miss a lot. I also decided to give the Blitzball mini game a try as I never really paid attention the last time and again that is really addictive and feel I really missed out last time (could they have even made a completely separate game for this maybe?). If you learn the Jecht shot near the start of the game that is a massive benefit in Blitzball games.

I never actually played X-2 so am looking forward to that after FFX, so my review is only based on the 1st game. I am aware of a lot of negative feedback on X-2 but I believe in judging something I've tried myself. I'm now crossing my fingers they will do a re-mastered version of FFXII as for me that was the last great FF game, FFXIII in my opinion was mediocre at best.
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on 2 April 2014
I love it, it's great, it took 5 minutes for me to be cracking a smile at Tidus, The characters are just spot on. Once again it's one of the few games where you actually care about what happens to these people.

Oh and my 8 year old loves it (we were late for school this morning because we needed to get to the end of that bloody long road!

FF10-2 I know less well as I never got into it first time round so this is more a review for FF10.

Anyway, great game, great value for money!
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on 10 June 2014
Having played the Final Fantasy series on PS2 I was very delighted to find that they had remastered Final Fantasy X and X-2 for PS3!!

For my son's eighth birthday I purchased this game as he was getting to the point where the children smash and grab styled games were becoming boring and monotonous. He was looking for something that was a bit more challenging and I knew that the storyline associated with the Final Fantasy games not only would inspire him but also tap into the fantasy & magic genre that he enjoyed so much like.

I did purchase the strategy guide to go with the game and it was great fun playing along with him. I was the navigator (reading through the book) and he was the pilot controlling the characters and exploring the game.

In Final Fantasy X, we were immediately struck at how wonderful the graphics and the music were. The storyline and progress is quite simple to follow but the strategy guide from the web or bookstore is very useful if you want to find hidden items, which could become relevant later in the game.

The story is based around a young lad called Tidus and a magical character called Yuna and her friends or guardians who move through Spira on pilgrimage to defeat the fiend ‘Sin’ who causes destruction in this small world. Their quest brings these strangers together in a journey that will change their lives and the future of Spira forever, bringing the eternal calm after Sin is defeated. As their individual stories unfold you grow to understand their abilities, weaknesses and strengths, their past and what brought them together and what will ultimately be their future.

There are around five puzzle rooms within temples which are quite tricky and on one occasion we needed to consult YouTube as we couldn't visualise it clearly. Luckily there is tons of material online to help if you do get stuck. Otherwise, I would say gameplay was relatively straightforward and the challenge came in the strategy not the ability. By that I mean it was possible for my son to follow easily and you did not need super PS3 skills or fast fingers to complete the game.

The game also has a number of mini games like catching butterflies, dodging lightning and racing chocobos which are crucial if you want to acquire the optional characters celestial weapons towards the end of the game. You do have an opportunity to go back and play them at any time once you have your airship so there's no need to hold progress in the story. We did struggle here and whilst we got 4 of the 7 weapons we crafted our own version of the rest using items we had collected. They were identical and we thought that was pretty cool. My son laughed that Mum had crafted fake ‘knock-off’ weapons in his game!

During the fiend encounters characters build experience points, which enable you to move through a grid like system to advance the characters abilities and skills. Skipping these battles will only give you problems further down the line so take on every challenge and throw in a few extra as well because the more experience went to have the easier it is towards the end of the game.

The Sphere Grid used to advance characters skills is pretty simple once you get the hang of it and it's very hard to go the wrong way so characters can progress within their own area easily.

The story is wonderful. We really became involved in each characters tale and shared the joys, triumphs and tears. We certainly finish the game feeling as though we have been on an epic journey ourselves through Spira. It took us around six weeks to finish the game playing 120 hours. Towards the end we felt quite addicted and the story compelled us to explore more areas, take on more side challenges and develop our characters so we could fight the final bosses.

We have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game together and I would certainly recommend it to anybody. We particularly liked the fact that turn-based combat system allowed us to look up fiends in our strategy guide to establish what their HP and elemental weaknesses were before we took on the challenge. This also helped to feel a little bit more in control of the combat system and it felt non-aggressive and non-urgent. It was more about thought, planning and strategy than bash and crash.

We started Final Fantasy X-2 the very next day and found the transition between the two games quite difficult. X-2 has changed the game mode & play, although we were pleased to see on the configuration menu you could reinstate the turn based battle system to an extent. FFX’s grid system has been replaced by uniforms and when the character is wearing the clothes of a pop star she uses dance moves in combat. When she is wearing warriors close her actions are of a warrier. We've only really just started playing and things are starting to come together already and we are confident that we're going to enjoy this story just as much as the last. In fact because FFX ended on such a cliffhanger, it feels as though a continuation of the same game. Most of the maps, items, potions and some of the characters are the same and the story refers back to the first game for continuity. It does however provide new challenges, experiences and issues to overcome.

I only hope that the publishers and game makers will consider releasing other fantastic Final Fantasy stories (FF VIII!!!) on PS3 and PS4 because playing the game again has not only reawakened a fond memory in my heart but also brought it to the next generation and seeing my son enjoy it so much has been wonderful.

I hope you do buy and enjoy this game as much as we did...
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on 6 June 2014
I never owned a PS2 so when this was announced I was very excited to finally get my hands on it. I love the Final Fantasy series from the PS1 era and I was always envious seeing my friends continue through the series whilst I was unable to. I have seen some old footage of this game and I can say that the HD revamp is much better. It looks a lot crisper and not dated at all.

After playing FFXIII I was glad to get back to a more open worldy game, not as much as the originals but enough to get that nostalgic FF feeling that 13 had been missing. Some of the mini-games are a little frustrating, I honestly don't understand the need to make dodging 200 lightning strikes a pre-requisite to getting the ultimate weapons.

The story is quite nice. This is probably the first time a main character has annoyed me a little, but you do eventually get over that. As with most FF story lines the ending doesn't really pay off and after completing it I did find myself thinking "Oh, is that it?". But with most games I enjoyed the journey to the end much more than the ending itself (Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game, bad ending or not). I have yet to played X-2 but I will update this as soon as I'm done!
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on 21 July 2016
At the time of this review, I am well on my way for the platinum of the FFX. Haven't yet played the X-2. What can I say? Great graphics improvement over the PS2 version, and now there's added motivation because you get trophies. Only problem, as mentioned on some forums, is that the HD version gets a little lag and that poses an issue getting the 200 lightning dodge challenge out of the way (which is needed for platinum, since it holds a trophy). Haven't tackled that one seriously yet, but I hope that when I do, all the tips will help me get it. If you haven't played this before, go for it, one of the best FF games, with a great story. If you have, replay if for the memories and trophies.
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