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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2004
Manowars Fighting the World is a must for any serious metalhead out there. From the opener Fighting the World to the classic Black Wind Fire and Steel, this album drags the listener kicking and screaming into Manowars world. Only true brothers and sisters of heavy metal can listen to this album, with Manowar quite clearly telling wimps and posers to leave the hall. If you do not have this album get it. If you can't afford it steal it and fight the true fight for heavy metal!
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on 14 December 2002
This was the first of the really polished Manowar albums, which isn't that surprising, as it was their first for a major label (Atlantic). It's everything you'd expect -- bombastic, melodic, heavy metal. Joey DeMaio's songwriting is at its strongest here, and Eric's vocals are out of this world. Only "Violence and bloodshed" doesn't stand up to the rest of the album, but with "Carry on", "Black wind fire and steel" and the remixed "Defender" on this release, that's a minor complaint.
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on 13 January 2001
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Manowar released their fifth full-length studio album, Fighting The World, in 1987 on Attco records. It was the first album of theirs to be self-produced by the band. It can definitely be seen as something as a transitional or experimental record, sitting interestingly between the excellent albums which would follow it and the classic run of the rawer first four albums.

In many ways, not least the artwork, the album feels a bit like Kiss’ Destroyer. After the rawer early stuff, the band start throwing in samples of speeding cars, adding lighter sing-along anthems and in many ways taking a bigger, more commercial sound designed to elevate them to new heights.

At least, that’s how it initially feels. The title-track feels like Manowar only watered down a tiny bit…. “Blow Your Speakers” feels like Manowar lyrically but the sound sounds a bit, dare I say, almost glam? …then “Cary On” seems like an even bigger step too far. Was this the same band who wrote “All Men Play On Ten” and sang about priding themselves on never selling out or having a thin sound? – In reality its just an anthem in the Judas Priest sense, ala “Defenders Of The Faith,” “United” or “Take On The World” but on first impressions it might throw people for a loop.

Even though this first half feels like the mighty Manowar might’ve been considering selling out (and luckily history tells us this didn’t happen, judging by the excellent albums that followed) the second half of the record puts to rest such notions. There’s the epic, grandiose “Defender” and the speedy crushing “Violence & Blood Shed” “Holy War” and especially “Black Wind, Fire And Steel.” These exciting, vital sounding, furiously catchy Heavy Metal tunes are everything that’s great about Manowar… the guitar solos, the double kicks and unusual drum fills, the varied and impressive vocals… the sheer triumphant attitude and entertaining energy. Yes… this is top quality stuff indeed.

The other two tracks are essentially just the slow moody intros to the aforementioned “Holy War” and “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” and to be honest you could easily consider them to be part of those songs if they weren’t written down separately. They provide a little bit of variety and are entertaining, and certainly they augment the tracks which they seem paired with, but don’t feel overly worth writing home about in and of themselves.

When you think of the half-hour album in terms of containing three fantastic, powerful and varied classic Heavy Metal tracks, alongside one vastly entertaining epic, then the fact that the first three songs are of an unexpected musical direction isn’t really too much of a problem. That and well, even if they are stylistically not what you’d go and ask for, they are actually pretty damn catchy and enjoyable once you give them a few listens. Eric Adams goes a bit more Paul Stanley than Rob Halford here, but hey… at least the band isn’t just putting the same record out again and again.

Overall; a lot of people are a bit suspicious and put-off by this album. Despite this if you are into Manowar you should still absolutely give it a chance. If not you’d be missing out on some blindingly good Heavy Metal tunes like “Violence & Bloodshed” & “Black Wind, Fire And Steel” and a bit of diversity.
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on 3 September 2007
Heavy Metal has always been a bit of a tongue in cheek music genre, never to be taken too seriously, the band knows that, us fans know that, the critics know that, and that makes it all the more fan when outsiders don't get it.

Manowar spend as much time pumping up in the gym as in rehearseal. So if loincloths, swords and metal are your thing, then Manowar undoubtedly ARE the Kings of Metal.

Fighting the World is an anthemic song with a so-simple-even-your-grandma-could-sing-it chorus.

Blow Your Speakers is a bit of a filler.

Carry On is fantastic and uplifting and never fails to get me in a good mood.

Violence and Bloodshed is a bit more guitar orientated, screaming vocals type track, aggressive and melodic in equal measure.

Defender opens with a sweet and simple arpeggio leading into an spoken intro by non other than Orson Welles followed by one of the mightiest drum intros in rock and roll.

Drums of Doom is a short instrumental intro to Holy War, which is the perfect build up to Black Wind Fire and Steel, another tour de force for Eric Adams' vocals.

This album is Metal as it was meant to be, high pitch vocals, anthemic choruses, thundering bass lines and some crafty guitar work in the right places. And since it dates back to the days of vynil, its length is not overwhelming.

As Manowar says... blow your speakers!!!
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on 14 June 2008
Manowar are in my top 5 favourite bands and i have all manowar album except "Louder Than Hell". This album is brilliant the songs are perfect the lyrics are well written, the music is excellent, the vocals are brilliant (of course they its eric adams). My only problem is that manowar claim to be the loudest band on the planet but this can hardly be called loud at all, i like to play metal music loud and this isn't loud butthe songs are all brilliant my favourite would have to be Fighting The World, Carry On, Violence And Bloodshed, Holy War & Black Wind Fire and steel wait what am i doing all the songs are brilliant. My advise is buy Hail To England that is (in MY opinion) a masterpiece then continue on from their. HAIL TRUE METAL!!!!!!!
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on 31 July 2007
FANTASTIC. UNBELIEVABLE. WORLD CLASS, just a few words to describe how amazing this is. I first heard of manowar from magazines so i decided to check them out. Battle hymns was the first album i got and that is fantastic but then i ordered this and its mind blowing.
heres all the songs out of 10

Fighting the world-10/10, a classic manowar track
blow your speakers-9/10, not perfect but class
carry on-10/10, very addictive and perfect
violence and bloodshed-9/10, great again
defender-10/10, how good can u get? PERFECT
drums of doom-8/10, leads into the next song but is still good
holy war-10/10, a classic track
master of revenge-8/10, again, leads into the next track
black wind, fire and steel,10/10, CLASSIC
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on 24 September 2013
This was the second Manowar 'record' I ever got. Battle Hyms being the first and then I bought this and Hail to England at a 'record fair'. Over the years I upgraded to CD and this one still gets played a lot as does Kings of Metal - my two favourite Manowar CDs. By todays standards it is pretty short but the quality is there on every song....and it has Blow Your Speakers which while quite cheesy is just great to listen to! Loved the new version of Defender too.
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on 12 August 2002
I first heard this on its release in 1987 and have many fond memories of it. At the time I considered it to be HEAVY even though there were some good thrash metal acts around in the eighties with which to compare them with.
The thing you need to know about this album is how commercial it now sounds. For a band who are purveyors of true metal it's odd that the production 'sheen' of this recording stand firmly rooted in the eighties - relistening to the CD reissue many years later I can't get over how much of it sounds like power pop rather than rock.
If you can suspend your disbelief at the hoariness of the lyrics this is a pretty tuneful offering from Manowar. They are pretty adept at balladry. There are monster riffs. There are pounding drums (these sound a bit feeble actually). There is operatic wailing. There are also a smattering of dumb sound effects. But what the hell, this is cockrock -it should be stupid.
Blow your speakers is a good rewrite of All Men Play on Ten. Fighting the world is classic anthemic Manowar at its very best. Standout out tune is Violence and Bloodshed - a tale of society's rapid decay and Manowar's response to it. (err - wiping everyone out with guns!).
Although Manowar don't believe that they do irony, most listeners will consider this type of stuff to be serious tongue in cheek territory , because you can't believe they really mean it, man! Unless of course you are German, in which case - you will.
If you do have a sense of humour then don your loincloth or leather slats and join in the fun.
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on 8 March 2015
If you don't give five stars to a CD by Manowark, they will come to your home for a session of "hail and kill". They signed a contract for one of their CDs (this one? I don't remember) with their own blood. There is nothing they can't do.
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