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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 April 2017
I put off reading this trilogy after seeing the mass of negative reviews. But, curiosity finally got to me.
These books definitely have their faults: there's far too much sex, to the point where I simply skipped passed them; the writing is a little contradictory and repetitive, and it's in no way suitable for anyone who has experienced an abusive relationship.
However, if you are looking for an enjoyable guilty pleasure ,where you can leave your brain at the door and simply have a fun read, then it's great.
Don't take any notice of the neigh Sayers. This book was never meant to be a literary classic or a serious piece of literature. This book is all about indulgent fun. If that's what you're looking for, have at it and enjoy.
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on 16 November 2015
I agree with all the other reviews. Sex scenes thrown in to fill book and for someone who has come from a normal background with no money Ana doesn't half make some really rude comments about Christians family! She needs a good slap high horsed cow! As of she's better than everyone! As for rest of book I used it to bore me to sleep at night! It's a shame really as there is a hint of what could've been a really good storyline. If it was more prominent it would be a trilogy you wouldn't want to put down. But instead there's just stupid sex tales that are so far off its laughable. I read the trilogy but it was just to see if things got better and as not to leave the whole story unread! Not missing anything if not read books and really don't see what all the fuss was about!
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on 15 September 2013
Awful books......awful, awful, awful.......BUT...... equally GENIUS!!!! I have no idea how to describe this mess but i'll have a go! These books are written from the pen of a teenager, idealistic, crass, nostalgic - in terms of 'teenage' fantasy!!!! So simplistic and so 'rubbish' for want of a better word BUT - so compelling - they took me back to the beginning of my forays into 'romantic' novels!!! I remember reading '15' by Beverly Cleary (I think).... such innocence, a first kiss etc. I was 12 at the time and read and re-read it over time and time again and it never lost the power to move me - hence my enjoyment of the genre! These books were written in the same vein... I was taken back to beginning of my foray into the fray! Genius is meant in terms of E L James tapping into precisely what I've just described!!! I can only give her books a big 5 in terms of achievement!!!! Much as I might denigrate the material, hey, she's just 'gone for it' and written some compelling stuff!!! Crazy but true!!! She's managed to make me interested in characters that are sooooo two dimensional - hell, ONE dimensional but so easy to read about. It's so simple and it works! I completely understand people hating this stuff but at the same time LOVING it... it's so simple. A simple story, every which way - completely unoriginal etc. but she's done it - I read all three and ENJOYED all three!!! Fantastic rubbish! I'm in awe simply for that!!! :)
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on 17 June 2012
I saw Fifty Shades as the best-seller of the week in Waterstones and, deciding to trust the public's opinion, purchased it on my Kindle. Later that evening, I settled down to read what the blurb suggested would be more than just another romance/erotica novel. Credit to EL James here - she kept me turning the pages. However, this was because I was waiting for the story to start, waiting to discover what mysteries lay behind those dark grey eyes of our hero (or villain as James would have us believe). Sadly, I read the final page and closed the book with a severe sense of disappointment. For me, it just didn't lift off the pages.

The book follows Ana, a young lady of virginal innocence as she falls for a classic tall, dark and handsome billionaire - Christian Grey. Ultimately, the twist is that his bedroom fantasies are somewhat on the dark side. If you're not comfortable with BDSM, this book is not for you. (On a side note, I avoided reading this book in public for fear of people catching glimpses over my shoulder and wondering...). Fifty Shades also explores the roles of dominance and submission - both in the bedroom and outside it. I found these paragraphs the most difficult to accept due to Ana's swinging from one extreme to the other, depending on the proximity of Mr Grey.

The basis for a gripping story is there and it was a shame to see such potential wasted. The characters were not developed properly and I often felt that their actions were in direct contrast to the way they were portrayed. I feel that the next two books in the trilogy will merely be rehashed versions of this one and at the end, I'll wonder why it took James three books to tell Ana's tale. So whilst I'd like to know what happens, purely out of curiosity, it's not strong enough to make me willingly suffer through more disjointed, mismatched writing that often left me feeling confused and cringing.
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on 11 March 2017
Despite all the furore these books caused on release I was pleasantly surprised to find a very real love story here. The graphic and sometimes extreme overplay of physicality in the first book gave way to a very satisfying story of love in difficult circumstances which was unexpected and welcome. A modern cinderella love story with a dash of darkness. Very Fifty Shades. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did.
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on 2 April 2017
Not as bad as I expected. I was told it was rubbish, but found it interesting. I guess I saw it in a different light. I felt the the woman (girl) was always in control, and not the other way round, as the ending finally confirmed. Not a bad read after all.
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on 8 June 2012
I like a bit of smut as well as the next person but I have never read anything so badly written and unerotic in my life. How old is E.L. James? Judging by the 'style' of writing I would say 17 and only knows about sex from reading about it. Either that or she (he?) is of very limited intelligence. The heroine is the most annoying character I have ever encountered and the hero ought to be in prison. I would give zero stars if I could because I don't think it is just not very good, I think it is actively dangerous and presents an extremely unhealthy, abusive relationship as something desirable. Women my age probably mostly have the sense to see if for what it is, but I would hate to think of young girls being influenced by this unpleasant nonsense.
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on 4 July 2012
Having been swept up in the buzz around this series of books, with an offer on, I thought i'd see what all the fuss was about! Having started with an open mind, to judge for myself, I sat and started the first book! Two days later with very little sleep, having gotten over the initial three/four chapters the empathy for Anastasia, the anticipation of whats to happen, and the twists and turns that is Christian Grey, make this a serious page turner! This book though is the one that picks up the anti, and takes you on the journey of events that have you smiling, laughing,gasping with surprise and shock! If you get into a book, then this is for you, escape with two believable characters, into a world of money that most of us will not be familiar with - but the glimpse, the fun, the laughter, the ending! Please E L James - chrack on with the next book! Carnt wait for the film! Sit down, lose yourself, let the family take care of themselves! enjoy!
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on 10 October 2013
These books are not well written, just hype, no one finishes book 3 as by then you are bored, the sex is repetative. Before you waste your money on this check out cara dee Twice the Touch An author on amazon. Her touch series is way WAY hotter than fifty shades and you can read the first one for 77p. Mark Cooper in book 2 (twice the touch) you will adore by the end of the first chapter, and trust me you would kick christian grey out of bed to get to Mark Cooper! Her books are shorter but have more feeling, story and passion than fifty shades, and although incredibley hot, are still beautiful stories. I have read everything Cara Dee has written, she is an amazing writer, I was so disappointed when I read fifty shades, so for the sake of 77p, please check out a great writer and some stories you will
want to read over and over.Look but Don't Touch
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on 14 March 2013
if you don't know whether to buy or not this book, well NO, don't do it. It's one of the most boring things I have read in my life. She will keep ripiting how much she loves him, how lucky she is that such a greek godness is in love with her and all this stuff, for the whole series of books. Most of the people I know left them at some point without finishing. I did finish them because I always finish what I start, but it was worst than a punishment reading them. It's okay once you are at the end of the third one and it's over.
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