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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Fear 2: Project Origin (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£8.02+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 26 May 2017
i was very happy with my order, thank you seller.
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on 12 August 2017
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on 8 September 2017
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on 17 November 2010
<> What it is:
FEAR 2 is a linear First Person Shooter set in the modern day centering around a Special Forces unit embroiled in a paranormal conspiracy.

<> How does it play:
FEAR 2 nearly manages to be a classic but just falls slightly short. Featuring slick presentation, good visuals and solid gunplay combined with perfect controls, FEAR 2 feels just right. The pacing is nicely balanced, alternating between intense action and slow, creepy segments so neither become too repetitive, but it's the gunplay that makes it a great FPS. The satisfying weapons, intelligent enemies and tense atmosphere immerse you in the experience immediately, later enemies raising the difficulty and requiring new strategies to defeat.

The only real problem is that the locations aren't exactly pleasant or interesting, but if they were it would probably ruin the desolate atmosphere. If the environments changed frequently you may not notice this, however the levels are long, often feeling too long, although they get better as the game progresses. When it was a full-price game it lost marks for that reason, but nowadays at a much lower price it is a must buy simply because it is so much fun. Great combat + interesting story + fantastic special effects + low price = Buy FEAR 2 now!

<> Good Points:
Top-notch action with a story thrown in as a bonus
Stunning special effects, strong audio too
It's a long story mode, 10 hours minimum
You can drive Mechs!

<> Bad Points:
A few boring, overlong levels
Later experimental weapons aren't great
It's a little on the easy side

<> Who'd love it:
Gun-crazy nutters who appreciate a good spooky story
People who thought Half Life 2 was too puzzling
Fans of sniper rifles - FEAR 2 has one of the best

<> Who'd hate it:
Deathmatch addicts, it's not all shooting
People who demand colourful, interesting environments
Those of a nervous disposition

Hope this helps, sorry I didn't mention multiplayer, Xbox not online. Have fun!
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on 23 November 2009
This game is really really good and the atmosphere that is built up really draws you in. I find myself jumping all the way throughout the levels and when you're sat in the dark with a big tv and the volume loud you will thoroughly enjoy this! This game is a very good blend of fps and a sort of survival horror feel. The shootouts with the enemys are really enjoyable and although they can sometimes seem a bit easy (especially if you use the slo mo) they are still quite smart AI as they will knock over tables and go around to find where you are if you stay in the same place for too long. The freaky bits where Alma pops up really make you feel uneasy and have you on the edge of your seat. One of the most amazing levels for the scary atmosphere has to be when you are in the school and you look down a corridor and the lights are flashing on and off, the lockers banging away and ghosts jumping up to you with plenty of claret splattered up the walls. This is a really enjoyable game and is definately worth the money. I haven't played the first FEAR so i cannot comment on how this compares to it but i may have to check it out at some point.
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on 8 April 2010
Back when I flirted with P.C gaming, the original F.E.A.R game was something I tried to get my chops on, learn how to game with a keyboard and mouse pad, instead of a controller. This affiliation was short lived (for me you can't beat console gaming) but regardless, I really enjoyed the balance of paranoid horror, and hardcore blasting this first person shooter offered.
As soon as I could, I got it for the 360, along with the expansion packs and played them through with a dippy grin on my face.

Years past, and I didn't really revisit the game, but thought of it fondly, and recommended it when I could. However, when F.E.A.R 2 came out, I was somewhat put off. It seemed to get a ruff time from most magazines, who in their reviews spoke down about it's somewhat short changing game play, and uninventive story. I put off buying it, the way I figured, I didn't want to play it and have it mar my feelings for the original. Pretty stupid of me really.

A few months ago, with a particular lull in 360 releases, I decided to give it a go, why not, it'd come down in price, and after all, how shoddy could it be?

The first ten minutes of game play I felt a sinking feeling. The controls had changed around a lot, the graphics (although beautiful, and far superior to the original) looked, and seemed very different it's predecessors to the point where I felt I was playing a game that had no right in baring the F.E.A.R moniker. However, suddenly, something clicked. I got it, and as soon as I did I was blown away.

F.E.A.R 2 is nothing like the other F.E.A.R games, in fact, as controversial as it'll seem, I feel it's far superior. It's got more scares, deeper game play, far better graphics, smarter A.I, more varied enemies, better weapons and the slow mo feature is tweaked to perfection. Not to mention the downloadable extras for the game from Xbox Live being some of the best provided by the service. It's also a great game for online multiplayer.

The story is more fleshed out and involving than the original F.E.A.R games, with some real nice voice acting, impressive, and grand set pieces and an engrossing apocalyptic rubble filled backdrop. In some ways, it's such a re-imagining of the original games it should sort of have a name in it's own right rather than be a sequel.

One criticism that popped up continuously about the game however is its apparently un-resolving, and un-climatic finish. I didn't find that to be the case at all, and whoever takes on F.E.A.R 2 from start to finish will have an original, thought provoking, and unsettling climax to look forward to, as well as a rewarding first person shooter with more than enough brains under it's bonnet to keep you coming back for more.
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on 18 February 2009
I got this one simply off the press it had been getting, not knowing anything about the first game and reading other reviews I worried if it'd matter? Well maybe, to hardcore gamers, but if I'm honest, not me. I meandered through the levels not knowing what happened previously and it didn't stop me from blowing holes in people with no remorse or care of the earlier game.
On disc insertion, gameplay starts up nice and quickly, a small back story, then you're off. Familier controls enable you to get right into the action and it's not long before you are creeping around in the eerily dark halls of a hospital catching glimpses of the young Alma from the previous game who is wandering about.

Being a fully grown man I scoffed at the claims that a game could be scary, but whether it was the two bottles of Rosé I had or the creeky radiators I've got now following the cold weather, but with the 5.1 cranked up, the blinds pulled down, lights flipped off and the girlfriend out, the first hour of this I was literally turtling during my escape from the hospital! Bodies fall from ceilings, doctors get blown away, little girl ghosts lurk around corners, it really is atmospheric to say the least, amongst the most I've come across infact.

I could compare this to Left 4 Dead, but that is more of a all guns blazing, uzi 9mm spray fest, where there is so much to blast at it takes the skill out of it, not to say it's not incredibly fun (See my review) but the fire-fights in Fear 2 require a little more guile and technique. Baddies flip tables and crouch behind, run around like they're actually trying to not get hit and appear to actually be thinking about what you're doing and respond to it.
When shooting things as well, it's really rewarding to wreck stuff - the area you're in falls apart at the seams when a shot gun is aimed at it. Walls crumble, TV's explode and all sorts of furniture can literally be destroyed - picking off a guy through a wall or table feels good, and with the slo-mo feature it allows you to skip in and around the bad guys whilst sending them slumping to their knees in any number of different demises.

It's really graphic as well, the cut scenes that pop up every now and then really give this game a movie-like feel to it, flashbacks and blurred vision when your crack team ask you what the hell is going on really submerge you into this, it's easy to get carried away.

The guns and ammo are nicely available, with a good variety of ways to eliminate a bad guy. There are conveniently placed gas cans and grenades too for the more dramatic kill.

An online mode could be better, but the point I'm getting at when comparing this and Left 4 Dead is, if you want an online session with your mates, then go for L4D, if you prefer a thinker and are a Billy - no - mates, get this, it's better.

All in, totally great game, Resident Evil 5 may be better who knows, but for 30 quid you cant complain.

Like I summarised in Left 4 Dead, it really depends what sort of shoot em up you need - a slightly more methodical thinker (This) or a free for all no brainer (L4D) either way, they're brill. Be like me, buy them both, get your shoot-em-up fix then move onto racing games...4 outta 5
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on 16 January 2010
Just finished playing F.E.A.R 2 and gotta say WOW what a game , usually games of this genre / survival horror are played from a 3rd person perspective BUT not so here ,F.E.A.R 2 is played from a 1st person view / FPS and it works a treat ,now I wanna see a RESI EVIL game done like this

The story is gripping and well told( ALMA is one scary lady )and its full of jump out of your seat moments , the graphics are excellent - the slow mo tactical weapon effect looks amazing ,the enemy AI is terrific - all the enemies are very inteligent , they'll run for cover and also warn there mates that your just about to throw a grenade at them , the weapons are very adequate - the scoped weapons are especially good

I loved every minute of this game , its the best FPS I've played in a long long time , played on normal it took me about 10hrs to complete , so it's not a very long game but it's not to short either, and these days a game that has a single player mode that lasts 10hrs is NOT BAD at all - even more so when you consider that alot of games especially shooters are more multiplayer /online driven , Ive played F.E.A.R 2 on multiplayer a few times ( in team battles only ) and it was a very good experience.

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on 7 June 2010
Bought this the other day for cheap at game.Ive been uming and aring for a while and i did like fear...hell i bought an xbox for fear coz my pc was rubbish and wouldnt run it.well i bought this the same time as red dead redemption and strangly red dead doesnt get much of a look in.Fear 2 continues the story of the mysterious Alma but this time you take the role of SGT Beckett a special forces type deployed just before the blast that took place when Alma went mental at the end of game 1.Alma is a serious spooky kid/apperition with major psychic abilities and its your job to learn what the hell is happening around you.The weopons are varied and the graphics are improved from the first game and the gameplay seems to be spot on and i got sucked in straight away. This game is a little spookier than the first...quite unsettling at times and a real hoot when in slow mo The weopons as mentioned rock i.e the mech suit and the good old sniper rifle and all the bad guys vaporise and die in a mass of the red stuff which is nice.To summarise I would buy this as it ticks all the boxes for a cheap fps.
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on 15 April 2011
Fear 2: Project Origin is a follow up to the successful f.e.a.r. Fear 2 continues on just after the first game and you have been sent to get answers and find out just exactly whats going on with Alma.

Throughout the game you will go through a school, hospital and the outside world all in pursuit of Alma. Picking up varying weapons along the way. You will be faced with choices as to which weapons to use as you can only carry four at a time and each one is better for certain type of battle so you wont want to be caught short. As well as that the replica soldiers who you will battle throughout the game are really intelligent and will hide behind tables and walls and drag you out into the open by using grenades. Even thought definitely a fps it includes elements of horror a bit like Silent Hill.

While the graphics and sound are good they are no where near the best that the xbox 360 has to offer. But if you like your first person shooters with a bit of horror thrown in i would highly recommend this game
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