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on 31 December 2014
This was one of those books that I bought when trying to find some new New Adult novels to read as I had been reading the same authors over and over again. I didn't know what to expect at all when I went into it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed within the first few pages but as I was on a train and needed something to read, I carried on with it. To start with, the main character Taylor is a bit crazy which didn't make her the most likeable person in the world. The plot revolves around her and two other friends who live together at college in co-ed dorms. When a guy turns up at the door and says he's their new roommate she completely overreacts. I mean, she knew a guy would be allowed to live there and if she didn't like that, she shouldn't have moved in! Then, when the guy (Hunter) gets a bit too close for comfort she punches him right in the face instead of telling him to back off. That's not okay in my book especially as he didn't really do anything wrong.

Hunter on the other hand I did like but then compared to Taylor anyone would have been nice. The thing with Hunter is that Taylor sees him as, and calls him, an ass. He's not really though. He does come across as quite cocky and a bit full of himself but he's funny with it at the same time. Even when Taylor is either beating him up a bit, calling him names and generally being mean to him, Hunter is incredibly patient. He does the nicest things like sings for her, cooks amazing dinners and has beautiful jewellery made for her. I think if anything, Hunter is probably a bit of a push over.

The plot didn't really do a lot for me. As mentioned in the plot synopsis, Hunter makes a bet with Taylor that could result in him being homeless. Taylor only cares about herself in this situation and wants him gone. The plot really focuses on Taylor and Hunter spending more time with each other and getting to know one another. Each character has a past and the reveal of what has happened doesn't occur until a long way in the book. While I didn't really like the plot overall, I did like seeing Hunter trying to interact and win over Taylor because he was quite funny.

So, My Favourite Mistake wasn't for me.
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on 18 April 2014
This was a sweet, steamy at times story of two second year university students forced to share a room. They both have issues from the past -when don't they? - he pursues her from the first moment he sees her, she pushes him away. And repeat...
Frankly I thought she was so vile, mean and nasty through the first 60% of this story I had no desire to see her with anyone until she grew up, let alone the considerate, sexy and witty Hunter. I get that she had issues but she couldn't manage to be civil to him; she hit him (because apparently, it's fine to hit someone as long as you're a girl and you're hitting a guy just never the other way around) flirted with him then pushed him away whenever he reciprocated. This was supposedly setting up chemistry and sexual tension but I just wanted him to find someone more worthy so much of that tension was lost on me.
Happily, once that was resolved, Taylor suddenly grew up and became much more tolerable.
The story felt complete although I see there are some follow ups. As I liked them so much as a couple, I'm now eager to read more.
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on 27 November 2012
I really didn't think I was going to give this 5 stars when I first started reading it because a really did NOT like Taylor through the first half of the book, she got on my wick so much I wanted to slap her! But OMG Hunter MADE me carry on reading, I love him to bits. I love how he got her to open up to herself as well as him, amazing characterisation by the author. A truly brilliant read and I'm a new fan of CMC.
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on 29 April 2013
Taylor Caldwell can't believe it when campus housing assigns Hunter Zaccadelli to be her new college roommate. He's an arrogant, guitar playing, tattooed hottie, who rubs her up exactly the wrong way. They make a bet: if she can convince him she truly loves or hates him, he'll leave the apartment. The problem is, the more time they spend together, the less she hates him.

I'm giving this book a 3.5 rating, out of 5.

I've read some great New Adult titles lately, unfortunately the romance portion of this novel disappointed me.


I was a fan of the distinctive side characters in this novel and Taylor's p.o.v narration was fun (although her character was quite immature). Her roommates were a riot and I really enjoyed reading the scenes with them in; I guess the best part of this novel for me was the humour - despite the fact that the plot was designed to offer up quite the emotional roller coaster, it was the funny lines that kept me turning the pages. Both Taylor and Hunter were given secretive, dark back stories which helped keep a sense of suspense and intrigue throughout as well. Hunter's characterisation was inconsistent though, it was like the author had just decided to chuck `sexy' attributes at him whenever they occurred to her during the writing process. I also enjoyed the university setting and the dormitory atmosphere, but I was a little confused about all the different modules Taylor was taking (French, History etc), when her major was Women's Studies.

I wish somebody would re-edit this book and properly format the dialogue in it however. As it stands there are numerous incidents when dialogue quotes are closed, a new paragraph begins with new open quotation marks, and yet it's the same character speaking! This was SO confusing!


The author had 433 pages to convince me that Taylor and Hunter were a good fit, but she failed: love and domestic violence are pretty much OPPOSITES, so when Hunter tells Taylor towards the end of the novel "I'll be your punching bag" and literally means it THIS IS NOT ROMANTIC, it's sick and twisted and left me feeling dirty (but not in a good way!).

There was some great banter between the pair, but often difficult conversations were circumnavigated by Hunter singing some Top 40 song on his guitar - not an adequate substitute for real dialogue - and at the start of the novel Taylor swings straight from disliking Hunter's hound dog nature to fancying the pants off of him, so I found the emotional progression all a bit choppy and confusing. And don't get me started on their nonsensical bet, the terms of which come out of nowhere....

Side note: I found the `too cute' overuse of their surnames when addressing each other a bit gag worthy, but that's a personal thing I guess.

For similar reviews please visit my blog: [...]
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on 17 January 2013
I will start my review by saying, this wasn't one of my favourite books but I did enjoy it a lot. What made me want to read this book was the first line in the blurb "Taylor Caldwell can't decide if she wants to kiss her new college room mate or punch him". When I saw that, I instantly thought this was going to be a book I like. And I was right! I did enjoy it.

I must admit it didn't keep me as gripped as other books I've read such as Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McQuire or Easy by Tamarra Webber or The Soulfinder Series by Joss Stirling. I found it boring and dragging in places. I felt these characters weren't true to themselves. They both had massive secrets. Taylor had only told one person about it, then by the end of the book, it seems she has told everyone. I didn't get why she found it so hard to tell Hunter, but then once she had, she was able to tell all her friends.

The ending of the book wasn't great. I preferred the beginning of the book more than any other time of the story. I loved the banter between Taylor and Hunter. I also enjoyed it when they blew hot and cold with each other.

I really did enjoy this book. I would recommend it if you liked books such as Always You and Almost: A Love Story. I won't be reading it again but I might check out other books by Chelsea M Cameron. 4 out of 5!
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on 30 July 2013
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Harlequin and Netgalley.)
19-year-old Taylor is shocked when it seems that her new roommate for her sophomore year is going to be no other than a boy!!
Hunter is sexy as hell, and it's obvious that he likes Taylor, but she has got no intentions of ever having a relationship with him, or even putting up with him as her roommate.

With accommodation services unhelpful, it looks like Taylor will have to just put up or shut up, but it's not that easy with Hunter flirting with her all the time.
Is there any hope for Taylor and Hunter? Will she survive having him as a roommate? And what secret is Taylor hiding that makes her so against any kind of a relationship with a man?

This was an okay NA contemporary romance, but it just felt really long.

I can't say that I really liked Taylor all that much in this book. I thought she was pretty harsh, made mountains out of mole hills, and if anything was a bit aggressive. I totally didn't get why she had to be so nasty towards Hunter, and I really didn't get why she kept insisting that she didn't like him, even when she made it clear that she really did. She called him names, and was really quite vindictive, whilst all the time trying to get him to move out, which I thought was really not very nice of her.

The storyline in this book was alright, although I did wonder if the university would seriously expect a boy and girl to room together like that. I have a feeling that if they did they would be opening themselves up to possible lawsuits, so I'm not sure how realistic this aspect of the storyline really was.
It seemed quite obvious that both Hunter and Taylor had issues, but it just felt like it took forever for us to get any answers as to what was going on. For the best part of 80% of the book they just whined and moaned and argued with each other, and it got really old. I really don't think we needed over 300 pages of their childish arguments and Taylor's pretending not to even like Hunter, I had the picture well within the first 100 pages, and I really just wanted to know what was going on, and for Taylor and Hunter to actually have some sort of relationship with each other.
When the sex actually happened it was pretty good, and I was glad that Hunter and Taylor finally admitted their feelings for one another, although Taylor still seemed a bit reserved.
The ending to the story was okay, it just seemed to take a long time to get there, and the whole thing just felt like it went on for too long.
Overall; an okay NA contemporary romance, just a bit too long.
6.5 out of 10.
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on 6 October 2012
"I can't promise not to make you mad. I can't promise that I won't hurt you. All I can promise is that I want you in my life, and I'll do anything to keep you there."

I hadn't heard of My Favourite Mistake until my blogging bestie read and loved it. I was trying my hardest to not read it and read my review books - like I was supposed to but I'm weak, lol so of course I read and yes I loved it.

New adult books seem to be very popular right now and really, they're fast becoming a favourite, and there's a reason they are; it's because they're so DAMN HOT. Author, Chelsea M. Cameron really didn't disappoint and My Favourite Mistake was an intense, suspenseful and entertaining read.

Taylor and Hunter have an interesting relationship, one that's based on hate, lust and attraction. From the moment Taylor sets eyes on Hunter, she hates him and tries to everything in her power to get him kicked out of her apartment. Once she starts spending time with him, she slowly opens up to him and really, underneath all that hate is lust and love. Hunter's very honest and open with Taylor and it's clear he's attracted to her but the problems from his and Taylor's pasts get in the way. Here are two characters that have deep, dark and painful secrets and they come together in a entertaining and beautiful way.

The secondary characters were great too. I really enjoyed how the author gave each one their own little love story - and if anything, I would have loved to read a book from these characters too.

The only reason I didn't rate this book top marks was because I felt it needed a little something more towards the end. The author closed the book very well but I guess I was expecting for a little bit more, but don't let this put you off the book, it was still great and definitely worth a read.
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Told in first person narrative from Taylor's point of view. She is a very defensive character, understandable so as the plot is revealed. She has anger management issues and doesn't allow herself to get close to people. An incident when she was 12 overshadows her life making her terrified of relationships, although she is very close to her Mother and Older Sister.

This book has wonderfully strong female characters at it's heart, even Taylor although she doesn't feel as if she is. The incident is revealed slowly, made more powerful as the revelations come with the realization that Taylor's carefully constructed barriers to relationships are being breached by Hunter.

Hunter is a bit of a conundrum, all indicators point to him being a player until you perceive that he too has carefully constructed barriers to his emotions. The disclosure of the trauma Hunter suffered in his childhood and shaped him as a person tore at my heart. His player past is initially at odds with his tenderness towards Taylor

It is as if fate threw Hunter into Taylor's path. The idea of co-ed living accommodation was a strange concept to accept initially but it works for the purpose of the story. The budding relationship between Hunter and Taylor was beautiful to follow. They bring out the best in each other. As they deal with the trauma from their respective pasts together you can the walls they have constructed around themselves crumbling. The term `stronger together certainly applies to Taylor and Hunter.

Strong friendships are formed almost unwittingly, as Taylor opens up to Hunter she is able to let other people into her life as well. There is an undeniable passion between Hunter and Taylor yet there is also a tenderness that flows between them.

This book envelops the notion that 2 people are brought together by fate in order to make each other whole. A modern romance of soul-mate proportions, utterly swoon worthy.

I would love to see another book featuring Hunter and Taylor as long as there were no break-ups involved.
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2012
I'm on a bit of a "New Adult" or "Older YA" kick at the moment and it surprises me how many of these books are written by independent authors who self publish their work. I've really done a 180 on my views of self published books lately, and My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron has contributed to this. As this book is aimed at the older end of the YA market, naturally it does contain mature content such as sex, swearing, violence and a scene containing sexual assault. I'm only putting that out there because I know someone people are sensitive about these subjects and it might be a deal breaker for you.

So, we have three college roommates looking for a fourth to share a house with and in walks Hunter Zaccadelli, who has been sent by the school's housing office. The only room available is sharing with Taylor and she's all "HELL NO". Boy with tragic past meets girl with tragic past, although at first their interactions are quite entertaining, for the most part thanks to Hunter's cocky, flirty attitude and Taylor's sassy retorts. Taylor is determined to get rid of him and he ends up making a bet with her - he will leave if she can convince him that she either truly hates him or truly loves him. There's a fine line between love and hate, it would seem.

Hunter Zaccadelli is a walking, talking cliché of a bad boy and whilst he too had a tragic past, he didn't seem to suffer for it other than wanting to keep his secrets. He seemed relatively unaffected in fact judging by his behavior and if I'm honest, I would have liked more depth from him as a character. Taylor was a very sassy girl who had toughened up her exterior quite considerably since being attacked some years previously. She decided that she would not let any guy close to her ever again and was known as "The Ice Queen" in high school.

I liked the way Taylor's resolve was gradually broken down, how she felt conflicted a lot of the time and generally tried to fight her growing attraction towards Hunter. She would get mad when she was uncomfortable and used that as a deflective technique, and I understand that part of her character. I did question some of her motives at time, and I won't go into that for fear of spoiling the entire book for you but I will say that I didn't agree with how violent Taylor was. I mean, she attacks her new roommate within hours of meeting him and what did he do wrong? He was just play flirting with her. I guess Taylor lashed out because he backed her into a corner and she felt threatened and I understand the girl has issues but to physically punch a guy you've just met in the nose and then grab his balls is perhaps a little too far.

The writing was fast paced and flowed really nicely but one of the things I did pick up on was that some of the dialogue seemed to span half a page at times with no actions or descriptions added - it was just dialogue and that felt a little weird to me as the characters would be doing SOMETHING physical like looking away, staring, looking nervous or whatever.

Now, admittedly I will say that it was probably a massive mistake on my part to read this just after reading Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire because I loved that book like woah and I was worried that it had ruined me for other books (the jury is still out people). Anyway, what I found in this book was a similar story that was lighter in places, very funny at times but ultimately...not as good I'm afraid. However, it was highly entertaining, and I appreciated the multiple laugh out loud moments. Overall, My Favorite Mistake held my attention, made me laugh and I would definitely read something from this author again.
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on 30 December 2012
My favourite mistake was probably one of the best ones I did when I accidentally pressed the buy button.
When it was loading I was like why not the price is decent and the description looks pretty good.
I'm glad I did.
The book starts out playful where you are thrown in straight away to the fiery nature of Taylor and the bad boy persona of Hunter.
The instant attraction is undeniable and both characters are in infectious by the way they interact and the playful banter in which they communicate.
The great thing about this book is that it doesn't make you feel like a narrator just looking over the lives of Taylor and Hunter, it makes you feel that you were there when she gave him one hell of a right hook, you were there and could hear and experience the gentle but husky way Hunter sings and you were there when both told each other there tragic past.
There would have to be a couple of flaws with this book as well. The story I feel can be seen to be a bit predictable in the way that they all lived happily ever after.
And the story line in which he said if you truly hate me I'd move out (now that I can understand) but when he said if you loved me I will move out (this is where my confusion starts).
We all no that they would fall in love and it was nice to see how they got there but if he said he was going to move out for LOVE then what was the point of adding that bit in the story. It made no sense and I felt it had no reason to be there to be brutally honest.
And he didn't even move out!!! ( I know spoiler alert but it needed to be said).
Would I recommend you to read this book?
Is there some flaws?
But the relationship you see and how it grows and forms is brilliantly written and the imagery it creates makes it a book to read!
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