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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 8 April 2016
I was actually very disappointed in this book. It did not give me the same impression as the other books in the series. I am hoping this trend does not continue.but still its star wars!! :)
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on 10 March 2014
I great addition to the series. This book pretty much has it all. Troy Denning does a great job of balancing the different element of this book. There is a horror element to the book, personally I don't like horror stories, but Denning manages to keep it on the tipping point of Sci-fi which I greatly appreciated. Denning also manages to resurrect a couple of his odd characters. I like the way this series is moving on and especially the way the Jedi are adapting to the situation using weapons like the media and public opinion back on the GA. The great thing about this series is it is moving along at the right pace there are a number of things going on and they are not going to be solved in a single book. It has been extremely well planned.

The story. More Jedi are falling victims to the strange paranoid delusions that everyone has been replaced by an imposter. However having all these extra Jedi patients to observe, has allowed them to find a common thread that links them together that could be the source or the cause of the madness. Luke and Ben following Jacen's trail comes to the same conclusion from a different angle. Han and Leia are not exiled but are seen as loose cannons by the acting Grand Jedi master Kenth Hamner and are excluded from council meeting to discuss the future of the order. Public opinion for the Jedi is at an all-time low and even moral among the younger students is falling. Jaina also has her loyalties to her fiancée Jagged Fel (Imperial head of state) tested, against her obligation to her family and the Jedi order. The Lost tribe of the Sith also meet their first obstacle on a jungle world while trying to retrieve "Ship" the Sith meditation sphere. They also have their first meeting with a couple of Jedi.

A very well balanced book. Slow to begin with, with a lot of political manoeuvring, and a few I know but they don't know that I know games. The Jedi hitting back at the GA. People and Jedi in Force mediations, force ghosts and Dark powerful being. Also more elements and enemies introduced to keep the series going for a good long time. Even Han makes another mystery enemy of the GA army/navy. All this and the Jedi Vs. Sith as a big finally. Leading to more in the next book I hope.
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on 5 April 2014
I love the Fate of the Jedi series. This is another great book. The series is a little slow moving, this book does move things forward a bit, but not as much as I would have liked. The reason I don't mind the slow simmer boil of the series is because there are many issues and what the series lacks in speed it makes up for in character development.

The book lets Ben Skywalker have more print time. I have to say this has worked well as from the last series I found Ben as whiny little brat, he seems the have matured considerably in his mid teens, and his military experience is also shining through. He also has the Connan like legacy of not one being the sone of 2 of the most powerful Jedi of their generation, but he was born on the battlefield.

The story. Following Sith apprentice Vestara Khai to the planet Dathomiri, Luke and Ben Skywalker find a scoitity in transition. Dathomiri formally dominated by the female darkside users the Nightsisters, now has more accepting of males. The most powerful and influential male clan known as Broken Columns starting to form a union with the Raining Leaves clan. This does not sit well remaining Nightsisters, who intend to destroy both clans for breaking their traditions. Vestara has also in infiltrated the Raining Leaves, to hide from the Skywalkers. However does her true agenda go even further as Ben say "Nightsisters snd Sith go together like caf and cream". The Solo's minus Jaina also make an appearence on Dathomiri, before heading back to the Core.

On Coruscant Daala makes good on her threat to use the Mandos against the Jedi. However this does not go over as planned, and she must deal with the political backlash of her increasing anti Jedi stance, and her predecessor. Even Jagged Fel littilary comes under fire from his political rivals, and new imperial alliances are fromed.

The only thing I did not like about this book is Luke exceptional moments was pretty much redundant. I understand why this was the case it was to give Ben more time go shine and develop. However I would love to see more duel between Luke and a Sith Lord. Something to look forward to in the next book I guess. Especially with the ending of this book I wanted start the next book right away. Very good book, it has to be read as part of the series it is not a stand alone story.
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on 24 June 2011
Finally this series has something beginning to resemble a storyline. I thought it would never happen. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the writing as much as I did with the previous two books, or even Denning's own books in the previous series. So I'm not sure whether to be elated that something is finally happening, or disappointed in the writing. It didn't stop from reading until I'd finished though.

While I enjoyed the previous books, they didn't really have a driving force behind them. But now we're finally starting to see groups have objectives. And some questions with a bit more substance than "What's Going On?". There are two women and a force presence, who seem to be important, but for what? What's going to happen with the lost tribe of the sith? What's going to happen between Daala and the Jedi now that (Sarcastic Spoiler) something has happened.

Admittedly, these don't appear until towards the end of the book, which means that for a long time the plot is as aimless as the others. It feels like that, while the series does start slow, the stage has finally been set for this "epic" story. In truth, I feel that it would have been much better served by squashing the first three books into one, and going from there. Maybe a trilogy. I'm starting to think that the nine-book series is just because it worked before, not because the story needs nine books. And that disappoints me somewhat. I'm not as excited about the next book as I was in Legacy of the Force, and now that I've read all three authors in this series, I feel just in saying the story is just not as good.

Maybe that will change. Luke finally knows about the Sith, so maybe it'll get better now.

The characters in this book are okay. They seem to have suddenly all got much better at dealing with the ill jedi, and I'm quite disappointed that a lot of this stuff seems to have been glossed over. I don't like the Jedi Council in this book. Master Hamner suddenly seems to be almost a "bad guy", when in previous books he was a nice person, doing his best for the jedi order, Master Cilighal is barely in it, although in charge of the ill. Master Sebatyne is annoying. Master Katarn isn't bad, but again, isn't really in it. And some of the other characters just don't match up to who they have been in previous books. Some of them are characterized quite well - but wrongly. And that's the problem I had with the writing. it doesn't match the others in the series well enough. it's like reading a different story. It seems the only character that is continued well from Omen Alanna. Unfortunately, I didn't really like how wise she was in that book, and the same is true here. I'm quite disappointed.

Denning's descriptive language isn't the best. "In the Jade Shadow's forward canopy there hung twin black holes" is a lie, they are ahead of the Jade shadow. I had to re-read that several times. I also didn't like the description of the main room of sinkhole station as a serving bowl. It was a fairly long metaphor, and "bowl-shaped would have sufficed.
Finally, he keeps using words, particularly slang, that I've never seen in the star wars universe before (Maybe this is just ignorance on my part), and then having to explain them. Or worse, not explaining them. In a similar vein, it seems every little trick has to have a name - the "Shling Slide" or the "Toydarian double flip flop" (Exaggeratted silliness - slightly). The first of those isn't explained at all, but it's apparently something to do with persuasion. The second is just a pointless way of saying "yes" to Allana's statement. it takes about a page. To be fair, those are the only two I can think of - but they both annoyed me quite a lot,

In writing this review, I think I've come to the conclusion that it just isn't up to the standards I expect from a Star Wars Book. It gets +1 for it's additional plot, but loses points for the unnecessary terms, the poor descriptions, and the misalignment with the first two books. On the plus side, some of his ideas were pretty neat - a particular journalists method of spying for example. I really hope the next one goes somewhere.
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on 12 September 2010
This is the best novel i have read so far in the series, but it only just tops Abyss. If you have not read any of the other novels, i warn you Omen is SLOW. The story moves along at a pace that is satisfying, and continues to progress the various arcs of the series so that when you think you are desperate to find out what happens next in one arc, you find yourself completely imersed in the current arc. Their are also tantilising leads which keep you wondering "what if" quite a lot. The Legacy era novels seem to be linking up with the Legacy era comics more and more as the this series follows on from the Legacy of the Force series. In short we know the what happens in the future and we know what happened in the past but how did we get their. Find out! read Backlash and the rest of the series and you will not be dissapointed. But dont expct any conclusive end, each novel is part of a whole, and can not be fully appreciated without reading the rest of the series.
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on 4 September 2009
The third book in the Fate of the Jedi series finally delivers. The first two installments of the 9-part series were just a trifle boring, but Troy Denning has put the series back on track. Rather surprising actually, as his contributions to the Legacy of The Force series were actually of rather mediocre quality (Traviss and Allston supplying the better parts). This novel puts me more in mind of earlier highly enjoyable books by this author, like Tatooine Ghost, the Dark Nest Trilogy, and Star by Star.

There are three intertwining plots of which two have become intertwined, while the third remains focused on politics and media. The first, the journey of Luke and Ben, is the most interesting one in this book, as they meet up with a couple of "Force Ghosts" (I can't call them force ghosts in the traditional Star Wars sense of the terms, as they are somewhat different than for example Obi Wan)representing characters of the past. Including Mara, and for me that was a big bonus as she has always been my favourite EU character. I truly miss her presence in all the books, since Sacrifice, so it was good to have her included again even if in a rather insubstantial form.

The second plotline, the activities of the so-called lost tribe of the Sith, also was nice as the characters involved were behaviourally well set up, and for the most part acted as Sith should - even if they don't know the Rule of Two because their customs stem from a somewhat earlier date than that particular Sith Dogma. The fight between the Skywalkers and the Sith band was somewhat unrealistic, but hey, we do always want the good guys to win, so it's okay. And at least Luke does remain exhausted.

In the third plotline, the fight between the Jedi and Chief of State Daala is continuing, with the stakes getting much higher, although still too much politic's are involved. But at least even here we get some true action, not just youngsters becoming deranged. And, the Jedi find a way to use the media to their own advantage, and that is good too, as until now they were just detrimental to their cause. So, all-in-all some great reading here.

Of course, the evolvement of the relationship between Jagged, Jaina, and the rest of the Jedi and her parents was also of interest to me. It looks now as if somehow there are still a lot of things that can prevent the marriage from happening after all. Not in the least because of a certain incompatability of loyalties and the priorities regarding those loyalties. We will see, although it would be a pity if it won't work out. The readers haven't seen the relationship develop during the course of the New Jedi Order series, than decline and seemingly end during the Dark Nest Crisis, to rise up again during the LOTF series, to be struck down once and for all in this series. But, that doesn't have to happen, it's still an open question, leaving something for the next author to work on.

In summary: the series finally has started off to become interesting, the plotlines contain more action, and there are enough questions left to make me sign in for the next installment.
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on 29 November 2012
The third book in the `Fate of the Jedi' series is definitely stronger than the previous ones. At least there is the sense that the story is progressing somewhere. We are still given little indication of how the plot might unfold over the course of the series but the reader is now provided with enough hints to intrigue them and arouse their interest.

There is still a lot of faffing around with Han and Leia which is beginning to get a bit repetitive. But at least the relationship between Han and Allana is developing into something that is enjoyable and amusing. Allana continues to grow as a character; her personality more fully-fledged in this novel. There are several indications that she will become highly important in later Star Wars books.

Daala's actions against the Jedi continue and become more in depth and involved but I am still struggling to exactly understand her motivation with this victimisation. Some of the time she seems to be using her GA troops in similar ways to Jacen despite citing Jacen's actions as the instigation for hers. Tahiri seems to be gaining a slightly bigger role and there is an indication that her unique position as neither Jedi nor Sith will become something of importance to the plot.

It is with the continuing exploration of Ben and Luke that the most interesting elements of the book are provided. Their investigations provide some answers but offer many more questions; which is probably what this saga needs this far into it. The culmination of their journey into the Maw has strong echoes of Homer's Odyssey where Odysseus encounters his mother and various dead colleagues. Ben and Lukes' situation is well written by Denning providing an apt off-putting sense.

Perhaps the best thing about this book is that the Lost Tribe of the Sith finally seem to be becoming an active force in the universe. Vestara is a further character that continues to develop well and is on the way to becoming a somewhat different type of Sith to that encountered before. Some of the other members of the Lost Tribe are also being given a bit more personality.

All the ingredients are now coming into play to make this another memorable saga of Star Wars novels. Hopefully this latest series will be able to live up to the high level of quality set by `The New Jedi Order' and the `Legacy of the Force'.
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on 5 May 2013
Well this is book 3 of 9 and it was remarkably better than books 1 and 2. I still can't give it 4 or 5 stars. Troy Denning has always written great Star Wars books, at least IMO, but this, based on his other work, isn't one of them. For example some of the Astral Plains (Beyond The Shadows) issues were way too long and drawn out, it was as if he had made them long and lengthy just for the sake of it, it served no purpose, other than to increase page numbers.

Having said that, however, this book kicked the overall story into a higher gear, had it not done that then I think I would have stopped reading this Series. Lets hope book four is better.

The problem I am having with this series is the story just isn't getting started. I understand with a series of 9 books or more, you need to draw out the beginning of the story, other wise it will be over before you get to the last book. A classic example of this was the 21 book story, New Jedi Order, the start of the overall story covered at least 5 or 6 books, but, and I add great emphasis this, BUT right from book 1 the story was gripping, it grabbed your attention straight away, this series has yet to do that. Although as I said this book is better than the first two.

Would I recommend this book? Perhaps only to the most serious Star Wars fan.
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Whilst I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, I always worry about each new title, not that I don't expect a good story but because its such a huge franchise that the name alone will sell any project containing its name.

Each series has something special to offer and to be honest I'm more at home with the Skywalker/Solo's than at any other point in the Universes vast history. As such it made this title too tempting to resist which I suppose means I'm damned to the darkside. LOL

Unfortunately whilst the plot is gripping, the characters have lost a lot of their lustre, whether this is due to poor planning or lack of understanding of the characters I'm not sure but what really annoyed me was the clunkiness of the language used by the author. Add to this poor story direction and forcing (if you'll pardon the pun) the characters into situations that clearly they didn't want to enter made this all in a rather annoying read. With luck this will improve in future titles however at the moment if you want some good Star Wars writing then perhaps I can suggest Timothy Zahn or Sean Williams.
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on 2 October 2009
A great read, most enjoyable. The only bad part about the series? That the next book isn't out until March 2010!
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