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on 13 June 2014
First of all I used to love these headphones but, like other users I have found them to have a defective design: the left hinge broke a bit after four months but was still usable and the right totally went after 14 months. The design is very poor, and the construction even worse.

Despite contacting Fanny Wang directly they refused to do anything because it was over a year since I bought them. Amazon on the other hand have offered me a full refund.

I have now bought Bose Quiet 15s instead. They are a world apart: better ANC, smaller, more comfortable and look less like a DJ wanna be.
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on 2 November 2014
Been after a set of these for a while now and wow, did they not disappoint me. Very comfortable feeling over the ears, snug without being too tight. They have good sound even without any boost or noise reduction turned on. I would advise using a headphone burn in track (readily found on the internet) as this will bring them alive.
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on 14 May 2013
It was interesting to read Mista Perfectionista's review. Our experience was exactly the same - 5 months on and the headphones snapped. Up until that point - had been very happy with them. I contacted Amazon and a new set was despatched the next day and arrived less than 48 hours after contacting them. So very impressed with the Amazon service - lets hope these headphones last a bit longer than 5 months....
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on 25 October 2013
Bought as a special birthday present for my son.
A treasured item.
The sound quality and how it contains the noise when turned up loud is out of this world.
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on 10 April 2013
Not a bad pair of headphones, a little uncomfortable.

I think 3 stars is fair, the carry case is very nice!
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on 23 March 2013
The selling point of these headphones is that it has a built-in amplifier which is suppose to make listening to audio an on device a dream or as close to it as possible. Unfortunately that is not the case. At least in my experience. If you do a quick google or YouTube search for reviews on these headphones, you will hear that these are a pretty good pair of headphones that supposedly have sound quality close to that of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or Shure SHR-840. Many saying that it beats the likes of the "Beats by Dre" series of headphones. That may be true if you used these headphones without turning the amplifier on. The sound is indeed flat and never came across as overpowering at any part of the audio spectrum. Mainly because the sound was down to the capabilities of the audio source. It is easy to refine the sound to how you like it, and these headphones give you great flexibility in doing so as they are quite powerful and really do perform well throughout the human range of hearing.

But that is with the amp off.

Switch the amp on and you lose a lot of detail. You lose the bass that was nice and warm and present and gain ridiculous levels of treble, to the point that in order to listen to content which is just speech you will need to turn the amp off as it induces a buzzing sound and lots of distortion. The treble introduced by switching the amp on overpowers everything and there is little you can do about it with EQ except to switch the mode of "bass boost" mode. This helps by boosting the lower end of the spectrum, only now you have shrilling highs and boomy lows. The bass is not refined, nor does it retain any of the quality it had when listening to the headphones with the amp off. Personally, the sound in general has become a mess when using the built-in amp.

This has led me to search for other DAC's with built-in amps like the FiiO E7 to use with these headphones instead of the internal amp. But, I shouldn't have to do that and neither should you. The idea with these headphones is that the package is all-in-one and you do not need to look for a separate amp to drive these headphones and get great sound. So for me, these headphones failed to deliver, at such a high price point as well I was really hoping it would not be the case and feels more like a gimmick after experiencing it for myself.

I do not recommend this product to anyone looking for headphones. Unless you have cash to burn, these headphones, a separate amp and a cable which can split the headphone and mic jacks for PC use will be very good if not excellent for listening to any kind of content. But again, it defeats the point in even spending this amount of money on a product that has a built-in amp, only so that you will need to buy another external amp all because the built-in amp is not adequate.

It's unfortunate, but I really wanted to like these headphones. They definitely look great and are very comfy to wear too, but not being able to use the amp is a real let down.
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on 6 January 2013
The rating might be a little bit harsh, but I was seriously disapointed of the quality when the wire/ cable was broke after only a few weeks use. The wire/ cable has no visable flaws, but i only get sound of the right side of the headphone.
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on 24 March 2013
First, I must say I had ordered these headphones from Fanny Wang's official website "Fannywang.com" and not Amazon - a decision I regret, and I will explain why:

1. Fanny Wang's customer service is disgraceful. Full stop. I buy a lot of electronics online and very rarely do they go wrong, but when they do I have never felt so badly treated as I have dealing with Fanny Wang co. My headphones snapped (and yours will too at some point because it's a manufacturing fault) because the shiny metal hinge plateS (-plural) you can see in the photos broke off. Those shiny metal plates are screwed in to two very flimsy plastic screw inserts. They WILL break off after regular flexing of the plastic (every time you put them on and take them off your head). Those metal plates are what reinforces the plastic headband above the hinge, an area susceptible to snapping due to regular flexure, and that's why they are there and will cause the headband to snap if they are not.

So, my FW headphones snapped after owning them for 4 months. I contacted Fanny Wang about this and the possibility of having them repaired or replaced, since it's obviously a manufacturing flaw - or so they admitted (I sent them pictures of it) and within the 2 year warranty period. Fanny Wang agreed to repair or replace it and told me to send it back to them, so I did. Despite their initial good communication in dealing with my problem before sending them off, I was not prepared for the complete lack of communication (ignoring my email's) that followed thereafter. Put it this way, the headphones were sent back on the 22nd of December 2012 and it is now coming up to April and I have NOT received by repaired or replaced headphones NOR have I received a response from them since. Apparently this total lack of customer care is not uncommon of Fanny Wang, just look at their reputation on the Better Business Bureau (US's version of Trading Standards) website, on which they were awarded a grade F (scale of A+ to F) which says it all. AVOID PURCHASING FANNY WANG HEADPHONES.

All those who are having problems with FW's customer care (and there are many of you) please comment below this review. We need to stop people being ripped off by terrible "electronics companies" like Fanny Wang.

Now, about the product itself...

2. When they first arrived, I thought they were OK headphones. Sound quality is good but nothing to write home about, especially considering the £200 premium. There are definitely better sounding headphones out there (i.e. Audio technica ATH-M50) but arguably they don't look as nice as the Fanny Wang "2003 over ear DJ". The sound quality of these headphones is comparable to or very slightly better than the Beats Studio's - which are rubbish in my opinion.

3. The quality of the plastics used and the way it has been put together is what you would come to expect of headphones that cost £30-40, not £200+. They make cheap plastic noises when you hold them, as if something is loose, and they flex way more than I'm comfortable with when held at one headphone. But the headphones do fold satisfactorily into place with a nice reassuring sound.

4. The white part of the inner headband is made of rubber and is very grippy which can be annoying. It will turn yellowish eventually, no matter how clean you think you are. Also, the rubbery inner headband is poorly put together and you will see the black plastic headband through large gaps above the shiny metal hinge.

Overall, It's not a matter of IF but WHEN these headphones will break, only Amazon can save you (in the first few months). After that it will just be between you and the Fanny Wang support staff to fix your £200 snapped Fanny Wang On ear DJ's - good luck with that.


After sending them off for repair around the 20th of December 2012, I have only now (16/05/13) received a replacement from Fanny Wang. That's 5 months. Make of this what you will. The 1 star rating remains because I maintain that this company should be avoided. Save yourself some money and go look at the ATH-M50's.
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on 29 August 2012
I received these as a gift. These are by far the best headphones i have owned, the fit is really good, extremely comfortable and they look a lot better than any other over ear headphones ive ever tried on. The sound is phenomenal, with or without the bass boost (which requires batteries), the port on the cable is great so you can share music with someone sitting next to you. They also come in great packaging with a case and a certificate telling when they were made and where, small details that make a difference. Buy these, i guarantee you will be satisfied.
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