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on 16 January 2013
I love stories like this. But, I'm always left feeling like it isn't a plausible situation. Why would someone pretend to have a fiance? How could they fall in love so fast. They just aren't realistic. EXCEPT for Falling For Her Fiance! Whoa you guys. I had freakin' butterflies in my stomach the who way through this book. You know the kind that build up before you are about to get kissed? They just lay low and flutter away until they can't be contained and literally erupt from inside you. I almost gave myself a stomach ache!

This story works. Dani and Wes are best friends. Have been since college. Relationships don't ever work out because of their friendship with each other gets in the way. Stories like this leave me feeling why hasn't something ever happened between them? Well, in this story it makes complete sense! Finally! Something did happen between them in college. They shared a kiss one night. Dani got freaked. Wes backed off. They didn't push it for fear of ruining the friendship. Makes sense right? Of course they felt something! How could they not?!

I love their friendship and it actually made the situations of "pretend fiance" really believable. They already knew everything about each other. They needed some help and they were there to help each other out when the time came. They didn't have to fake chemistry or push anything for the sake of appearances. It just happened. The stolen kisses were nice and had me reeling inside! Just grab her and kiss her already, for real!!! I was on fire. The romantic tension is unbelievable. Seriously you guys.

I love this story! The characters were fun and believable. The romance was hot when we got there and the heartaches and love made my heart burst with feeling. Falling For Her Fiance is a book I will be re-reading again. Sooner rather than later.

ps It is totally cheap so you should buy it.
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This is a contemporary romance with a fake fiance scenario. Dani is trying to contribute towards her family's medical bills so she really needs to get a promotion. She has a company retreat coming up but the people in couples usually get to spend more time schmoozing with the boss. It would really help if she had a boyfriend to bring along. Her best friend from college, Wes, was dumped by his fiancee fairly recently. His ex is going to be bridesmaid at his sister's upcoming wedding and he would rather not turn up alone.

Since these two are best friends it shouldn't be that hard to fake, they know each other really well. They also care for each other deeply, in fact both of them have found that their relationship with each other has gotten in the way of their romantic relationships, as Dani's ex and Wes's ex both felt that they were playing second fiddle.

As the charade progresses both Dani and Wes are fighting against their growing feelings for each other but neither wants to wreck the friendship either. We all know where this story is going but the fun is in getting there. I liked them together, and I liked how their attraction to each other grew.

On the downside I thought it was a bit silly that they both were so all or nothing about it. They were both single when their deception started but both of them considered pursuing other relationships because they were worried the other wasn't into it, I thought it was much more likely they'd spend a bit of time single instead. Also, why on earth was Dani internet dating before her company retreat, surely there was a chance that she'd get caught out by a colleague? Anyway, these things aside, this is a fun, light read, and I enjoyed it.
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on 23 July 2014
I enjoyed this book. Dani and Wes have been best friends since college so the idea of being each other's date for Wes' sisters wedding and Dani's work retreat is crazy but both agree. With an engagement ring to confirm their fake relationship what could go wrong? Dani starts to notice Wes in a way she can't seem to ignore but other factors stop her from telling Wes what she's feeling. Wes has started to see his friend as sexy and can't understand it, neither want to ruin their friendship but both can't seem to turn off the feelings that are coming to the surface as they pretend to be together. I enjoyed this story, the plot is great and it's well written. The character chemistry is good, it has lots of angst, misunderstandings, and it's clear how close Wes and Dani actually are before their feelings change. My only gripe is how long it took Wes and Dani to come clean, but it just goes to show sometimes your best friend is the one, you just don't see it when it's right infront if you. A good read.
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on 7 August 2014
Falling For Her Fiancé was a lovely light hearted read which I thoroughly enjoyed. It kept me smiling form start to finish.
Wes and Danielle where both well thought out characters who you can’t help but fall in love with.
They have been best friends since college, but never tried anything more than friendship along the way. That is until they both need help from the other in playing the roles of newly engaged couple. First for Wes’s sister’s wedding then Dani’s works retreat. They get closer over the course and both start feeling more. Dani also realises that Wes’s ex is still very much in love with him and is convinced that he still loves her too, so tries to push them back together. Wes however realises that Dani is the one for him and really always has been. There is nothing that could ever get in their way. Ex’s have always had problems with their friendship, suggesting that it is more, but it took them year to realise it was true.
A wonderful, easy read.
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on 20 October 2013
If you're looking for a sweet, feel good romance with loveable characters and a storyline that makes you smile yet utterly frustrates you (in the best possible way), then Falling for her Fiancé is one to read.

I love the trusted formula of friends to lovers, and Wes and Dani are fabulous together; he's cheeky and witty, she's sassy and will quite happily call him on his crap. They are the perfect fit, they just don't exactly realise it.

I smiled, giggled, groaned in desperation and wanted to delve into the book and shake some sense into the pair of them! If you're familiar with the Bliss line of books you'll know the steamy stuff stays behind closed doors; this doesn't have any at all, but it doesn't need it as Cindi Madsen has given us captivating chemistry between her characters. My only disappointment was how quick it was wrapped up (I'm a sucker for an epilogue) but it's certainly a book I'd recommend if you are ever the romantic.
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on 14 September 2013
This was the perfect 'friends to romance' and 'fake romance' book, combining two of my favourite romance tropes . I loved the relationship between Dani and Wes and I loved that the author explored their pure friendship before things began to change for either of them. Even after things shifted for them, friendship was still at the very heart of the book which is refreshing - usually after the relationship shifts, the thing which brought them together in the first place is forgotten.

And for those of you who don't like sexy scenes in their romances, there's basically none of that. It's all very innocent and cute and even though Dani and Wes have their differences, there's no doubt that they are perfect for each other.

I hear that Cindi Madsen has another contemporary romance book coming out in later 2013 which I can't wait for!
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on 25 February 2017
I really enjoyed this book, the will they, won't they, the I can relate to that and their feelings, the oh just do it. It was,a book I couldn't put down and wished it didn't end.
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on 30 June 2014
Enjoyed storyline,characters,Dani & Wes been bet friends since college,they have perfect plan a fake engagement.Wes can prove to his ex,family that he's moved on & dani can prove to her boss she's worthy of promotion,he seems to only give to family oriented employee.between fake relationship they develop real feelings,can you fall in love with your best friend is it worth the fall.
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on 5 January 2017
A great chick flick read tears and laughter throughout would recommend to anyone who found young love a challenge. Couldn't put it down.
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on 18 March 2013
I loved this book, how they shared a friendship that lasted for all those years, how they loved each other, but never knowing that was more than just friendship, this story has a lot of funny times, it's not a hard story to follow, just two friends that realize they not only love each other but they are in love with each other.
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