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on 12 September 2012
I have only recently found myself managing staff, by default, with no training and no real interest in being a manager. I found Julie's book to be extremely helpful in highlighting areas that, in my naivety, I thought I would know what to do. The chapters are all arranged with the same format, so you know how to access the information. The questions made me think, and challenged my own behaviour and actions. I like the white space on each page so that you are not overwhelmed with the volume of words, this has been extremely thoughtfully designed as well as written. Thank you Julie.
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on 5 December 2014
Face to Face is a great book for managers and supervisors everywhere. Its a great read and deals with every day issues you're likely to face as a manager. It will help you prepare for any conversation you might have in the workplace from interviewing staff to dealing with a dismissal. It even has good practice tips and warning messages that make you think about your approach and the risks and implications.
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on 1 October 2012
If you deal with people you need this book:

After reading this book I found it not only reminded and reinforced my knowledge of building rapport and getting people I work with or even socialise with feeling comfortable and at ease, it also taught me some extra simple techniques that could be invaluable in the future.

The book is what it says it is, a great quick reference guide when you need a quick and usable answer when dealing with people in the work place.

It is easy to navigate and well written. It has obviously been written by someone who isn't only well read but extremely well experienced in using these techniques in real life situations

worth every penny and there should be copy in every office :)
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on 27 September 2012
Will Baker (Chartered civil engineer/Land and property development consultant)

Easy to read to dip in and out of, this book is a direct and practical utility kit for the busy manager or executive or anyone responsible for people in the work place.
It would make a good read for students in parallel to formal textbooks, with: the tools would be useful in real interviews and review meetings with tutors..

I liked the useful Win-Win negotiation chapter and summary of strategies. This is handy as it formats previous courses and reading over many years, a strength for anyone.

This book is an umbrella of knowledge and comfort that covers everything needed for effective meetings in the workplace. It is an education, awakening, reminder for those new and old to work-people situations. It triggers memories and past lessons of situations and to draw out new lessons from them. Useful references are listed at the back.

The book is personable in many ways and Julies voice can be heard coming off the pages. The style is clear, verbal and friendly. It can be read in bits without loss of the lessons or in bigger continuous chunks.

Julie Cooper clearly has a lot of experience in these matters over various companies. It is probably only lacking a sister publication of real life case studies, with names changed of course, to add further credibility, drive the lessons and tooling home and to be most interesting.

A great and useful read. One for the Within Reach Bookshelf. An asset for any dynamic office/ business. Highly Recommended.
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on 10 September 2012
The things that most managers, especially junior or newly appointed managers dread are those meetings which include appraisals, performance management etc are well covered in this book. It provides information and guides the manager through each process required for these meetings.

The book is broken down neatly into well used and require variants of management meetings e.g. Return to work meetings or mentoring. Some of these can be a minefield for managers- who need to get the most from their staff and balance it with support for them.

Within each section they have been broken down further, enabling the reader to get what they need from the relevant meeting. The way the book has been designed enables the reader to dip in and out of the book, and not have to read every page in sequence to make sense.

I have read and aquired many management textbooks and guides over the years but most leave you with the feeling that you never want to pick up a book again!! Not this book! I wish I'd had this many years ago when starting my career as a ward manager in the NHS. With that being said, I'm glad I now have it on my desk as a reference because this book helps you along the path of getting it right with staff. It allows you to see the meetings from the staff member's perspective- something which I haven't seen in a book of the like before.

I will be recommending this to the deputy ward managers and ward managers I now work with- because if there is one guide a manager needs by their side, it's this one!!
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on 18 September 2012
The 'does what it says on the tin' title of this book drew me in - "Face to Face in the Workplace" is relevant to everyone really, as after all, we all interact in this way, every day. So I was intrigued as to how I would use it, and how I would benefit from it.

What I instantly found (apart from the utter ease of use and reading) was that I could relate to so many of the mini-chapters, from both a work and personal viewpoint.
If you manage people (even if you're experienced), this is a quick ready-reckoner, to double check your thought process, and plan tricky/challenging conversations.

The D.O.T.S. format (I'll leave you to look it up), followed by Good Practice notes and a Warning section really does provide you with a tool kit for formal face to face occasions.

I also found I could relate to some of the content when thinking about some tricky personal/family situations (both directly and indirectly), as reading some of the chapters really made me understand how messages might be received by 'the other person involved' (T.O.P.I.).

I had this book in my bag at work yesterday, and a colleague asked about it (that straight forward title again), and although I was eager to share it with her immediately, I've already started to make notes in the margin (sign of a good book, in my book!) so I gave her an overview of it, and told her to go and buy one too.
I love the simplicity of this book, and being a process thinker/planner, it'll be a well-thumbed bible for me, in no time.
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on 11 September 2012
Face to Face in the Workplace: A Handbook of Strategies for Effective Discussions

This book is very useful for managers and those interested in communicating effectively in all areas of work life, at home and socially.

The Basics section is just that - all the things you should know but might need to dust off, polish up and hone, to give you the edge that makes you stand out as a great manager and colleague. Just pick a topic and you are presented with what you need to think about, steps to take, pitfalls and warnings. The things you may have learnt through more detailed management courses during your working life but without having to take time out of the office.

"Ah Ha" moments where you realise that you know that but have filed it away in your memory. Excellent for refreshing your communcation skills before difficult conversations and meetings including redundancy. Having been through redundancy 3 times myself, it was interesting to see how my experiences compared to the strategies Julie Cooper suggests and she hit's the nail on the head.

Clear, easy to read and full of content. I especially enjoyed the light, refreshing humour which keeps you flicking the pages wanting to see what else is hidden between the covers.

This is a must for budding management newbies through to old hands. If you are short on time but want to be your best, this is a great investment.
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on 12 September 2012
Having recently been offered promotion from working within a team to managing the team, I was apprehensive about my change in role and how to lead my team without any animosity.

I had been searching for a helpful guide and stumbled across "Face to Face." This book has helped me so much in building my confidence in how to handle certain situations, the chapters on delegating, feedback and instructing I have found so useful. It's an easy to read book which makes so much sense, might lend it to my manager when have finished it!
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on 13 September 2012
This book is undoubtedly an invaluable tool for managers. You'll find all the advice you need in 'Face to Face in the Workplace' to make sure you handle communication at work to the best of your ability.

Of course, it would be great to read the book from cover to cover in one sitting, but what busy manager has time to do that? It's an excellent resource to pick up off your office book shelf when faced with a meeting or discussion. With easy to digest, concise and straightforward sections, it's the perfect book to dip in and out of when necessary.

I would also recommend this book to people who aspire to achieve management level in their careers. Adoption of the tools and strategies in 'Face to Face in the Workplace' will definitely help anyone on their way to the top!
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on 29 July 2016
A book for those learning how to have effective discussions, a go to book for tips and strategies to be great at communication. For trainers/teachers/course providers it is a useful resource as part of a course or for prompts to use in your workshops. I will certainly be using it on our training programmes.
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