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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Price:£35.59 - £104.00
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on 2 August 2015
To be honest with you I am a desk bound lazy woman, but in May our office entered the national work place challenge and my very poor performance was highlighted with the use of a basic pedometer. I became hooked on knowing how far I had walked everyday but was irritated by the poor performance of the pedometer, including the difficulty of where to attach it because I wear dresses most of the time for work. One of my colleagues flushed her pedometer down the toilet (by mistake as it was attached to her trousers). So I come to the reasons why I think the Fitbit Zip is FANTASTIC: it clips to my bra and sits there all day quite happily being no bother to anyone, it hasn't found its way down the loo and no one knows I am wearing it, I love the way it interacts with my phone, I get a buzz out if the badges it sends me, I love the charts and all the information that comes with them. I have started to enter what I eat and that it is so easy to do. I have had the Fitbit for a month and the battery is still full, I have worn it every day and my steps are increasing slowly but surely. My husband was so jealous, that he bought one too; he does a bit of cycling each week, which the Fitbit doesn't pick up well, however, he enters this exercise in manually (also very easy to do). I would definitely recommend this product.
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on 28 June 2014
This is def making me more active, only downside is I grope my bra in public when I'm not sure if I've remembered to put it in there!
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on 6 September 2014
Bought this a month ago to motivate me to move more.

I did a fair amount of research before splashing out - I was initially looking at the Flex, but wanted to be sure that I wouldn't just discard it as I have so many ordinary pedometers before... But this is well worth it.

This tiny piece of kit (and it IS tiny) will motivate you hugely. It clips onto your underwear and stays there - no slipping about like every other pedometer I've ever used before. The step count is really accurate and I'm confident about checking it in a way that I never have been before with inferior products. You tap it to scroll through different functions, including step count/distance/calories burned. All of those are great to glance at throughout the day.

However, the real plus is the website. Using a dongle, you can connect to the website and see graphs, charts and data in lots of detail to really make you move more. The app for tablet and smartphone (I have downloaded both) work via bluetooth so you can see a simplified version of your data on the move. But, better than all that, it syncs wonderfully with MyFitnessPal. You can input all of your food intake for the day, and it will automatically give you a calorie allowance for the exercise completed that day.

It is really making me move more and lose weight: I find myself planning activities to do during the day that up the amount of steps I have done, simply to get a "badge"! In the last five days, for example, I've lost 5lbs. Fantastic. Better than any results I've had before with a slimming club - and I've been to many!
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on 27 September 2015
I absolutely LOVE my Fitbit Zip - I haven't stopped wearing it since the day I got it. It REALLY makes you want to walk more and makes you aware of your activity level. I track my food using the app which is easy to use.
There is however, one major flaw, which is the only reason that I can't give it five stars - you cannot pause its step-counting capabilities. This means that whenever you get on a bus/tube, drive in a car etc, it still registers steps from slight movements, even when you're sitting still. You can later 'delete' or negate these steps using the app by inputting your journey's start time and duration in minutes, but this is quite annoying to have to do all the time, and if you don't note down and then input your journey's exact start times and end times every single time, you get an inaccurate step count. Sometimes it only registers a few extra steps, but sometimes it's a few hundred and during one three-hour long car journey it registered a few thousand extra steps.
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on 30 March 2013
I have had my Fitbit Zip for about a week now and I absolutely love it. It motivates me all day to get up and moving. It makes it fun to walk around and get those extra steps in. Its very simple to use and the syncing to computer process is very easy. The website helps keep track of your daily in and out calories, steps and distance travelled. You can add in different activities that will add to calorie counts. Keep track of your food from a database full of everything you can imagine. Set up weight loss goals and measurements. Its just an all around great thing to use for anybody, the fitness junkie to the sedentary desk worker.
Its relatively inexpensive, when comparing it to other pedometers.
Fits neatly under clothes and doesn't move.
It doesn't have rechargeable batteries but the battery life is 3-4 months.
The website offers many other helpful tools such as: calorie counting, BMI, weight tracking, measurement tracking, food logs.... etc.
Only mobile apps available AT THIS POINT are Android and IPhones.
Can be used with other fitness and activity websites.
It doesn't monitor sleep or floors climbed like the Fitbit One does.
So it is the more simpler of the Fibit product line but definitely worth every penny. It is perfect for those that are just starting out on the fitness/health track and need something to help them monitor their daily progress and set up goals.
So glad I purchased it. Definitely the thing to buy!!
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on 26 April 2016
Got this for 3 reasons:
1. Cheaper than the other Fitbits
2. This one doesn't track sleep; I know I don't get enough sleep & I didn't want a device reminding me of this!!
3. Someone with the bracelet version told me theirs sometimes tracked false steps when they typed. This one goes on your torso so (hopefully) gives a truer reading.

This is perfect pedometer for anyone who just wants to up their activity & needs a fun little incentive to do so. You earn 'badges' and 'trophies' when you hit certain step targets.

It's a bit more limited than the dearer versions; you don't get heart rate or sleep monitoring, but if you're either put off by the price of the others or just don't need the other features, this is great.

You still get app access and can join in the step challenges with friends. It either clips on a waistband, belt or a bra & comes in a few colours.

It will also show you distance traveled & calories burned on its screen & you can track calorie intake & weight loss/gain manually through the app.
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on 20 October 2012
This little gadget is great
Way better than any other pedometer I've had
I'd looked at Fitbit for a while but other versions had pros and cons not least of which was having to charge them regularly on a base station, which prevented me from buying as I travel on business a lot. This latest version has a button battery which lasts approximately 3 months, problem solved and I bought my wife and I one each. our new fitness regime is great we are not at our 10,000 steps per day yet but averaging 6-7,000 after just a couple of weeks.
The only downside is that logging your calorie intake is a nuisance until you have put in your own custom foods as everything is American in the foods library. Its not enough to make me send it back but armed with this knowledge again I'd probably by a non-linked pedometer with accelerometer technology and no wifi, I'd just log the steps manually [some on the market record a week's data and I'd sign up for the free and British [...] which does just about everything the fitbit web site does. that combination would be much more user friendly than fiddling with the fitbit food log. Still gets 4 stars because of its design and the diminishing problem as time goes on with the software by adding favourites and custom foods using the calories listed on all food packaging.
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on 12 February 2014
I've been using my Zip for 6 weeks now. I'm using it on an iPhone alongside the 'My FitnessPal' App and 'map my walk' app. I use myfitness pal to log food as you can scan barcodes etc, and map my walk for distance and time. All three apps can be synced together and if you've burnt more calories that the app says, the fitbit app automatically puts the difference on myfitnesspal.
I find it really does make me want to be more active. I have a daily goal of 10k steps, if i'm almost there i end up doing star-jumps or running on the spot to make sure I meet my goal.
Definately worth the investment if you want to get a little more active!
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on 6 January 2016
A fantastic little piece of equipment. Easy to use and easy to connect to the fitbit app. I wear mine on my bra strap and I do not notice it at all. I have done more walking since I purchased it. Highly recommend and the price was well worth it.
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on 18 June 2014
I have never been so moved by a helpful object in my life, I combine its use with the 5:2 diet, and keep very 'honestly' disciplined, what surprised me was the accuracy of the wonderful fitbit, recording my calorie burning, and against the careful documentation of my intake of food, I have now successfully and accurately lost 1stone 12lbs and have a little way left to my goal! FITBIT HAS MADE IT SO EASY! LOVE IT !
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