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on 23 June 2017
Exactly what the kids wanted at that time
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on 5 January 2013
Im a religious fifa player, i have bought them all since 98', always my top game year in year out, however i just think EA have got lazy and there is too much rubbish in the game( what most would refer too as bulls***!)

For instance Ultimate team is a great game mode, but ultimately is ruined by the ability to win by having pace. If your team is fast, they can beat anyone, so for example having someone like agbonglahor in your side, he can run rings around players such as terry and ferdinand, simply because he is quicker. Ultimate team also allows you to pay real money for in game money or gold packs, taking a lot of fun away from those who dont have the money, therefore meaning if you have lots of money you can get a better team easier, takes the fun away.

Online play is getting increasingly frustrating, i am a real fan of the head to head seasons as you get matched up against similar ability players and teams that are the same star rating, however i played about 10 games in a row without reaching the end of the game, i had players rage quitting every game because i went 2/3-0 up. Taking the fun out of it as you never get to finish the game. Also related to online play is the connection issue, so much of the time you get slow connection and lag, meaning if you like to play quick passing football it becomes almost impossible as your players take too long on the ball due to slow connection, yet booting a ball over the top and getting a luck break using lag works. Its s***.

Due to this i have ended up playing the career mode, playing against the computer, i thought it would be interesting to take a league 2 side and get them promoted up the leagues and build a good side, but i found myself getting wound of because the ability of the league 2 players was unbelievably awful! They cannot pass, shoot or dribble to any kind of 'professional level'. Some of the stuff the players come out with due to having bad ratings you would not see on a sunday pub game. I play against legendary which is the hardest difficulty, and i would say 80% i win. But the computer doesnt seem to play fair, you always have tiny wingers like Walcott outjumping big center backs like lescott just because the CPU decides it wants to score. Realistically this would never happen yet legendary CPU seems to pull it off.

However i still play it almost every day, i know its frustrating but at the end of the day it is fifa and i love it, its 100000000x better than PES. Once you get used to the above problems you begin to manage with it.

I would recommend fifa as its the best game going full stop. But like i say can become so frustrating.
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on 22 November 2012
Bought the Ultimate edition as a late adopter of the brilliant "fifa Ultimate Team" mode. 24 gold packs (one per week) effortlessly pop into my account helping my Hartlepool Utd on to the promise of world greatness. Only to be let down by this players inept attempts to compete with the online experts.

The game is as expected. The same as always with welcome tweaks, upgrades and layers of polish to make this seem "just right" in my humble opinion. Of the later editions i thought 09 was pretty much the best of the most recent instalments. I hated 10 and 11 and it was only7 12 that started to put things right for me (the tackling especially). As i said, 13 just seems right with the majority of issues corrected. I'm not a fanboy so wont say its perfect by any means.

Firstly the presentation. I dont have sky sports but from the few times i have seen it the whole matchday experience is here to enjoy. Player likeneses and animation = excellent. Commentary (inc the excellent option of using real world stats for the players) = amazing. Gameplay = fluid and usually very good though there are sometimes lag issues (especially online).

Game options/modes. I'm not complaining but there is some much to this game that it can be a bit confusing at times and im sure i'll never use all of them. I'm enjoying Ultimate Team. Have a created player and am managing a team in Career Mode. Play online seasons etc etc etc... Value for money = superb.

I love this game. for fans old and new; i', sure you will too. Up the Pools!
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on 5 October 2012
At the point of posting this review, the game is full of crashing/freezing bugs, which EA sports still haven't officially acknowledged the existence of. No efforts of data deletion/re-installation/cache clearing have thus far been successful, despite this advice coming from EA themselves.

The 'improved' collision physics mean that the players still run into each other, but fall over much more realistically. This is when they're not inexplicably retreating from the ball, thanks to no apparent improvement in the AI. The 'FIFA 13 First touch control' is remarkably similar to those of the previous versions, intermittently removed and then re-introduced as a 'new' feature every couple of years, as are the free kick systems, custom pro options and international play options. This year, there is no option to use the same virtual pro universally across all game modes, presumably being put on a back burner and preparing to be wheeled out as '14's bold and innovative new feature. I suspect the franchise hit its apex with the immaculate FIFA'98 and realised it had hit a very solid and cynical creative brick wall.

To summarise; FIFA 13's newest,boldest, most distinguishing feature.....is that it doesn't work.
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on 17 October 2012
The last FIFA game I purchased was FIFA 11. I'd have purchased FIFA 12 but didn't enjoy the demo, after all the changes the franchise had received that year. So when the FIFA 13 demo came out, I nearly didn't download it. But I'm glad I did.

FIFA 13 is an exceptional game. There are minor flaws - the game has frozen three times in the first three weeks, and there were some server issues that I believe have been addressed - but overall, this is by some distance the best football game I have ever played.

Whether it be Ultimate Team, Career mode, Seasons mode, online with friends - every game is a challenge, and every game so far has been fun (even the ones I've lost). This year's effort focusses more on attacking than defending, so you can expect some high-scoring games, spectacular goals, and the thing that really sets this apart from previous games: the best players really are a class apart from the average Joes.

There are some really detailed reviews on the game. I would recommend that you read them all, because once you have, you'll be clicking 'buy now' rather quickly! Enjoy!
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on 19 October 2012
I buy FIFA every year. For me the test isn't whether to buy this one but if I'll buy FIFA 14. They're cute in always updating the game play a little (this year it's a change to the game mechanics) and updating the player names. Pretty much everything else is the same.

So why bother updating? Arguably you shouldn't. It's marginally better than FIFA 12 but hardly revolutionary, yet the basic game is excellent and it's difficult to imagine how it can be improved significantly.

One thing that does annoy me is you need to buy an 'Online Pass' for each additional Xbox Live profile. This means that if you share one copy between two people the second has to buy a pass. I simplify it by buying two copies and at least then you can play each other on Live.

FIFA also used to annoy me with the number of button presses needed to start the game. The opening sequence in FIFA 12 took a long, long time. FIFA 13 is marginally better.

But, yes, I will buy FIFA 14 for the Xbox 720.
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on 20 February 2014
This was very disappointing. I loved fifa until I got this one. It just has no common sense, referees give stupid none existent decisions and keepers seem to be unable to do the simplest of saves. Defenders run away from the ball. I've scored more goals by crossing from a freekick than shooting (the cross itself goes in, not crossed to someone to score) as the keeper forgets where the ball is. no matter how good a pro is the control is terrible (not even real league 2 players control as badly as a top pro player does). This game is truly the most frustrating football game out there. yet I will carry on playing because I forget how frustrating it is once in a while. It lasts 5 mins before I want to snap the disc again.
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on 28 September 2012
Ordered this for day of release for my son, dont know how long ago, but must have been a couple of months. But guess what.. its a no show. I have been an amazon customer fo sooo long and never had a problem. But i will never pre-order another game if they cannot get it to me on the day of release. If they cannot trust the postal company to do it, don't use them, its as simple as that.

Now i will have one dissapointed child for the whole weekend. Never again.
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on 8 April 2013
Their are too many glitches and errors in this game, and they occur too often, the EA servers are terrible and will disconnect at least twice whilst playing the game.
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on 17 October 2012
pros: the box is appealing and really draws you in.
Cons: the design hasnt change through the fifa which is starting to bore me

Function- it took me 10 minutes from recieving my disk to start playing it. the download was quick and easy.
Accessories - the product came with instructions and an online pass which took you through everything you needed

Overall - the game was amazing the biggest improvement from the last game was the first touch controlled which is amazing.
a game everyone needs
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