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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2012
Hey guys, Im Beth and this is my story...

Im a 19year old student (Wales) and have been bleaching/straightening my hair for atleast 5years. My hair was in really bad condition as i did not have it cut regulary (maybe twice a year) because i have a phobia of having my hair cut hahaa. Well about November time (2011) My hair was basically snapping off and wouldnt grow any further however much i tried, it always remained just below collar length. My hair was falling out loads and i eventually decided enough was enough!

I had about 3-4 inches cut off and i was really gutted. I even had to dye my hair all over brown just to give it back some moisture as blonde really did dry it out. Anyway, I started using hair acceleration shampoos/conditioners from a store near me and even started taking 'healthy hair pills' but nothing ever seemed to work. Then i came across 'FAST'...

Im not going to lie, I was put off some of the reviews as people were saying it was like 'acid' and because the price is abit steep i was depating for a while.. but in January 2012 i thought i would eventually give it a try.
Since using 'FAST' my hair has grown so much (2inch per month approx) and has never been in such good condition, I am actually amazed! I admit it does smell abit like soap and feels quite rubbery/dry when washing it in your hair but this is'nt a major problem as i use lots of conditioner and serum/argan oil on my hair. Ive read reviews that say it doesnt work but notice alot of people say theyve only been using it a couple times a week. It does state it should be used everyday for the treatment to work so i would definetly take this into consideration if you dont like to wash your hair alot. Im not saying it works for everyone but i can honestly say its one of the best products ive ever used - 'does what it says on the bottle'. If i had to give any advice for those who want the 'Fast' bottles to last abit longer (value for money) Id say use 'FAST' on the roots of hair- mid hair and use a cheaper shampoo/conditioner for the rest (ends) because its a root treatment (doesnt have to be smuthered all over hair).

Sorry for such a long review, just wanted to give an honest review to help others on the product! :D
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on 6 July 2013
After Chemotherapy my wife lost all her hair. It was suggested she used, Fast shampoo and conditioner, The growth rate was amazing. We strongly recommend this product.
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on 29 November 2013
I was sceptical about this product but it really does work! My hair grew nearly one inch in the first three weeks! I haven't been using it every day but it has worked anyway, and although it does dry your hair out a bit, as long as you use plenty of conditioner it isn't as bad as some reviews made out.
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on 7 November 2014
I honestly thought it was a scam but I can guarantee it will work. Amazing product.
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on 4 September 2014
As I had damaged dry hair due to dying it, I noticed within the first two weeks that my hair has grown a lot faster than it ever has in the last few years, as well as putting my hair in a far better condition! If you're hair is growing ridiculously slow or tired from all the hair dye, then this is your solution.
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on 8 August 2016
Ok so I've been using this since January and honestly my hair has fallen out more since then. I honestly think this has caused my hair to fall out even more it leaves my hair dry and feeling coarse. Since I've stopped using it my hair has thickened and doesn't shread as much. I used three bottles of both shampoo and conditioner and gave it a fair chance.

I genuinely feel this has made my hair worst than it has helped. I've been using g a thicken shampoo and taking boitain supliemts and codliver oil and omeaga 3 supliments to atd I have noticed it's thicker than it was.

This may work for some but not for all I've tried several thickening shampoos and conditioners and they don't seem to help only make things worse my honest advice is eat more fish and vegetables and try everything else before attempting this.

I've been left with a huge bald patch at the front of my head and I feel these made the situation worst. I've stopped dying my hair last November and this started about January I started to use this as soon as I noticed I had alopecia as a child and feared it came back.

I will happily spend any ammount of money to get my hair back but I genuinely feel letting it be natural and growing back at what ever slow rate it maybe is better than clinging on to the hope that a bottle of shampoo and conditioner may help. I am using a spray I found off here though. I went to the Belgravia centre and I'm using something similar to what they charge £740 a year for for only £20 a bottle. I'm using it once a day at night time to see if it helps.

My doctor thinkthes hair loss is due to an infected ovary I had a few months back. I'm doing everything I can to liviate the stress of loosing my hair as that won't help but this really didn't work for me neither did the vouge rated shampoo and conditioner.
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on 12 October 2013
Having had chemotherapy and lost all my hair, I find that this shampoo and conditioner have been extremely good - I even insist on taking it to my hairdressers for her to use instead of the shampoo they use in the salon. My hair has grown through really thick.
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on 26 February 2015
Firstly I would like to say that I have mixed feelings about this product. Upon doing more research on the shampoo and conditioner and reading the product description on the nisim website it claims that when carrying out their studies the average length that people's hair grew extra a month more than their normal growth was 3mm. Now when the product costs £30 that means you are paying £10 for every 1mm of extra growth you get a month. Now you add this up over the course of a year and you get 3.6cm of extra growth a year for a measly £360 (at least going on the basis that the bottles last a month as stated).
Now onto how much it made MY hair grow. Now it clearly seems to be working very well for some people, otherwise there wouldn't be so many positive reviews. But I would be very curious to know how much their hair usually grew in one month and how accurate their measuring is. Now my hair is dyed platinum blonde and my natural colour is mousey brown so if my hair grows so much as 1mm I can see it. I dyed my hair right before I used this product so I could accurately see exactly how much it made my hair grow. Like many other reviews stated it made my hair extremely dry. This was however rectified by using my normal conditioner afterwards. After using this for one month and following the directions as stated my hair grew (drum roll please) ... exactly 1cm. Which is 0.25cm less than average let alone the inch a fair number of people are claiming to have got. I have very slow growing hair and I would say on average my hair grows about 0.75cm/1cm per month. So going by that I would say it did make my hair grow MARGINALLY longer than normal but was the result worth £30? For me no. Other people seem to have had better luck so by all means give it ago and draw your own conclusions, maybe you will have more luck than I did!
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on 1 June 2016
I love this shampoo and conditioner and i do feel that it works as my hair normally grows very slowly and i have noticed that my hairs seems to be growing a bit quicker each month - whether its all in the mind i don't know but did buy this set a year ago wen i had a complete disaster with my hair and it didn't take long to grow. Hence why i have i have purchased another set. ;-)
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on 12 April 2013
My husband had radiotherapy on a brain tumour so lost quite a lot of his hair. The shampoo & conditioner have really speeded his hair growth up. very little shampoo required so it lasts a long time. It is really made to grow a bad haircut out quickly so I would say give it a go. It will not grow hair on naturally bald people unfortunately!
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