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on 27 May 2011
I bought this card for the fact it will send my pictures via wifi to another device.
My iPhone and iPad have the software to make this work so I was very excited to see how well it performed

From setup to working takes about 5 minutes and was an easy click next guide
My camera is a canon 550D and after putting the card in the pc and telling it what I want it to do with the pictures I take it was the cameras turn to play.

My wife held the iPad and I took a picture after about 15 seconds the picture was on the iPad screen
This was great as now I could view all my pictures before hand, even upload them to flickr from my iPad or email

The card is able to tag geo location data but I found this to be a pain to setup so use my iPhone and set the date and time the same sp that after I get home I can pair the data to the pictures

Out and about this works the same as the card acts as a network for your iPhone laptop or whatever else has been synced to it

Overall a great buy but don't through away your other memory cards as it's not an everyday must have but more a sometimes I'm going to need to see the photos off the camera before I'm done
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very clever but very simple gizmo which means that you can take a photograph with your camera and have it appear on your computer immediately. Or have it posted to facebook immediately.

There are times when this is amazingly useful - such as almost-live blogging on facebook.

It also means that you won't leave photos on your memory card for weeks at a time.

The downside is that it is not fast enough for a decent DSLR on burst mode. So for 'proper' photography I still use a class 10 card, and use my Eye-Fi card for 'snaps'

Oh, and my 6 year old daughter uses it. That's how easy it is.

In short: clever technology, with a very practical end use, easy to use, and not expensive.

Four stars.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am not into facebooking / sharing photos etc; if you like those things then this could well be for you, as it makes them really easy to do.

From my point of view, as I already have a lead that I can connect my camera to my computer with, which is not that difficult to do, I am not sure I see the point of it, though it is definitely quite cool when you are taking pictures in the same room as your computer to have them appear on the screen as if by magic.

I find this card / system more of a gimic than a useful addition to my electronic gismo collection but there is no doubt for facebook etc officianados this is going to prove very time saving.

To explain how it works as I think that was somewhat lacking with the paperwork it came with, you need a wifi connection, a computer with a spare USB slot, and a camera that takes SD cards. And an email address to register with eye fi.

You start off by inserting the eye fi card still in its pouch as it comes out of the box, into your USB slot (no camera needed yet), and double click on the icon that will come up to install the software. You will go through registration including your email etc. Now, you remove the eye fi card from the pouch (that stays in the USB slot), you place the eye fi card in your camera in place of its usual SD card, and take a picture - watch as if by magic it appears on the computer in the software program window. It will ask you if you want to make a collection or email it etc.

I hope you found this review helpful - I have tried to explain how it works and I have actually used the product a few times and have commented as honestly and helpfully as I could.
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on 15 May 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I rarely give anything 5 stars so I really must love this item. ! You really have to follow the set up directions very carefully but if you manage that alright it really is very simple to use, would really recommend this product
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on 18 December 2010
Having been using an add on Geotagger and falling foul of remembering to charge it up, switch it on, sit and download and co-ordinate. You need to set your camera to stay on during the transfer process, but once that is done the operation of this card is a breeze. Multitude of settings and connection options so one upload (automatic) sends the pictures to all the places you tell it to. Makes this all so pain free. One word of caution, the Geotagging takes its location from the wifi it links to, so if you take photos but can't upload until you get home or to another wifi hotspot that will be the geotag you get, not the original location. This does mean the need to retag soem pictures, but its far less than my old method. Intelligent deleting meas that effectively you don't need more than one card and as soon as you are at a hotspot you can use the photos are safely transferred. Really has saved me a lot of onerous work.
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on 9 May 2012
I bought this card (The Connect X2 4GB) as it allows me to backup and store photos from my camera to my smartphone. It can do this without any wireless internet connection (WIFI or 3G), on any of the current cards mentioned on the Eye-fi website. This means on holiday i can now instantly backup photos to my smartphone (which has a lot more memory) and then when i do come accross a wireless signal, upload my photos online from my phone.

I've had the misfortune of losing my camera while travelling, and worse than the loss of a camera is the loss of the pictures on it. This little card will backup the photos as and when you take them, automatically. And when i get home the android app connects to my home wifi and stores the images on an external hard drive in folders by date. Its like living in the future!

After 30 mins of setting it up and figuring out my preferred settings i now only have to mess with it when i change a router password or the upload directory.
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on 29 August 2012
What a fantastic little gadget. I am about as computer literate as a slug and I had no problems installing the software on my laptop. Took the test photo as suggested and hey presto my photo popped up on my laptop, I took a few more and pop, pop, pop, they appeared on my laptop too. The set up on my Galaxy note was a doddle too and also for my tablet.
When you are within range of your home network your laptop/PC will become the default setting for the card to send pictures to but when you are out of range of your home wi-fi the card will send photos to whatever device you have set up at the time but it is easy to swap between devices. However, the card will only send to one device at any one time which is a bit of a shame but this is my only gripe. You can set things up so your photos appear on social networks as I have I went on FB and there were the pictures I had taken. i'm very happy with this product and I would recommend it to anyone
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on 17 April 2014
In the end the camera that I bought this for (Pentax H90) and was compatible with broke and the successive ones just treated it as a normal SD card, which of course it can be. I never used the wireless feature I must admit, it just never did what I wanted, not fast enough anyway, the technology I was using at the time was just not advanced enough I guess. So, I kept it for a number of years and forgot about it, I mean, it's not like one ever sees it. The best thing was that it was a Class 6 card and that's important for recorded in 1080p because of the speed a camera needs to write to a card.

However, of recent, years later (yes, it still works) I have breathed new life into it: It now sits inside a Cannon DSLR (of which is not my own) and integrates (with a firmware update) as originally designed. Someone takes shots of products we sell and I proof them in real time on a computer, giving advice, I should imagine that could be done through a wall and into another room, but we're in the same room. It's a very cool tool to have and I was really happy that after a little tinkering the whole thing did work, even if we needed to contact support, who were very good and helped us the same day (UK here).

I remember following this thing when it first appeared on the drawing board of the usual future looking websites like Engadget and Gizmag, so when it came about I always kept it in mind. In the end, the very end, it seems like it actually did work for me, but my situation changed more toward what it was designed for.

What I am most pleased with however is the commitment to past products, sure the company has diversified, but they still kept the old products up to date and usable as much as they could, which often isn't the case.

The colour's great too, I love orange.
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on 30 September 2012
I'd recently been for a weekend away and came home wondering if there was a product which would allow me to transfer photos from my bridge camera to my phone so I could upload photos to Facebook or send them to others. I found this card and a different brand, similar product. I opted for this one as it had an app for Android which you download onto your phone, so I figured this would probably be the easiest to use. It's probably good to know that I'm not technically/computer minded. I've got a good spec HTC Android phone and a laptop and I use a FujiFilm Finepix S4200.

It arrived in a box which fitted through the letterbox and comes with a USB cardreader, SD card and a simple instruction guide of how to set it up (with PC and Mac instructions). It took less than ten minutes to follow all the instructions and download the app to my phone. Everything was super easy and I just followed the prompts and didn't have to change any settings or anything complicated. After about ten minutes of taking the card out of the box I'd taken a photo of my computer, this had magically appeared on my phone (in the Eye-Fi app) and then I'd emailed it to a friend. You can choose whether to send it to a phone or a computer and I've opted for my phone.

The real test was a party we recently attended in a pub. I'd been taking photos all night and just needed to check my phone- all my pictures had been transferred to my phone throughout the night! The battery on my phone was low, so this would be something to think about if I'd have needed my phone later in the night, but that was after it had transferred over 100 photographs. In the morning I start up my laptop and sitting in the Eye-Fi program is all my photographs. Perfect! This stops my photos languishing on my camera for months on end before I get round to transferring them to my computer.

This card also comes with Endless Memory so if you are running out of space it will upload to Eye-Fi's cloud storage (I think you get 1 month free, ie you can keep any photos in there for a maximum of 1 month, as opposed to 1 month from the time you get the card). So because of this I opted for the 4GB instead of the more expensive 8GB card.

After seeing mixed reviews I was a bit dubious about this card but it's fair to say that I love it!!!
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on 20 March 2014
I wouldn't try and pretend the setup is great for a novice. Anything that involves wifi profiles and registering devices could never really be described as "easy", but I didn't find it too difficult (although I'm fairly literate with IT stuff).
The card is very useful on holiday. I used to be sat in a hotel on an evening thinking about posting a picture from the day on Twitter/Facebook and think "argh - the pic I want to post is on my camera" - but with this, I can copy it to my phone, and then post it from there (I don't take a laptop/tablet on holiday). Obviously I could just take all my pictures on my phone, but my camera is better, and sometimes you need a decent zoom lens to get the perfect pictures.

It's still a bit fiddly when you go to use it. The order I've found to work (assuming you've set it to work direct with a phone in this way, when given the choices earlier in the eye-fi install) is:
1. Open the phone eye-fi app
2. Switch on the camera, set one of your photos to "protect". This seems to kick start the eye-fi network into launching, and THEN you go to the phone, search for available wireless networks, and it should show up.
3. Go back to the eye-fi app. It should start downloading the picture your just protected. Now, when you protect another photo, it automatically goes to the eye-fi app.
4. When you've finished copying photos, switch off the phone. This shuts down the eye-fi card, and your phone will disconnect from it. You might need to reconnect to your hotel/cafe wifi now.

From memory from when I set it up, I set it to just send odd photos in this way, as I don't want it to trying to send everything I photograph all day (inc all those blurry/badly lit photos I'll just delete later when I look through them), killing my batteries and wasting any data allowances, nor trying to send it to the cloud or whatever.

It'd be easier if the card could just send it via bluetooth probably. But I guess it would be slower, it wouldn't work with laptops/etc. that don't have bluetooth (whereas they mostly all support wifi), and maybe there are other technical reasons why that isn't possible. Basically when you work out how it works and get it setup properly, it seems to work fine, and has saved me carrying a laptop or waiting until I get home to post pictures.
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