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on 27 August 2013
Tensions in the hive have calmed down some. Everyone is kept pretty busy so they have little time to consider things. Kenya is still pregnant several months after her due date and her attitude is getting to some. Tight quarters leads to the expected romance triangles. The hive has rejuvenated all of them and as their health improves their attitude does also.

Lorna does barely make it to the hive with Seth and Jennifer but never did find Susan. Tensions rise when Abby won't cure Lorna because she is human. When they take her to the room for treatment, Cloyd mistakenly thinks the tendrils coming out of the wall are hurting Lorna and stomps on them. This creates a problem in her cure. Jennifer is found outside the cave and rescued also, though still in a coma. Seth awakens first. What will Seth do about his murderous tendencies? Will he repent and change? Cloyd, thinking Seth saved his family, befriends him. Unfortunately, we find that Seth is Seth.

Ceasar kills one of the elephant handlers when he starts a fight, causing an uproar amongst the humans. All are calling for Ceasar's head. This first death shows the humans exactly where they stand in the whole scheme of things. They are starting to get some answers but when Emma turns up missing along with another piglet, accusations fly. Seth is found out, and more secrets come out. Netty and Will find out that Baby and Echo have been keeping secrets even from them!

What is going to happen? Will they last 100 years, at least? What will the Earth look like when they can see the sun again?
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on 23 May 2013
Evil Among Us is the fifth book in the Species Intervention #6609 series. I was unable to put this one down, causing more sleep deprivation due to J.K. Accinni's brilliant writing.

Living in the hive, the group slowly changes. Their life revolves around each other and the animals. They regain their youth, their health, and become (for the most part) content in their situation. However, all is not what it seems and the rescue of Seth, Lorna, and Jennifer sets off a chain reaction that threatens everyone's safety...

Accinni's writing is eerily realistic. Despite being in a sci-fi/fantasy/post-apocalyptic setting, the characters, the reactions, the true "humanity" comes through. I can see this happening. I can see these situations coming up. Unfortunately, this realism is a chilling reminder of the worst that the human race is capable of. This series has actually forced me to deal with a couple of issues that I have been avoiding and that is never comfortable. Yet, as uncomfortable as I may be at times while reading these books, I am caught up in the story. I want to know what happens and it is going to be difficult to wait for the next book, hopefully coming out in August.

This is not a children's series, nor, in my opinion, young adult. Due to the violence, unless a teen is very mature, I would recommend it for adult readers only. The violence is necessary to the story line and to character development. It is not crudely done, but it is disturbing, so please be aware of it if you are a sensitive reader.

I highly recommend this series.

Species Intervention #6609
Armageddon Cometh
The Hive
Evil Among Us
and The One, coming soon...
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5th book...and best thus far! I tend not to want to give a lot away, so my reviews are more emotion based. I feel like J.K. Accinni is writing with a point, but every character has an amazing co-relation. I was very happy to see some things going on for Baby, and see some connections that were made amongst others, and ....sort of happy about a situation that occurred leading to---someone's fate. I think this book brings the series round and makes things connect, and honestly-I can feel the earthly connection here, almost reading as if some of it we live daily. I don't ever question a genius in the works and JK has certainly attained that level. You read and wonder, is that really possible, how do we not know whats going on, where did that come from? Its a book that is made to bring out more secrets, bring out some truths, and set a precedence in the series. There simply is Evil Among Us, and we never know where or in whom, or through what it may be lurking. ....And now, I am gripping waiting for the next book.

This is a series I highly recommend to anyone looking to be captured into a book they will not want to put down. I greatly enjoyed another shockingly surprising book written by the talented J.Kelly Accinni. Thank you JK for sharing your visions, thoughts, and incredible perspectives through your words.
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on 24 August 2013
I was gifted this book for an honest review.

Wow, I was preparing myself for a great deal of violence due to the title but was surprised to find much to restore the good feelings I had about this series. Yes, there is violence due to Seth's appearance within the Hive. I couldn't understand how or why the Womb would let him be healed but as I continued reading I discovered why but I will not reveal that here. Clyde's budding relationship with Salena is at an end with the appearance of his wife Lorna and his granddaughter Jennifer. So yes there is some romance within these pages and some pretty amazing things in regards to what the womb can do. Clearly the animals are in a more exalted state than the humans within the Hive but that was to be expected all along after the number of interventions the womb has made.

I have had many questions along the way and have had some answered as well. I am told the next in this series will be its conclusion so I am hoping that those remaining questions will be answered. Although despite some disappointments along the way I am saddened to know that the series will be ending with "The One." I'll miss the characters I have come to cherish as friends, one can only hope for a spin-off series detailing the future world that "The One" has begun.
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on 22 May 2013
Loved it! It took me a little to figure out who was who again as it has been a while between this book and the last, and needless to say I forget things after thirty minutes. However once the characters were well established and I picked up the story again, it completely ran away with me. I started and finished within a couple of hours because I simply could not put it down. I loved how some of the secrets were revealed in Evil Among Us, and I also loved the horror and anticipation that the characters such as Seth created and the tensions between some of the younger survivors was creating. It kept the story flowing and also led me closer to what is going to be revealed in The One. It was interesting to also see into another side of Baby and Echo to see that they also harbor human emotion and keep secrets even from their loved ones, and exposing the survivors to Netty's raw emotions I think really helped heal alot of discomfort and rising issues as it made her and Wil and the other elders seem more human to the Hive.
There were some sad parts and happy parts and some completely despicable events as well in this one book, but it was so worth the wait and has me waiting very impatiently for book 6 to be released in August.
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on 25 May 2013
Another fabulous book in the `Species Intervention 6609' series.
Where to start with this one! I've read all the previous 4 books and I'm still as gripped as I was with Baby.
Seth, Lorna & Jennifer finally make it to the Hive in this book and their appearance has both a positive and negative effect on the habitants of the Hive, both human and animals.
There is unrest amongst the survivors and this only gets worse. To try and appease them Netty & Wil decide to let them in on some of the plans that the Womb has in store. There is a reappearance of other characters which is surprising and not at all suspected.
Baby & Echo also have secrets that as always `come out in the wash'.
It's hard to think how the author can keep the suspense and angst going while the survivors are all working together to make the best of the situation they find themselves in but suspense and angst there is a plenty. Great writing!
The womb is pro-animals and shows much contempt for man & the destruction he weaves. If the womb didn't need them, I'm in no doubt the survivors would have been left out in the destruction to fend for themselves.
There is lots of love, sweat, blood and tears.
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on 14 May 2014
Evil Among Us (Species Intervention #6609, Book 5) by J.K. Accinni is another great read from this author!

The Earth is in dismal shambles as Seth steers the dying Lorna and Jen toward the Hive. He talks his way in while plotting how to kill Lorna before she can talk. Seth is the evil snake in the garden of Eden. He brings death and chaos to the survivors carefree existence as they care for the rescued wildlife and contemplate the day they can return above ground. Who knew he would unleash the monstrous Kreyven. A force for evil? Or Good? I love the use of Toby the elephant who plays such a big part in Bonnie's life. The animals aren't just there.

They are integral to the story. And of course, Ceaser the wondrous tiger that guards Scotty. O is her really guarding Chloe? I saw a reference to "her" when The One was feeding Ceasar water. Is that a typo or a clue??

This book in the series moves very quickly from one blind side and heart thumping scene to the another. I refused to put it down. I think you will too.

5 stars for this awesome read J.K. Accinni!
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on 20 June 2013
The fifth in the Species Intervention #6609 Series is a heart wrenching story of the evil nature incarnate. Again J.K. Accinni has presented us with a skillful written tale where the characters gain even more depth as we follow them on their journey of adaptation to life inside the Hive.

The Hive is a good place to be, it provides for all the needs of its inhabitants, first and foremost the animals, but the humans are certainly not forgotten. As the people adjust to their new life good ánd strange things happen. A number of questions raised from the previous books are answered, but at the same time several other points raise new ones.

Relationship develop, creating all sorts of tension and jealousy. When Seth, Lorna and a fox tumble into the Hive and the fox' mate as well as Jennifer is found just outside the entrance - tension increases and emotions run high.

The title is very apt as a lot of evil things happen not only on earth but also in the Hive, that supposedly safe haven. It is unimaginable that the Elders can be deceived or that the Womb allows them to be fooled. Yet...

The fairy tale aspect of the Hive is mostly gone - lost in the unspeakable and unthinkable actions and dire consequences that take place, culminating in the loss of animal and human life.

Most shockingly, however is the secret that Baby and Echo harbour. Not only that, the response of Netty in particular will raise some eyebrows as it did mine.

As evil is repaid with evil - something I didn't see coming - there still is redemption if the right choice is made and forgiveness is sought.

As new mysteries appear pertaining the future of life after the Hive and with no clarity yet as far as Scotty being The One, I am impatiently waiting for the next book to come out to find out how the whole story will be wrapped up. Having come to know J.K. Accinni, no doubt it will be beautifully written and constructed with a few surprises thrown in!

P.S. And for the insiders: my favourite part is about the cake!
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on 21 June 2013
This book was even more amazing then the last four books in the series. And they were pretty amazing. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. At the excitement awaiting on the next page. As the survivors became accustomed to living everyday life within the womb. They have learned to live together as a family. Watching out for one another. Kenya's is 15 months pregnant and needing the most attention. Sharing daily chores to help everything run smooth and ensure the safety of each other and the animals trusted in their care of the hive. All types of relationships begin to form. The womb will provide and the womb does provide. The people notice their health has improved, Everyone believes the grown food is the cause of them looking and feeling much younger. The Elders, Netty and Wil, are holding secrets. They entrust Abby and Jose with the knowledge they hold. Peter brings everyone's attention to a secret, Baby and Echo hold. Some unexpecting guest find their way at the entrance of the hive. The survivors sense a disturbance and send some of the men to go check it out. They find two unrecognizable figures and a very sick fox tangled in the mucus membrane in the entrance of the cavern. Taking what they think is a women and a man, to the healing room of the womb. Soon to find out they invited a killer into their home. That's when deceit and betrayal start to happen amongst them. Trust is tested and relationships get broken. The member were becoming suspicious and wanted answers. Secrets were exposed to the group. Some not willing to except them. But needing life in the womb to slowly return to a calm presence around them. Nothing was challenged. There'll always be secrets between the Elders and the Womb.
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on 10 May 2014
Evil among Us

I thought the HIve was the best book but this is amazing. What a writer. From the fabulous preface, bleak and barren, the death of Earth hits you right in the face with her words. I love what she did to a famous quote. As we found out the secret of out origins in Hive and that the Womb is our creator she writes. "What is the old cliche? Man plans while God, the Womb, laughs. ,,,For all the politicians in all the countries that assumed they would survive...the Womb laughed again."

Even the portrayal of Five year old Suzy after her abduction. "The infinitesimal spark that was actually Suzi receded from her eyes to take refuge in the primal part of her mind that protects us all from facing horror."

We are subjected to blindside after blindside. Too much to tell and spoil. This book is a rocket for sure!!

I have to mention the tragic outcome of Emma was shocking and sad but wow, what page burner!

On to The One. This is truly the series I want to tell my friends about.
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